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Confused for no reason (??)

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  • Confused for no reason (??)

    Hi there, everyone!
    So i's been 4 months since I've been seeing this guy and everything rolls quite well. I am in love with him and it seems like he is too.
    The thing is that we are 7 hours away from each other. When we are together everything's great and we're very sad every time we have to leave each other. Plus, the sex is great with him and I'm someone who is hard to get satisfied. The thing is that when we are away for sometime I tend to think of all the negatives and get angry with him (I don't express it of course). I think that he's a smartass very often and when I say something he doesn't know he immediately rejects it with irony and loud loughs! Anyway... I also think about cheating on him, even though when we are together I feel like I could never do that (although I've already done it during the first month of our relationship, with no reason actually). What the hell is wrong with me?? I feel like a greedy idiot!

    I'd like to know your thoughts on this, please..
    Thank you

  • Originally posted by idon't View Post
    I am in love with him and it seems like he is too.
    The "it seems" says a lot. When two people are in love they may have their doubts, but they know the other is in love with them. I think your worried about the strength of your relationship and you are thinking of protecting yourself by not having all of your eggs in one basket.

    Long distance relationships are not for everybody. It takes a lot of work to not become scared that the other one is moving on. Do you two communicate often?
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    • Thank you for your response. I guess you're right. We communicate almost everyday but we don't talk on the phone, we mostly send messages.
      Yesterday I talked to him on skype (messaging) and he told me he was tired of the music he's been listening to and that he wanted sth new. So I sent him a song and he said "I'm not going to listen to it because I didn't choose it and I'm not sure I trust your "taste" right now". This was really rude and messed up! Anyway... I don't get why I want to cheat on him! Is it a normal reaction?!


      • Cheating can be very tempting in a long-distance relationship... but your feelings should protect you from that.
        Just know that if you cheat on him once, things will never probably be the same in your head and if things get more serious with him it'll be something very emotionally heavy to carry.
        It's only been 4 months that you're dating perhaps you're not sure about your love...


        • Thank you for your answer. I know it would be a problem if things got more serious.. Anyway,now things are even worse. Yesterday we were messaging on skype when I told him that it really bothers me that he's playing smart and that this undermines me when he also gets ironic. He was so angry that he decided he wanted a break! Like we're some 5 year olds. And to tell you the truth it doesn't matter to me that much, which is kind of strange because I really had some strong feelings.


          • It is/was a young relationship that was already riddled with problems. You thinking about cheating on him, him undermining you and being a wise **** towards you.

            I'm sure you two have enough in common when you're together that you enjoy each other's company, and it doesn't hurt that the sex was good. But sometimes, well, it's just not enough.

            I also think that he may be getting fed up with the long distance, as he was so quick to throw the "break" out there after a simple comment you made. Typically, people who are happy in their relationship won't try to ruin it that quickly over something so minor.

            Maybe a break isn't the worst thing in the world.


            • Yes, it was too easy for him to throw the break. But I don't think I ever want to get out of this break. Yesterday he sent me "hi" on skype and i said "hi" and he never answered. I stayed connected for 20 mins to see if he answers and then I turned off my pc and went out. What's his problem??
              I'm sure there's better out there. It's really disappointing..
              Thank you for your answers. You helped me out



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