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Entering Into An Open Reletinship

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  • Entering Into An Open Reletinship

    So I have posted a few times before and I am gonna hopefully not bore you to death with this new post...after some long hard thinking (months) I believe that an open/polyamoures relationship is what I desire..either or..and its been shaped by the things the obstacles I have encountered in my mono relationships...

    I know not every one will agree with open relationships for themselves..however I absolutely love this idea and if it happens and we both don't like it we can call it off..the openess part..

    what do you feel are some good questions to ask about eachother insecurities and questions to ask to figure out boundaries..if that makes sense.

  • I have to ask first - is this in regard to the same guy from the other thread? Reason being that you didn't seem very sold on the idea before, and in order for this to work you'll have to be totally okay with it or it's bound to come back and bite you pretty hard. I don't mean to nitpick or be patronizing, it's just that there really is no reason to get into all those particulars if your heart's not in this thing at its core. We could discuss it hypothetically if you want, but you seem like you're in the acting on it stage already and that's what has me concerned.
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    • Well, there are a lot of things to consider like: what do you guys consider boundaries, are you jealous by nature? A women can sleep with more than one guy in a normal day, but a guy finds this kind of difficult and I think that there is where your problems will start.

      Take care


      • I say go for it IF YOU ARE SURE that you have set boundaries both in your own head and with the others in the open relationship.



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