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Can't find her

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  • Can't find her

    i'm a shy guy 22 years old, i am having lots of trouble finding women.
    and when i do see one that interest me i don't know what to say. any suggestions on places to meet women and maybe some words to help break the ice?

  • Hi Someguy and welcome to the Forum.

    Do you have internet accounts where you can befriend people start chatting and start to learn the art of communication how people of the same age group interact, read what girls say and how the speak, ie) My-Space for example?

    Words to break the ice when you meet someone...

    It's more eye contact - always smile with your eyes and half smile only with your mouth... See their eye contact if they smile back or look away.

    If they look at you, don't walk straight over, look again and half smile then look to your drink or what ever your doing, chat a few words to the guy next to you look back and see if she's looking.

    If she doesn't approach you and you want to approach her, just walk past her and tell her "nice top colour suits you" and walk past...

    That leads you another opportunity a touch later to say, so how are you enjoying it here so far? and smile.

    Hope that helps a bit.

    I think girls hate the hi what's your name, can i call you... ahhh.



    • thanks for the advice i will try that. does anyone know where single women hang out (some place they prefer over another?) i go to pool halls but they always seem to be with someone or my biggest fear they are with there friends. how do you approach someone when they are with their friends. i don't know if they info helps but i live in south fl


      • You go to pool bars to meet women? Girls don't play pool, the ones that are there are there because of their boyfriends. There are of course a few exceptions. And if they're with their friends, you can still hit on them. It just shows her that you've got confidence and chicks dig confidence.

        Cheap single women hang out at the local "meat market", a trashy club playing tasteless music selling cheap alcohol. Enough drunk girls to take advantage of.



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