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Has Anyone Here Ever Dated a Police Officer?

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  • Has Anyone Here Ever Dated a Police Officer?

    My boyfriend is currently in the police academy and he should be graduating soon & I was hoping to get advice from anyone who has had experience being in a relationship with a cop.

    I know it's going to be stressful for him at times so advice on how I can help him through it & keep our relationship strong would help.

  • Does he already have job prospects? He may have to deal with the stress of getting a job before the stress of the job. Aside from that, unless you have specific concerns, treat him like you'd treat any other BF.
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    • Don't ask me, my ex was a police officer - not a nice guy.
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      • Well Tbase, I known some really good guys who was cops. But a few had this attitude they was never wrong with a huge power trip. Because they was a cop with a badge and a gun. I sure hope your SO does not let the power go to his head if he doesn't you should have a good relationship with him. If it does get the hell out now you will hate his guts later.
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        • The best advice I can give you is be prepared for bad days and allow him to air his frustrations out don't let him keep it in and allow it fester, does take up a hobby to relieve the stress. One of my friends knows someone who is a policewoman (she used to be in the armed forces). I've met her and her experiences have reminded me of how hard it is to be in law enforcement and of the annoying things she has to deal with like delinquent youths. She boxes as a way to deal with the stress.

          There are some Police officer who have that power trip and abuse their status. Over here in the UK the police don't have guns apart from specific armed units which I guess can decrease their power trip.
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