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why did he delete me?

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  • why did he delete me?

    So this guy I had been talking to for awhile decided we were going to see one another and after, awhile we decided to hook up about three weeks ago we did hook up and it was terrible.

    I have a really hard time connecting with guys so i can't always get off immediately and he came as soon as he entered me and then he suddenly become soft and couldn't get hard again. The worst part is that his teeth kept banging into me and I had to tell him to careful over again.

    I noticed today he blocked and deleted me off FB neither of us had made any attempt to contact one another (there really wasn't much to say) but I'm just curious if there is something I did wrong that I could improve for next time (I wasn't really that interested).

  • You know, I will firstly sound like a Mum But, be careful talking away, befriending and then deciding to hook up with a guy you don't know, from face-book or anywhere. Meet first, and find out as much as you can about them. There are so many deaths love.

    Anyways. He's embarrassed I would say, he entered, came and left so to speak. In addition he didn't kiss right and it got awkward to the point of discussions during making out, embarrassed.

    Can I ask if I may why you only wanted to make out?

    If you had met, laughed for a couple of hours, met again then hooked up and he deleted you, there would be more than likely different scenarios on this . Not that you shouldn't do what you want, feel like obviously you were attracted to something/s about him and it didn't work out but if he was never a friend sweet, just some random guy that kept talking to you, enough to get you to agree to hook up, did the deed not very well And literally left as he was never a friend.

    Don't sweat it.

    But I'd like to think you realise you are important and not just there for some guy to do his deed that you are worth a lot.


    • let me rephrase that, we were seeing each other before we decided to become intimate. I kinda figured the reason was he was embarrassed about the whole situation i was just looking for someone else's POV. Thank you.


      • So this guy I had been talking to for awhile decided we were going to see one another and after, awhile we decided to hook up about three weeks ago we did hook up and it was terrible.
        Can't blame me on the above, to suggest you be careful as I can only go off what you wrote.

        If you don't click, there is nothing you can improve on, the way you wrote your post, intimately he was the failure as it sounds as if he was only interested in that, hook up..

        I wouldn't worry about it.


        • Yes I agree, I am always careful always use condoms but this was someone I had known for sometime he wasn't someone I had recently met. Thanks for advice appreciated.


          • Wait, a dude prematurely ejaculated in you, and you're worried about what YOU did wrong?

            Forget about it haha. At best, it was a compliment to how hot you are. At worst, he has sexual dysfunction issues. But either way, looks like you don't have to bother talking with him ever again, so don't even sweat it.


            • His teeth kept banging into you ....was he attempting oral or just kissing? Sounds like he's not very accomplished either way.

              Anyway he probably blocked you out of shame ("I'll pretend this never happened," etc.) That's a very immature response so yeah, no big loss. Also the fact that you can't get off immediately is normal and not a fault.

              The only thing I can suggest for improving yourself is to focus more on your own satisfaction. For anyone who's worth keeping, having a satisfied woman is a source of happiness in itself. When a woman cums well, everyone wins.
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