Wednesday Lee Friday

I’ve been an aspiring writer for as long as I can remember and have a BA in Journalism with a specialty in Broadcasting.

As a former phonesex operator, I was exposed to a wide array of sexual preferences, kinks, fetishes, and modes of thinking — all of which shaped my expertise on the subject of sexuality over the years.

My review experience includes TV and movies, books, health and beauty products, and yes — sex toys of all kinds (for about a decade). I've been working as a writer and reviewer for Women's Health Interactive for years and have become an expert on all things relating to sex toys, especially the G-spot and sonic clitoral stimulation.

I'm always researching and learning new things — not just about the sex toy industry but human sexual response as well. In fact, I took part in the 2022 Sex Toy Challenge to discover more about my own and encourage others to do the same.

If you enjoy things that are witty, scary, or just plain wild, check out my books on Amazon.