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One sided man boob

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  • One sided man boob

    hey, just wondering whether girls would be turned on or off with man boob(s).

    i have a ONE-SIDED real man boob, not the ones with 100% fat. I have been skinny all my life. i like being unique but just want to know whether my man boob will affect my relationship with girls.

  • Are you saying you have an abnormality ?
    That one of your Breasts ( yes men have Breasts too ) is larger and more like a Woman's ?
    What has your Dr. said,have you been checked for Breast Cancer,Glandular Problems ( Yes men get Breast Cancer too ).

    But asking a General Question like that from a Site that has Thousands of Women on it and even most likely Some Men with " Man Boobs ". Is kinda opening " Pandora's Box " for some very Weird comments .

    So I will ask you this .
    Would you still Care or Worry or be Turned On or Off...
    By a Woman that only has one Breast, no Breasts because they had one or both or partials removed from Cancer and or an Abnormality in her Breasts ?

    You question is intriguing, but my answer would be..

    It depends on the Personalty, The Integrity, the Trust I have for the Person ( Man or Woman ) as to someone with One Breast could turn me on ..

    Though you might want to Contact the Guinness World Records if your uniqueness is one that's not recorded as of yet ..


    • Three years ago my GP said my body produce too much sex hormones after checking my testicles. I thought what he said was right because my body seems to have more hair around the body than say... my relatives.
      I dont think i am the first because I've read on the internet that german solders grew female breast on the left side of their body.

      By the way, how do i delete this thread?


      • You can ask an administrator if they'd help you delete this, but I have to say that you have come to the right place to ask a question like this. There have been some threads similar to this before and they always get informative and mature responses. I'd leave it up unless you have a really good reason. You might also do a search on this site for "moobs" and "man boobs".
        "Those sowing seed with tears
        Will reap with a joyful shout." - Psalm 126


        • I personally like my husband's breasts(although they are not abnormal).
          There are plenty of women out there that will like you for you. Don't let other people put you down.
          Good luck with your post, at least people are viewing it. Not so much for mine.


          • If you are already skinny (low body-fat) then the only way you'll ever see that lump of breast tissue disappear is through surgery(very simple, safe, but relatively expensive surgery) this is the only way. Do NOT buy any kind of miracle cure, it will NOT work.

            When I was overweight I has a flabby chest. In all honesty I've never heard a women say they find man boobs attractive, though some will overlook them while others will find them an instant deal-breaker.
            No matter how objective we try to be, we all see through our own eyes...


            • Threads actually can not be deleted on this Forum. Our FAQ rules clearly explain that but also, it is a good question and as you can note OP you are getting some good replies...
              PUT A LITTLE 'LIKE' IN MY SOUL!


              • WOW.... I've never heard of anything like this before, I know girls can have one boob bigger than another, never heard of guys having them. Learn something new everyday on the internet.

                Maybe it would be sexy, kinda hard to say until I actually encountered something like that. I know guys really like to have their nipples sucked on, one BF even had orgasm when I did.


                • Lisa, the condition is called gynecomastia. It usually affects both nipples but can just affect one in some instances such as this. On very lean or skinny men (men with low body-fat) it may be more or less obvious depending on the size of/amount of breast tissue.
                  No matter how objective we try to be, we all see through our own eyes...



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