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  • Grower or shower

    Have questions about growers vs. showers?

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    Read our article, “What It Means To Be A Grower Vs. Shower And Why It Doesn’t Matter” here:


    Does it really matter
    Last edited by Alison H.; 07-15-2021, 01:40 PM.

  • No....we don't want to see it.

    This may be an odd question for a women's forum. I'd venture to guess that most women are less concerned about a flacid penis.
    "Be what you're looking for."


    • True. I find women don't care at all. You just have to make sure you're good to their heart and their body automatically follows.


      • Most people don't care about a flaccid penis. There's really nothing to do with a flaccid one anyway. The actual size of a penis is the erection, so grower or shower doesn't really matter!


        • Penis size or appearance are roughly #7,989 in order of importance on my list of things I value in a man. That's probably true of most women--certainly most women I know. That might be different if one is hiring a man strickly for sex. But in the context of a relationship, it's immaterial. Knowing one's way around a lady is far more important for sexual satisfaction anyway.


          • A flaccid penis exists -- and I have zero opinions on it one way or another. Whether it grows or shows, what I care about is that I experience mutual pleasure with my partner, with or without penetration. How his penis becomes erect and what it looks like -- before or during the erection -- means literally zero to me. I'm only going to care if a change to his erections means there's something wrong with his health OR if he's bothered by it.


            • As a male, even i think society has become to concerned with penis size. To be completely honest, I'm average (at best). And in my youth i found myself worried about if i could satisfy a woman solely because of my size. Which impacted my confidence and ability to meet and date women. When i finally did start having sex regularly, not once did any of my partners ever mention size. They were just as happy as i was to be in that intimate moment with someone they cared deeply about. And when i got married, my size never stopped me from fathering three children or continuing to enjoy a very satisfying sex life.

              Now, here are a few tips that can help men look and feel bigger.

              Look bigger:
              1 - Shave or trim pubic hair.
              2 - Shed excess body fat.

              Feel bigger:
              1 - Certain sex positions allow for deeper penetration.
              2 - Inserting a finger or small sex toy into the woman's vagina or anus during penetration. (Obvuously communicate and get consent first!)

              But again as many comments here have already stated, most women just don't care much about their man's size regardless if he's a grower or show-er. And if you're with that special someone, remember, love can penetrate deeper than any penis ever could ;-)


              • Originally posted by Ashlee T. View Post
                No....we don't want to see it.

                This may be an odd question for a women's forum. I'd venture to guess that most women are less concerned about a flacid penis.
                Lol I'd take a look ?



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