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Grower or shower

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  • Grower or shower

    Have questions about growers vs. showers?

    We have more answers!

    Read our article, “What It Means To Be A Grower Vs. Shower And Why It Doesn’t Matter” here:


    Does it really matter
    Last edited by Alison H.; 07-15-2021, 01:40 PM.

  • No....we don't want to see it.

    This may be an odd question for a women's forum. I'd venture to guess that most women are less concerned about a flacid penis.
    "Be what you're looking for."


    • True. I find women don't care at all. You just have to make sure you're good to their heart and their body automatically follows.


      • Most people don't care about a flaccid penis. There's really nothing to do with a flaccid one anyway. The actual size of a penis is the erection, so grower or shower doesn't really matter!


        • Penis size or appearance are roughly #7,989 in order of importance on my list of things I value in a man. That's probably true of most women--certainly most women I know. That might be different if one is hiring a man strickly for sex. But in the context of a relationship, it's immaterial. Knowing one's way around a lady is far more important for sexual satisfaction anyway.


          • A flaccid penis exists -- and I have zero opinions on it one way or another. Whether it grows or shows, what I care about is that I experience mutual pleasure with my partner, with or without penetration. How his penis becomes erect and what it looks like -- before or during the erection -- means literally zero to me. I'm only going to care if a change to his erections means there's something wrong with his health OR if he's bothered by it.



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