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  • i been seeing a guy we get along really well this past Sunday we were talking and randomly I told his I was seeing other and even sleep with I told him do you and he talk me no I don’t see nobody since he work a lot so after I said that i kinda did want to tell him so after he said it’s fine but tell me who you seeing and than he said no guy understand you and know you then me I ok and it’s true I tried dates and sleep with guys but always 2 dates than over it never work with any guy than him than he said he gonna maybe see people on Christmas i felt so jalouse around Christmas we are gonna see each other this past 4 day he did not text me we talk every day or the longest is 1 day max without now is like I should never tell him about other guys and maybe he staring to like me


    • It seems perhaps that he was interested in more than you were, regarding commitment.

      Maybe discuss this with him, or move on if that's not what you want. Communication is key.


      • Well I really like him that's the problem now texting me saying he as a date coming up I reply to him
        oh yes ok good then dont one what's he gonna reply next


        • Here's an idea: don't tell one guy you sleep with other guys if it's just to make him jealous.
          It might make him jealous, it might make him just look elsewhere.


          • And imagine that he would tell you that he is sleeping with escorts? Would you be pleased? Men are generally vulnerable, you need to be careful with them. I'm telling you exactly!
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