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what should to do ?

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  • what should to do ?

    hello everyone
    I know this is a women's forum so I apologise if my question is not appropriate... I just really need some help to understand my girlfriend better and hopefully someone here can give me some good advice. I will really appreciate it!
    from 1 years i was dating a girl and from 2 mounth ago we starte to live toghter in the first week our life was great and happy , but in last days everyting become strange Quarreled - Screaming ECT .......... but we always become good
    i try to understand my girlfriend but i cant sometime when we make ............... she say no , she work a lot , when she back home she dont wanna to talk she just sleep
    so plz give some simple advice in order to understand her

  • Hi Danny, welcome to WH.

    So can you give us a bit more? What do you do for a living, and what do you do around the house.

    Everything is awesome at the beginning, lust, fun, the beginning of love. Moving in together is different. You have to keep things alive and I'm not talking about "sex" in the sense of just sex. I'm talking about romance, togetherness, equality.. It's work..

    If you could provide a bit more about the above we would have a better picture to assist you with our opinions.



    • Yeah, it's hard to say "you're doomed!" or "everything's fine" on just a sketchy workup. The ladies need all the info to make the right call! That's what we do.
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      • thank you so much
        actually i will speak in general my relationship with this girl it was hard because many things
        in the beginning her friend , her parents , her brother , they didn't accept me , they did not respect me , they did not liked my job why ? because i'm from a middle-income i am not rish and i am not poor , simple summary i sacrificed to make my life diffrent
        but she is diffrent then me , she is Successful in her career , she have good job ect ............................
        many time happend for us i fight with her father with her friend , and she always tell me i am right and they are wrong so we decied to live toghter and thought that will change something , she accepted that and she told me its good idea
        but when we starte living toghter she become diffrent .
        to back for your question i have 2 job i am electrical and Guard At the Museum , when i finish work i try to do something diffrent for her ; cook to her , goo to walk , Riding , Swimming many diffrent think even Before the new year 2014 i
        bought 2 ticket of plan to GOA India .but we did not goo because her parent invite her for dinner .
        i try to open this subject with her , but she always say : tiered , a lot of work , she have problems , i ask what is this problems she say problems of work .
        so i really dont know and what should to do and by the way she is older than me 2 years


        • I'm sorry Danny but it doesn't sound good to me. What's she's basically doing is shutting down communication, and when women do that, it's because we don't feel inclined to share anymore, which means ....something has changed or gone away, generally. That's usually 'the spark,' i.e, love. That's a bad sign.

          Like CW says though, there's a lot of things that can go into the equation. If I were you I'd insist on a frank and open discussion about things, and if she refused, I'd pack my bags. Better to figure it out now than live in misery for a long time.

          Good luck.
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