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Getting stuff back from a guy I was dating

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  • Getting stuff back from a guy I was dating

    Okay. Early last week everything was fine and dandy. Then all of a sudden things changed. This guy I was dating just all of a sudden changed his mind about us. Just stated he wanted to be friends and that his ex messed up his mind. I told him ok that's cool but just because one person was like that doesn't mean the next will do that too. He said "respect my decisions."
    "Ok let's be friends. But i still need to get my fishing rod and movie from you." I reminded him of this twice over the last week and tried to again today. No response today. He blocked me on facebook and i think he blocked my phone number too. I'm debating about just showing up at his house at a decent hour and waiting for him if he isn't home. We live in two different states but only 30 minutes apart. I tried to get him to meet me somewhere and make plans to get my stuff back but he never got back to me. Any suggestions on how I should go about getting my stuff back since setting up a date/time to even leave it on his front porch for me to pick up
    is a hassle (I tried that too)?

  • He said "respect my decision"

    Well "respect your belongings"... What a moron.

    Is the fishing rod expensive and important to you sweet? I only say that because sometimes it's better to just let things go.

    He obviously has no intentions to do the right thing, your lucky he's out of your life.


    • He cannot hold onto your property. Him not allowing a way to set up a time to get your stuff is also wrong. He cannot just it throw it out where others can steal it. Maybe send him a letter with a date and time a week off so he has time to respond. Have him respond by dropping a note by or calling or by mail. If that doesn't work, try your dropping by unexpectedly. If you have any mutual friends, they maybe able to help arrange something. As a last resort, sue him in his jurisdiction (not sure small claims court will work with out of state plaintiffs).

      I'm sorry things didn't work out. Best wishes.
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      • A letter didn't cross my mind. The fishing rod is worth about $40-$60 and the movie was about $20. It's mainly the principle of the matter that they are mine and I want them back... We don't have any mutual friends.


        • If I were you I'd threaten to sue him or have him prosecuted via a report by you of stolen property. (Both are pretty much bluffs, but still.) That way he may respond and give you the satisfaction, which is really all you're looking for. But don't actually try to sue or make a police report. The police will say it's your problem since you voluntarily left your property in his possession, and suing would be a net loss on the value of the items.

          The only thing you've really got to try to lean on here is him having the decency to return your stuff, which it seems like he doesn't have. Those are the breaks.
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          • He finally got back to me over text message. He's been telling me "I'll let you know" over the last week and he just told me this again. We've come to the conclusion that if he can meet me before 8pm tonight than we will meet somewhere. If not he will drop it off at my dad's house after 8pm. If he still doesn't do it I'm going to his house Saturday to pick it up. / thank you



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