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Funny or unusual online dating stories

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  • Funny or unusual online dating stories

    If you've ever tried out the online dating world, you can surely share some humorous, odd and entertaining tales of the time.

    Being single again at 40, I registered on a site and began chatting with several people. I have met lots of men, usually nothing beyond a second date tho', and here's some of the memorable meetings I've had.

    One man was very nice in chatting. We met first for coffee and the conversation quickly turned to his 2 children. During the discussion, he casually mentioned what a b!tch his daughter is. I was a little taken aback by that...he said it's just the truth.

    One younger, very sweet guy decided it would be a great idea to pelt me with snowballs walking me to my car after our 3rd (& last) dinner date...now I'm all for fun, but I had heels on, and asked him repeatedly to stop. I slipped, nearly fell...I wasn't amused by his playfulness at that moment. He seemed surprised I didn't want to see him again.

    One of my favorites is the hardest to write and do it justice. So, I'd been chatting with this dude for a few weeks and thought there was some potential. So we met for lunch at a nice place that I'd never been to, but he had, so I didn't know how the service worked and that is significant later...
    Conversation was good, we were chatting more than an hour after eating. I asked him if he would like to join me later that night to see a band (I knew one of the members). He said yes and we exchanged phone numbers.
    The server brought the check, and I said that I prefer for us to pay separately for a first meeting. He agreed. I pulled out my card, he said we have to go inside to the desk to pay. We both walk inside together and as we step up to the desk, he hangs back a step...I hand over my card and turn to see him literally craning his neck and bending back to see around the corner....I said his name...he continued ignoring me...having some sort of money-induced seizure activity. The cashier looked at me...I said just put it on mine.
    After I signed, he was suddenly conscious again...I said bluntly, you'll pay for my drinks tonight. He said sure!

    Now I know you're thinking he no-shows for the evening right? Nope...I pass him getting out of his $40,000 truck as I park my car. He goes inside, not waiting for me...
    I texted him, saying I'm outside. I had found a couple friends and thought I'd better just keep an eye on them...he then comes out and I introduce them all. His opening story to tell was how he'd slept 4 hrs after lunch, then his sister bought him dinner...bragging how he got another free meal.
    At that point I knew he was a freeloader and he wasn't going to keep his end of the bargain...

    There's a lot I've forgotten. Had some unsavory experiences but nothing terribly scary.

    I haven't been online since July...I needed a break from that drama. It was fun. It isn't all bad. I met some good guys and made a few friends along the way.

    So share your funny stories...

  • Oh god. tbh kitty, it sounds a lot like the results of the old fashioned meet and date method. Maybe some things never really change.

    Still laughing at the stories btw. The pay dodger is great but I think snowball guy is my favorite.
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    • Not sure what else I expected in a guy that age...he was 27 I think.


      • Well hoping he would have grown up a little by 27 wouldn't be too far out there.

        I don't have online dating stories but I do have an online story which is ultimately the reason I came here. My boyfriend joined another women's forum (that shall remain nameless) a few months ago, I guess mainly for the purpose of asking the ladies there what they thought of our arrangement. I thought that was really pretty smart - no better way to get good info than go to the source, right? Anyway he shared that with me not long after and together we'd read the forums there and so on. I even registered and made a few posts, but they're a little more rough around the edges there and it just never really took for me. But I did like the forum experience, which I'd never really done much of before aside from social media. So I looked around for other women's forums and found this one and that's that. The boyfriend stayed on over at the other place as they seem to think he's pretty okay, so now we've each got our own women's forum lol. (Don't worry, I've got the cool one, you peeps here are better. )
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        • I agree. I am also on another forum and it's nice there because it's much more active but it's all ladies (I think) and it tends to draw claws and get a little juvenile at times. I do a lot of reading, lurking and very little posting.


          • What forum is it kitty, if I can ask? (You could message it to me if you don't want to say it here.) I find I like reading through all these topics as well.
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            • It's pink pad. It's actually a period tracker but has the social forums also. It's part of baby bump, which is a pregnancy support forum.



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