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Where to find a guy to date ?

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  • Where to find a guy to date ?

    Hi, i'm 20yrs old and want to have a boy friend, i am searching on the internet to find a website where i can find boys near me, i am looking for casual dating. I found edit link not allowed it's good but i need more site to find more.
    Could anyone share me ?
    ps: Can you help me to edit signature ? I cant find where to edit it
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    Dating sites suck, when young, you will find all sorts there including those that aren't so nice, my tip, never meet in Private, always in a Public place but if you are advertising a dating site, that won't work as they won't hear me.

    Any other thoughts guys? Advice?


    • I'm old-school. I say get out there in the real world. Do you have a super-walmart in your area?
      "Those sowing seed with tears
      Will reap with a joyful shout." - Psalm 126


      • Originally posted by Stillness View Post
        I'm old-school. I say get out there in the real world. Do you have a super-walmart in your area?
        There are men and opportunities everywhere. You just need to find them. Online has become almost mainstream, but there are many other options as well. You can find men in grocery stores (everyone needs to eat, right?), book stores, coffee shops, pubs, or any clubs that you belong to. Understand that most men are pretty clueless when it comes to approaching women and most men don't even think it is possible to just walk up to woman in a grocery store and start a conversation. You will most likely need to send him some sort of signal. It just has to be something fairly obvious, as most guys won't pick up subtle signals. Making strong eye contact and holding it for a few seconds and then looking away for a brief moment is a great example of a solid signal.

        You can even initiate the conversation to ensure he notices you. Indirect is best...and easiest. It could be as easy as asking him the time or asking him if he knows the difference between a 79 cent can of tuna or a 99 cent can of tuna. You don't have to worry about what to say next, as that is his department. Let him take it from there if he likes you.

        Consider joining some groups or taking some courses. Join a volleyball league, or sign up for sailing lessons. Take an improvisational comedy class if offered in your area. Get involved with things that interest you, and you will have a great opportunity to meet men with similar interests. Best of all, you already have something in common and have something to talk about.

        Hope this helps!
        Paul J. Meredith
        Dating Coach & Author of "Is It Any Wonder You're Single!"r


        • Paulmer, this really isn't a dating web-site although on occasion your advise will probably be welcomed by some. The original poster in this thread was only trying to set up a link to another web-site and really probably had little to no interest in WH as a whole.

          Just thought I'd put a bit of a bug in your ear as self-promotion also is frowned upon.
          That which we forget may as well never really happened.


          • Originally posted by Stillness View Post
            I'm old-school. I say get out there in the real world. Do you have a super-walmart in your area?
            Same, and I'm from the online dating generation. I find that quality people that want a relationship are found off the computer.

            Try meetup.com, volunteer organizations, groups that match your interests, coffee shops, singles parties, dance clubs, and even through friends. I think finding someone to casually date will be easier than looking for a life partner, so you will do fine.
            "Dating is like slow dancing. Let the man lead, or you will fall all over your feet"


            • I personally think that the best way to meet quality potential mates is by finding activities and gatherings of things that you are interested in. Meetup.com is super awesome for finding like-minded people to hang with. Building solid relationships is so much about compatibility that if you start off doing something you like, you are more likely to find people who like what you like. It's also so important to make sure that we as women are taking care of ourselves first. I know when I was looking for love, I would sometimes forget to do the things that I loved to do and that didn't make me feel as confident. Feeling confident is super important to attracting quality potential mates.



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