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  • My wife and i don't really celebrate valentines day. But we did have a nice dinner. We didn't make love that day but did so the night before and the morning after.


    • Originally posted by Wednesday L.F. View Post
      In case anyone was wondering, I dressed up fancy, made our bedroom look romantic, baked his favorite cookies, and tried the **** ring I bought him as a gift. Successful all around!
      Thanks to everyone for their helpful advice.
      I was coming here to ask how things went! Glad it was a great evening for you both!



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      • Reply to Do you fantasize about being with someone of a different race?

        I’m a white-Jamaican man of British descent, married to an Afro-Jamaican woman for 32 years. The woman who took my virginity was half black, half South...

        06-03-2023, 12:54 PM By ScorchedEarth
      • Reply to Men who can ejaculate twice in one lovemaking session

        I once read an experience from a woman who reported that when she and her boyfriend are having coitus, he easily and regularly would have a 12 minute,...

        06-03-2023, 12:29 PM By ScorchedEarth
      • Reply to Anal addicted

        My wife was raised in a religiously conservative family and was quite prudish when we tight the knot.

        I was able to subtly get her into...

        06-03-2023, 12:20 PM By ScorchedEarth
      • Reply to husband suggestion

        Type 1 means your body is producing no insulin or just a very small amount. Metformin won't help in that case. Insulin will be your lifeline. Knowing...

        06-03-2023, 04:51 AM By jns
      • Reply to husband suggestion

        I insisted on metformin cause thought insulin would hurt but it doesn't! Asked Dr if I could control bs with food but he said "you will never get...

        06-03-2023, 03:56 AM By amy40

      • Sex Education For Seniors

        I'm a 69 YO male. Earlier this year (Valentines Day) my wife of 40 years passed. At the beginning of this month I all but figured out this solo life wasn't...

        05-30-2023, 11:21 AM By Bigtwin96
      • I found a vein

        I noticed there is a vein inside of my vagina. I read online about it and it seems it is very rare for women that aren’t pregnant.. I am scared of what...

        05-29-2023, 12:58 AM By bunnypop18
      • Concerns About Pelvic Exam

        So I am 32 years old, and I have never had a PAP smear or pelvic exam. I have been putting it off since I am not sexually active in terms of vaginal intercourse,...

        05-27-2023, 07:05 AM By FeelingWeird
      • Does that size hurt?

        One time i was having sex with a sex worker and she struggled to put it in the firt time, i saw her body language and she was moving slow while penetrating....

        05-25-2023, 06:48 AM By Danielsv90
      • husband suggestion

        so I haven't been to Dr for a physical in 10 plus years & husband suggested I get a Dr so I finally did (in Oct)
        my pulse was 135 last Dr visit...

        05-18-2023, 07:48 PM By amy40