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What makes you twitch?

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  • What makes you twitch?

    I didn't know quite where to put this but....guess it'll work.
    So what do men (or women) that make you twitch the most? Can be good or bad.
    im bored so just came up with this lol

    Me when they say nothings wrong when something is.

    a good twitch..when they give that look and you don't know why they are you ask them what and they nothing and just keep giving you that ornery look. makes me laugh.

  • What do you mean by twitch ?


    • hi vw95

      if its muscle twitch

      reasons are

      1. post xercise
      2. exertion
      3. vitamin deficiency
      4. Myopathies(very rare)


      • no i mean like pet peeves. lol


        • Bad grammar (not on the Internet but in person) probably because my mother corrected my grammar so many times when I was young.. Lol
          Conceited people
          Those are my top pet peeves I suppose I'm sure there is more but I can not think of them right now..


          • i don't really understand


            • Pet peeves = things that annoy you


              • oh oh ok


                • Ok.. bad twitch (pet peev)

                  In-secruity hate it as I am a strong woman.

                  Good twitch ( great "Love" peev)

                  Beating me with wit, when I stuff up and makes me laugh........

                  That should do the twitch B
                  PUT A LITTLE 'LIKE' IN MY SOUL!


                  • A whole lot of yapping about unnecessary stuff, especially on the phone or in the mornings.
                    "Those sowing seed with tears
                    Will reap with a joyful shout." - Psalm 126


                    • I hate conceited people and those trying to rule over other people's lives.


                      • Bad twitch...

                        Overly prideful, conceited (and very vocal about it) type people who think their poop smells like honeyed roses.

                        Good twitch...

                        Off the wall sense of humor, just random wackiness.



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