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boyfriend doesnt want sex.

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  • boyfriend doesnt want sex.

    my boyfriend and i have a pretty good overall relationship..but i find that i want to have sex more than he wants to give it out. hes almost 19 & im 17...so yes this seems to be quite abnormal to me. anyways, well have sex maybe once a week if im lucky, otherwise its once every two weeks. ive asked him about it and he says its just a lot of work for him and he really only enjoys it when he finishes..and its too tiring. so i try asking him to play w. me sexually or eat me out and he wont because "my jizz is still in there im not eating it" weve been together 11 months and this has been going on for the past 4-6. it annoys me greatly because it makes me feel ugly or unwanted. when we do do it its either spooning or doggystyle so hes not looking at me..im sso desperate, ive tried initiating sex in many ways including oral, which i cant do for very long because i have a jaw problem, so ill do it as long as i can and then i go to mount him and he doesnt want anything anymore..he just gets mad i didnt finish sucking him off....please help. idk how to fix this or why he does this.

  • He must be out of shape if sex is too tiring, especially at such a young age. Have him give you oral before intercourse if he's worried about his semen being in there. All in all it sounds like he has a lot of excuses for not doing what most men find irresistible. With mismatched sex drives, can you go on with this for a long time?
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    • Sweetie, dont stay with this man! He is lazy and self centred and you will end up with a big dent in your self esteem. Find someone who cant keep his hands off you, who loves you, who texts you during the day telling you what he wants to do to you and most of all a man who cares if you come! It should be his priority, nice guys always finish last ;-)
      Dont stay cos you might miss out on that one! You can do better xx


      • Despite what people think, there are a lot of men who are just not very interested in sex. Probably best to find someone who's level of interest better matches yours.


        • rachmadd, yes i agree with you. ive noticed that about him as well. in the start we had sex every day, which slowly decreased to every second day, and now this. another thing, he doesnt do it often, but he occasionally mentions things hes done with his exes which just makes me so angry and jelous inside, it really hurts me to think hes still thinking about these **********s when hes got me. :/ makes me feel like im not good enough. i mean, every thing else in our relationship is great, so i wouldnt wanna leave him over this small thing...but idk i wish i could get into his head and find out why he doesnt lust for me anymore.


          • No make sure you do leave him over this...there is no future...things will get worse It doesn't even sound like he feels bad about it. Don't put up with any rubbish and find someone who makes you feel good

            I married someone who went off sex and I shouldn't have...you will end up feeling so bad, please get out of it whilst you are young and not too messed up by it all!! You can still be friends as really that is all you are anyway. Hopefully you'll find someone who makes you feel good and vice versa xxx



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