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Boyfriend Problems

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  • Boyfriend Problems

    I am in a long distance relationship. In the past 6 months that my boyfriend and I have been dating, we have seen each other 3 times. During the past 3 months, my boyfriend has been acting distant - I am always the one to text him first, and we exchange maybe 5 texts a day. We can never have a conversation about anything. My boyfriend claims he hates talking, especially about his day, so we can never talk about how we are doing. When he does bother to respond to my texts, he randomly leaves without any sign or warning, with no explanation later.

    My boyfriend used to go on and on about how busy he was, and that's the reason I thought he didn't want to talk to me. Finally, I confronted him about his lack of communication, and he said the reason he doesn't want to talk to me was because that's how his old relationship ended - he said he didn't want to get bored with me through texting so that when we can be together, it's dull.

    I'm not sure if I believe this. It seems like he only cares about me and wants to talk when it's convient for him. It really hurts my feelings and I don't think he cares. Sometimes I feel like I don't even know him anymore because talk about nothing. He never tells me about his day, what's going on his life, etc. I emphasized to him that communication is important, especially when we are in a long distance relationship, and it seemed to fall on deaf ears. He told me communication is not the most important thing; love is. But how am I supposed to love someone that doesn't want to talk to me, about ANYTHING!

    I could really use some guidance. Thanks.

  • I'd really have to question if I had a relationship at all, honestly.
    What was your relationship before the distance, or has it always been a LDR?


    • Well Justplainme, I would really question what is up with boy friend and his lack of commucation. I feel he's seeing someone else and he's only chatting by text when he's not around with the new lady. But these are question you need to ask him. But just maybe if you can, take a surprise trip to see him and see exactly for your self but I have a man's indept feeling he's has a new lady in his life as he afraid to tell you this. So he's just letting you blow in the wind that you have this relationship but you really don't. Well good luck I hope you can work it all out.
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