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Advice for a man

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  • Advice for a man

    Hi ladies, I don't know if this is the right place to post but I have a bit of a situation. Basically a female friend has uncharacteristically (We both had feelings for each other. Maybe still do.) not messaged me since 12.00 in the afternoon.

    She emigrated here a month and is living alone after moving out of her friend's house. I have been helping her find a place as I let her down and kind of hinted I wanted to live with her etc.

    OK let me get to the point. She has been looking at accommodation. I'm concerned for her safety.

    Would it be innappropriate for me to contact her friends who live here and ask them to check on her. The problem is she never introduced them to me but I worked it out from Instagram photos etc.

    I don't want to come across as a stalker when in reality I'm just protective.

    Any thoughts appreciated.

  • She was mugged. Her phone was stolen by a mugger...Thank God I enquired after 6 women on another forum called me a creep and a stalker.

    The main thing is she's ok. Except for the phone loss.. that upset her alot.

    She did still call me a stalker though lol..

    But that's women.


    • She has a lot to consider and you didn't approach with compassion but rather opportunistically from what I can figure which is why she and her friends consider you a stalker. Tracking the friends by Instagram didn't help. I would stop trying to get in touch with her. I cannot see you repairing the situation. If she gets in touch with you, try to start over but I think that this is a lost cause.
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