Everything Vibrators: Your Complete Guide To Personal Pleasure

From clitoral, vaginal, and dual vibrators to materials and safety, we cover everything you need to know to achieve the sexual pleasure you deserve.
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There is more sex toy variety than ever before.

While that probably sounds amazing, it can be overwhelming if you aren’t sure where to begin.

Not everyone feels comfortable talking about masturbation or vibrating sex toys with friends, partners, or even their doctor — and that’s totally okay.

There are other ways to figure out the right sex toy(s) for you — and to achieve the sexual pleasure you deserve, and that’s what this complete guide is for.

We’ve created a comprehensive, ever-evolving resource where you’ll learn about specific types of vibrators and how to use them safely.

Over time, we’ll be adding more articles, reviews, and resources crafted by folks who are invested in your sexual health.

To get started, just keep scrolling!

Article Summary:

Vibrators. We’ve all heard of them and many folks use them regularly. But they are so much more than just phallus-shaped things that go “brrrrrrrrrrrr.”

This guide is a starting point — a “hub” or directory — on everything vibrators.

In this guide, we’ll cover:

Editor’s Note: Sections of this article that cover gynecological or health-related topics were reviewed for accuracy by Kerry-Anne Perkins, OB-GYN, who sits on our medical review board.

Vibrator Quiz: How To Choose The Right Vibrator

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Types Of Vibrators And What They Do

Photograph Featuring An Array Of Different Vibrators On Black Tabletop

Some vibes are more versatile than others.

Most vibrators can be divided into three basic groups — internal, external, and dual— and we’ll talk about those in greater detail in just a bit.

But first, let’s have a quick overview of vibrators, the technology used to create them, and how to start thinking about what type might be right for you.

What Are the Different Types Of Vibrators Available?

Beyond the most basic categorization of being clitoral, vaginal, or dual, vibrators are also categorized by their type and area of focus.

Examples include those that provide specifically targeted external or internal stimulation, such as clit vibrators, G-spot vibrators, vibrating cock rings, or even double-ended massagers.

Vibrators can also be grouped by type based on the motor that’s being used to produce the vibrations it gives, such as the spinning motors used in traditional vibes and those designed to create sonic pulses.

If you haven’t heard about sonic vibes yet, there are some great toys you should know about.

There are vibrators specifically designed for use during partnered sex in addition to — or instead of — solo use.

Some vibrators even have remote controls and other fun long-distance features, and still, others are designed to be flexible enough to be used by couples of all genders and body types.

If you’re feeling confused or overwhelmed, worry not — we’ll be taking a closer look at every vibrator type in just a short bit.

Want to jump straight to a specific vibe type right now? Click any of the links below:

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Where To Buy A Vibrator

It used to be that vibrators were only available in sex toy stores and adult shops you had to walk into — or through mail-order means.

These days, you can buy a vibrator just about anywhere, including mall stores like Spencer’s or Urban Outfitters, pharmacies and general stores including CVS, Walgreens, or Target, and of course, reputable sex toy stores like Adam & Eve.

Although there isn’t a federal law restricting the purchase of vibrators or sex toys to those under 18 and vibrators are perfectly safe for teens, some locales may have ordinances that prohibit the sale of sex toys to minors.

If you’re not sure about your local area, call the store and ask for a manager to find out.

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How Have Technological Advancements Changed Vibrators?

The first vibrators were invented in the 1800s; looking back on vintage vibes today, however, the designs of yore are a source of amusement and terror.

Luckily for all of us, vibrators can do so much more than ever before — and they feel amazing.

Innovative design and technological advancements have given us sex toys that mimic oral sex or offer deep, sonic penetration — and some even ramp up when they sense users reaching climax!

Carol Queen, Ph.D. a sexologist and author, notes that the increased use of robotics is moving the industry ever forward in the most pleasurable way possible. She told us:

Lora DiCarlo, for instance, creates toys that include more movement than toys used to provide. Beyond that…computer chips are making a big difference in how versatile toys are in terms of the variety of sensations they can produce.”

For decades, vibrators either had to be plugged into a wall socket, or users had to keep an arsenal of batteries on hand at all times.

Today, the sex toy marketplace is full of rechargeable vibrators with lithium-ion batteries that are all the rage. These generally take a few hours to charge and offer 60-120 minutes of playtime.

We cannot overemphasize the value of a rechargeable vibrator.

Additionally, long-distance vibes with app-enabled remote controls are pretty exciting for couples that are separated by work, quarantine, or even just grocery shopping.

Some say these Bluetooth sex toys are frustrating to connect and unreliable to use.

That just means we need to wait for the next upgrade – because few things go as well with romantic Zoom chats than a remote-controlled vibe.

Another major upgrade in sex toy technology lies in their volume — or lack thereof.

Plenty of folks love to masturbate with a vibrator but they don’t necessarily want the world to know when it’s happening.

Although there are ways to make a vibrator quiet, many modern vibes are being designed for stealth operation, offering whisper-quiet vibrations that let you reach orgasm on the down-low — no matter what type of stimulation you enjoy most.

→ Learn about the quietest vibrators personally curated by Gena Gephart.

→ For more, read: How To Make A Vibrator Quiet

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What’s The Difference Between A Vibrator And A Dildo?

In the simplest terms, a dildo doesn’t vibrate — nor does it need a power source to be used.

Some vibrators look pretty phallic (penis-shaped) and may actually resemble insertable dildos on the outside, but they contain internal motors of some kind that provide a vibrating sensation.

For this reason, a vibrator requires some type of power source, whether that’s obtained through replaceable or rechargeable batteries or a direct connection to a wall socket via an electrical plug.

Dildos, on the other hand, have no outside power source required for their use, other than the movement of someone’s hand.

You may have heard of the term, “vibrating dildo” or “dildo vibrator” before, but those are referencing vibrators that look like dildos.

At the end of the day, they’re still vibrators.

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How Do You Know Which Type of Vibrator Is Best For You?

If you’ve masturbated before, you likely have a good idea of the kind of stimulation you like. If you haven’t, you might want to give it the old college try.

Many women use vibrators to satisfy their sexual needs, but it can take a little experimentation to discover what works best for you.

You might even want to explore homemade DIY vibrator alternatives you’ve got laying around the house, just to see what they feel like!

Beyond that, experimentation really is key when choosing a vibrator.

Vibrators can feel quite different from one another, depending on their design.

As we take you on a guided tour of all things vibration, you may find yourself more curious about some than others.

Exploring those is a great place to start — and you can also take our vibrator quiz to see what you might like!

You know, some folks are fans of collecting as many sex toys as possible — collecting a variety of experiences, sensations, and types of stimulation.

Many people benefit from internal and external stimulation depending on their mood. Unless you’re in Texas, collecting an array of different adult toys is a great idea!

We’ll be talking about all sorts of vibrating sex toys in-depth so buckle up and get ready for a wildly informative ride!

Bottom Line: Vibrators can be broken into three main categories — internal, external, and dual — but they can also be categorized based on the type(s) of stimulation they provide, and even by the type of motor they use.

Modern advances in technology have provided vibrators with an incredible range of stimulation options, with many companies embracing computer chips and robotics to up their game.

Vibrators differ from dildos, in that the latter does not require a power source — nor do they offer vibration. With so many options available, experimentation with vibrators is important for discovering what you like, and what you don’t.

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Clitoral Stimulation Vibrators

Photograph Of Hand Picking Up Single Vibrator From A Table Full Of Sex Toys

A clitoral stimulation vibrator is designed for use on the vulva, labia, and clitoris — without penetrating the vagina or anus in the process.

There are many reasons one might choose a vibrator for external, clitoral stimulation.

For instance, not everyone is looking for penetrative sex. This may be a matter of preference or orientation, but also one of comfort — as some folks experience pain during penetration.

At the same time, not all people find internal penetration to be necessary for sexual enjoyment, or even climax.

External masturbation can be a good lead-in for someone who wants to work toward penetrative stimulation — but no one should ever be pressured to do so.

Besides, there’s plenty of fun to be had externally — and we’re going to tell you all about it.

Wanna know more? Let’s go!

What Are Clitoral Stimulation Vibrators Used For?

As their name suggests, clitoral stimulation vibrators are used for external stimulation of the clitoris, although that’s certainly not all they can do.

Depending on their size and overall design, clitoral stimulation vibrators can also be used anywhere along the vulva or labia that feels good, but they can typically be used externally on other erogenous zones.

You’d be surprised at some of the areas you can tease with a clitoral vibrator — including your nipples, neck, the backs of your knees, and even your inner thighs.

If there’s a place that can be touched externally, odds are good that you can use a clitoral stimulation vibrator to tease it.

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Clit Vibrators

Close Up Photograph Of Hand Holding LELO Clit Massager

Clitoral vibrators, also known as clit stimulators or clit massagers, are specifically designed for use on the labia and clitoris.

Because they’re used externally, clitoral vibrators tend to be smaller than vibrators for penetration. There are exceptions though, like the Hitachi Magic Wand — which is probably the most famous sex toy ever.

Plenty of external vibes are clit-specific and with good reason — many women need clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm.

Vibrating bullet, egg, pom toys, butterfly, mini vibrators, and panty vibes are all clitoral vibrators — and we’ll talk about each in just a bit.

Figuring out which clitoral vibrator suits you best can be a great adventure!

→ Learn about the best clit vibrators personally curated by Wednesday Lee Friday.

For more, read: Clit Vibrators: How To Use One & Everything You Need To Know

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Clit-Sucking Vibrators

Close Up Photograph Of Hands Holding Lora DiCarlo Baci Clit Sucking Toy

What the heck is a clit-sucking vibrator? I’m SO glad you asked!

Adult toys that mimic oral sex are a revelation not just for clitorises everywhere, but also for the partners who love them.

Even the most diligent partner may not be into 90-minutes of constant clit-sucking. But sonic toys like the LELO SONA 2 Cruise totally are.

Many clit-sucking toys — though not all — use sonic pulse technology to produce penetrating vibrations that stimulate the clitoris without touching it directly.

The LELO SILA, which I personally reviewed, is a great example of this type of clit-sucker.

The feeling is nearly indescribable…but once you experience it you’ll understand the fervor for a good clit stimulator.

Other types of clit-sucking motorized toys fit over the clit — either with light pressure or not touching it at all — and attach with a suckling sensation, like the rose toy.

Within this style, some may also have flickering parts in the middle to mimic a real tongue.

Lora DiCarlo is the queen of the clit stimulator, and the Baci, reviewed by my fellow writer Gena Gephart, may be the best example of why.

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Wand Vibrators

Closeup Photograph Of Hand Holding Hitachi Magic Wand Vibrator

Like the above-mentioned Hitachi Magic Wand, wand-style vibes are the oldest vibrators around.

You don’t have to ask her, but chances are your mother and grandmother probably owned one of these motorized toys that doubled as a back and body massager.

Wand vibrators are powerful, reliable, and effective. They’re also good for sore back and neck muscles — seriously.

Wands consist of a large, soft head often made of silicone or latex. Rather than insertion, a silicone sex toy wand is designed for external stimulation using powerful vibrations.

Originally, wand-style vibrators were plugged into the wall. Now, rechargeable and battery-operated versions are common and they’re available in more sizes and materials than ever before.

→ Learn about the best wand vibrators personally curated by Zoë Tanner.

For more, read: How To Use A Vibrating Wand Solo, Or With A Partner

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Bullet Vibrators

Close Up Photograph Of Hand Holding Two Bullet Vibrators

Vibrating bullet toys are generally shaped like a capsule and are often used to enhance or supplement items like finger vibes, wearable toys, or cock rings.

Similar to egg vibrators, which we’ll talk about next, a bullet vibrator is small and powerful.

But these petite wonders can do some pretty amazing things all on their own.

Bullet vibes can vary in size, intensity, and recommended usage. So research carefully before you buy to ensure you’re getting one that can be used the way YOU want to use it.

→ Learn about the best bullet vibrators personally curated by Vanessa Russell.

→ For more, read: How To Use A Bullet Vibrator: 7 Tips For Solo And Partnered Play

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Egg Vibrators

Close Up Photograph Of Hand Holding Egg Vibrator

As their name suggests, egg vibrators are small clitoral vibrators with a rounded, egg-like shape. Also called “vibrating love eggs,” these small but powerful units are popular among clitorises craving a good buzz.

Like similarly-shaped bullet vibes, these are versatile adult toys that provide mild to intense clitoral stimulation and if they feature a string for retrieval, they can be used for vaginal or anal stimulation, as well.

With that in mind, one of the biggest differences between brands and styles of egg vibrators is their shape, size, vibe intensity, and versatility.

Additionally, egg vibes are unassuming, don’t actually look like anyone’s genitals, and are surprisingly ergonomic for the task at hand.

Let’s be honest: when partners are new or reticent to trying sex toys, it can help if the toy in question doesn’t look like a cartoonishly large phallus.

Penis envy is a real thing, folks — even when the other penis is crafted from silicone.

→ Learn about the best egg vibrators personally curated by Zoë Tanner.

For more, read: Egg Vibrators: What Are They And How Do You Use Them?

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Palm or “Pom” Vibrator

Close Up Photo Of Palm Vibrator Resting Against Woman's Hip

A palm or “pom” vibrator is a small, rounded vibe that is flexible but generally designed for external clitoral stimulation. These tend to be wider and flatter than an egg vibrator.

The best pom vibes are going to be waterproof for use anywhere and have an array of intensity and patterns to choose from, as well as an ergonomic design that makes it almost feel like an extension of your own hand.

Palm vibes are a non-intimidating choice for partners looking to introduce a vibe. They’re also good for beginners, or those looking for something low-key.

Dame Products offers the original Pom, which is popular with older users, thanks to the ergonomic shape that is easy on stiff or arthritic hands.

The suitability of pom vibrators for older users is especially significant due to the many health benefits of regular masturbation.

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Wearable Vibrators

Close Up Photograph Of Black Lacy Underwear And Wearable Vibrator With Remote

Looking for sexual satisfaction on the go? Think a clitoral orgasm might enhance your lunch break?

Wearable vibrators are a fun and versatile class of vibrators that can come with you wherever your day leads you, making them perfect for public vibrator play.

The best wearables fit right where you want them for quiet, discreet stimulation.

Users can control the intensity and vibe patterns with a remote control or smartphone app — or hand the reins over to a partner for unpredictable fun throughout the day…or night.

Wearable vibes and panty vibrators promise orgasms on your terms.

Although some wearable vibrators are designed to be worn against the vulva or inside the vagina, others are crafted as fashionable jewelry you can wear out in public — like the Crave Vesper, a gorgeous necklace with hidden skills only the wearer knows about.

Similarly, wearable vibrators also include vibrating finger rings that can be used during solo fun or partnered sex for additional clitoral stimulation.

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Butterfly Vibrators

Photograph Of Strap-On Butterfly Vibrator With Remote On Mannequin's Torso

Ever wish your sex toys were cuter — with sparkles or pastels that make you feel like Rainbow Brite?

If so, butterfly vibrators might be exactly your speed.

These discreet and pretty vibes literally look like butterflies and many of them use straps to hold them against your clitoris for hands-free pleasure wherever you go.

Be aware though, those wearable toys are often a ‘one size fits most’ proposition.

Depending on your (or your partner’s) body type, finding a well-fitting wearable vibe can be challenging at best.

On the plus side, wearable butterfly vibes can enhance solo play or partnered sex.

This writer knows a 35-year-old mom who loves to wear her butterfly vibe when she does housework. She told me, “I deserve a reward after all this vacuuming, and an orgasm is better than a trophy, anyway!” 

She’s not wrong.

→ Learn about the best butterfly vibrators personally curated by Julia Wolov.

For more, read: How To Use A Butterfly Vibrator Solo Or With A Partner In Public

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Finger Vibrators

Close Up Photograph Of Hand Demonstrating Finger Vibrator

Finger vibes are designed to be worn over, around, or between the fingers and used to stimulate the genitals. These work equally well for solo or partnered use.

I first encountered a finger vibe in college when a girlfriend of mine surprised me with it during an encounter.

It was nothing short of thrilling!

Finger-friendly vibes may use detachable egg or vibrating bullet units to provide vibrations. Some have motors on the wrist, creating vibrations that travel through the fingertips.

This type of adult toy is excellent for beginners. Finger vibes offer a variety of sensations and can be used internally or externally as desired.

They also tend to be the lowest-priced sex toys, so they’re great for someone who doesn’t want to invest $100 just to see if they enjoy clitoral vibrations.

→ Learn about the best finger vibrators personally curated by Gena Gephart.

For more, read: How To Use A Finger Vibrator Solo Or With A Partner

Bottom Line: External stimulation vibrators are designed for use on the vulva, labia, and clitoris — without penetrating the vagina or anus. Some folks prefer these if they’re not interested in penetrative sex play, while others use them during partnered sex play — with or without penetration. Vibrators for external stimulation come in many styles including clit massagers, clit suckers, wands, bullets, eggs, palm vibrators, wearables, butterfly vibes, and finger vibrators.

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Vaginal Stimulation Vibrators

Photograph Of Hand Touching A Variety Of Internal Vibrating Sex Toys

Fans of penetration take heed — vaginal stimulation vibrators are where it’s at.

A vibrator for internal vaginal stimulation is designed to deeply penetrate and stimulate the vagina (including the G-spot) or anus.

To be clear, we mean the vagina OR anus. Toys should not be used interchangeably between the anal and vaginal cavities without being thoroughly cleaned and sanitized in between.

Vibes designed for vaginal penetration may look phallic.

That said, they may also be curved, angled, or as in the case of dual stimulation vibrators, have an additional appendage to provide external stimulation at the same time.

That’s because internal vibrators are designed to stimulate the vagina, G-spot, and sometimes the clitoris too — three great erogenous zones, all at once!

Vaginal stimulation vibrators can include those that are phallic (basically a vibrating dildo), G-spotters, and to some extent, vibrating cock rings.

What Are Vaginal Stimulation Vibrators Used for?

The simplest answer is that vaginal vibrators are used to create penetrating stimulation that is likely to lead to orgasm.

Sex toys designed for vaginal insertion and stimulation are sometimes used to mimic penetrative intercourse.

Honestly, though, that may not be the smartest thing to do with them, given that only about 25% of women orgasm from penile penetration alone.

Maybe that’s why so many fan-favorite adult toys don’t look all that much like a penis — but are still awesome at internal stimulation.

Vibrators for internal pleasure can be used to facilitate vaginal or G-spot orgasms, or blended orgasms that incorporate the clitoris as well.

Cool, right?

This type of sex toy is less likely to be hands-free, if only because they work best when pressure or thrusting is applied during use.

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G-Spot Vibrators

Photograph Of Hand Holding Hot Octopuss Kurve G-Spot Vibrator

It might be hyperbole to say that G-spot vibrators are this writer’s favorite motorized toys in the entire world — but only by a little.

G-spotters are designed specifically to hit the Gräfenberg spot, which is located within a few inches inside the vaginal opening.

Sexpert Katherine Cabrera from the podcast, Let’s Talk About Sex, told us how to find it:

“The G-spot is located in the front wall of the vagina about ½ to two inches from the vaginal opening. If you insert your middle finger inside the vagina, then flex it toward the front wall (in a c’mere motion), you’ll feel a bump, like a round button. The texture of this bump is different, harder, and rougher than the rest of the vaginal wall. That’s the G-spot.”

With that in mind, these vibes tend to have curves or angles to help users find and hit the right spot. Certainly, this style of vibrator can be used with a partner, but most are designed to do their best work solo.

Applying pressure to the G-spot also hits the internal arms of the clitoris, which feels…mighty nice.

For some folks, stimulating the G-spot results in intense orgasms, and even squirting, in some cases. Not all women enjoy G-spot stimulation, and of those who do, not all are squirters.

Some can squirt with a vibrator, while others won’t.

And there’s nothing weird or abnormal about any of that.

Scientifically and from a layperson’s perspective, there is disagreement over whether or not the G-spot even exists. We hash out those details here.

Suffice to say though, that this writer is an emphatic believer in the Gräfenberg spot and its role in facilitating mind-blowing orgasms.

Aside from a talented partner, your next best bet for a great G-spot-focused orgasm is finding the right G-spot vibrator and learning how to use it. On that note, I found a great G-spot vibe when I did a review of the Hot Octopuss Kurve.

Even more than other types of sex toys, G-spotters can be even more difficult to select.

The G-spot stimulator your sister, girlfriend, or best friend loves may not remotely work for you. The only way to know is to give it a try.

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Vibrating Cock Rings

Close Up Photograph Of Vibrating Cock Ring On Two Fingers

You might think that if you don’t have a cock, you might not have much use for a vibrating cock ring.

I’m here to tell you that this is just not so.

Vibrating penis rings are exactly what they sound like. Depending on their design, they can provide a fun sensation for your partner and added clitoral or even G-spot stimulation for you.

A cock ring can be made of leather, cloth, silicone, latex, or other body-safe material. Some have snaps or Velcro in case a quick release is needed.

Penis rings are used to facilitate and maintain erections and to increase sensation and delay orgasm. They don’t always vibrate, but it’s pretty awesome when they do.

Cock rings that vibrate may have attached motors built into the ring itself, or they may have a sleeve that can be used with a bullet vibrator of choice.

During intercourse, vibrating cock rings can be awesome for all participants in partnered sex.

And let’s be honest, at least a few of us have wished for a sex partner with a vibrating love muscle.

That wish is now granted.

Bottom Line: An internal stimulation vibrator is designed to penetrate the vagina or anus deeply to provide sexual pleasure. That said, these toys should not be used back and forth between the vagina and anus without being cleaned in between. Internal vibrator styles include G-spot vibrators, rabbit vibes, anal vibrators, and even vibrating cock rings — which turn any penis into a flesh-and-blood vibrator.

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Anal Stimulation Vibrators

Close Up Photograph Of Anal Vibrator Attached To Bullet Vibrator

Toys for insertion into the anus for masturbatory butt stuff are many and varied.

Butt plugs and anal beads may come in dormant or vibrating varieties and are popular for solo and partnered use, providing anal stimulation for all genders.

Additionally, some anal toys are designed to be attached to other vibrators like bullets or wands, turning a ho-hum anal dildo into an anal vibrator in seconds.

Pegging sets allow those who don’t carry their own penis with them to get in on the thrusting action, while anal trainers can help the uninitiated work their way from skinny insertables to a partner’s penis using progressively wider butt plugs.

Butt plugs are probably the best-known anal toy, followed closely by anal-appropriate dildos.

What these anal toys have in common are their flared bases.

That’s an essential part of any anal toy — vibrating or otherwise — a flared base that prevents the toy from being lost inside the body.

Safety is of the essence when using anal vibrators, as they can result in infection, injury, or worse.

→ Learn about the best pegging toys personally curated by Julia Wolov.

For more, read:

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Dual Stimulation Vibrators

Close Up Photograph Of Hand Holding Ivory Rabbit Vibrator Against Purple Background

If you’re a fan of external and internal stimulation, there is one type of vibrator that will offer the best of both worlds.

Designed to hit your G-spot while also providing ample stimulation of your vulva and clitoris, dual stimulation vibrators — the best-known of which are “rabbits” — have come a long way since their invention in the 80s.

What Are Dual Stimulation Vibrators And What Types Are Available?

Vibrators that offer dual stimulation are designed to create pleasing sensations in more than one spot at the same time.

Most commonly, this type of vibrator provides stimulation to the clitoris and G-spot, or at the very least, offers external vulva stimulation and internal vaginal stimulation.

Perhaps the most well-known dual stimulation vibrators are of the rabbit variety, which we’ll look at closely in just a bit, but those are not the only vibrators capable of offering dual stimulation.

In fact, the Osé 2 from Lora DiCarlo, which we personally reviewed, is a dual stimulation vibrator unlike any the world has ever seen, offering G-spot stimulation and clit sucking that will blow your mind.

You might be surprised to discover that most vibrator types have design styles that accommodate dual stimulation, including wearables, butterfly vibrators, panty vibrators, and even finger vibrators!

For more, read: Lora DiCarlo Osé 2: Intense Orgasms Worth Steep Learning Curve

→ Learn about the best finger vibrators personally curated by Gena Gephart.

→ Learn about the best wearable vibrators personally curated by Julia Wolov.

→ Learn about the best butterfly vibrators personally curated by Julia Wolov.

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How Rabbit Vibrators Provide Dual Stimulation

After the Hitachi Magic Wand, the Rabbit Pearl vibrator may be the most famous vibe in the world.

Debuting in 1984, this was the first mass-market sex toy for women that didn’t look like a big veiny wang. Hallelujah!

The design of a rabbit vibrator, at its simplest, has a shaft designed for vaginal insertion, and a ‘rabbit’ extension with flickering ears. The user is meant to place the rabbit’s ears on either side of the clit.

The result is dual stimulation that can produce a blended orgasm for the ages. Curious about rabbit vibes? Check out our list of the best rabbit vibrators!

For our money, the LELO SORAYA 2 is an excellent choice for rabbit enthusiasts — and those wondering if they might be.

Fans of the Soraya love the array of function modes and the ergonomic shape that works for a wide variety of body types. It’s a quiet, waterproof, rechargeable vibrator that stimulates all your favorite bits.

The LELO INA Wave 2 is another staff favorite, featuring a wave-like, come-hither motion that feels like realistic G-spot fingering. It doesn’t get any better than that.

→ Learn about the best rabbit vibrators personally curated by Vanessa Russell.

→ For more, read: What Is A Rabbit Vibrator & How Do You Use It?

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Male Stimulation Vibrators

Closeup Photograph Of Man Kneeling On Bed And Holding A Fleshlight In One Hand

It’s easy to picture sex toys for the clitoris or vagina whenever you hear the word “vibrator,” but there are a number of vibrators designed specifically for penises.

Some are meant to be worn on the penile shaft, while others allow for penetration, mimicking the sensations that would be experienced during vaginal or anal penetration.

Male vibrator types can include:

Some male vibrators are designed to be used for solo play or mutual masturbation — as is the case with masturbators and Fleshlights — while others are capable of providing stimulation to both partners during penetrative sex.

For instance, vibrating cock rings increase penile sensation for the wearer while providing stimulating vibrations to the partner on the receiving end of penetration.

Although there are many vibrators for men, they can (and do!) use vibrators designed for women in many creative ways.

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Vibrator Materials And Their Safety

Close Up Photograph Of Vibrator Medley, Focusing On Their Materials

When choosing a quality vibrator, insisting on quality materials is essential for your health and safety.

But how do you know what “quality materials” are?

What your sex toy is made from will ultimately impact its longevity, effectiveness, and yes, even its price.

I’ll review everything you need to know about what materials you should look for — and avoid — in any vibrator that touches your most intimate parts.

What Are The Most Commonly Used Materials For Vibrators?

High-end sex toy materials used in the best vibrators include silicone, metal, latex, and annealed glass. On the lower end of the spectrum are plastics, jelly rubber, and PVC.

Most hard plastics aren’t good sex toy materials. Some manufacturers use ABS plastic because it is hard and less sensitive to heat than other plastics — and it’s also body-safe.

Hard plastic is acceptable for handles and power sources, as far as I’m concerned — but personally, I don’t want it touching my sensitive bits.

Similarly, PVC (polyvinyl chloride) polymer is sometimes safe for use in adult toys, but not always — which is why we caution folks to avoid products that use it.

A lot of PVC contains phthalates as a softening agent. Phthalate exposure is believed to damage the kidneys, liver, lungs, and reproductive system.

In short, you want to be very sure about the PVC products you buy for sexual purposes, but it’s still best to err on the side of caution and avoid them entirely.

Vinyl and other porous sex toy materials are less safe than non-porous toys.

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What Properties Are Important In Materials Used For Vibrators?

Your sex toys are going inside your body, so they have to be super safe to keep you free from infection or injury.

The most important properties to consider when it comes to vibrator materials are:

Vibrators and dildos — and all sex toys for that matter — should be made from a non-porous material, which means that nothing can penetrate the surface of the device.

Why does that matter?

Think of a porous surface as acting like a sponge. What do sponges do? they soak up liquid and hold it in there.

So what does a porous sex toy do? It soaks up bacteria, viruses, fungi, or even parasites — which will all be waiting for you the next time you pick it up to play.

Porous toy materials cannot be sanitized or cleaned thoroughly and clean toys are essential if you want to avoid uncomfortable infections.

Metal sex toys should always be made from non-reactive, non-corrosive material. It’s also a good idea to avoid common allergens like nickel or gold.

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Silicone is the all-time favorite sex toy material — and with good reason.

It’s a nonporous type of rubber that can be easily cleaned with mild soap and warm water, but it has the added benefit of feeling very skin-like.

There are two grades of silicone used in sex toys — medical-grade and body-safe.

Both are excellent, however, there is one main difference between the two.

Medical-grade silicone is platinum cured, which sounds fancy but really means it was made in a more expensive mold, creating a high-quality material that is safe for long-term implantation inside the human body.

Although you probably won’t be leaving your vibrator inside your vag for weeks or months at a time, medical-grade silicone is a gold standard vibe material.

Body-safe silicone is equally safe for contact with your delicate skin — the only difference is that it can’t be used in medical devices designed to be inside the body over long periods of time.

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Which Sex Toy Materials Are The Safest?

There are several safe sex toy materials that we highly recommend.

  • Silicones
  • Metals
  • Glass
  • ABS Plastic

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What Sex Toy Materials Should I Avoid?

First, avoid anything to which you are allergic.

Second, here’s a shortlist of sex toy materials you should avoid:

  • PVC plastic: this synthetic plastic polymer is found all over the place, but as we’ve mentioned before, it often contains phthalates
  • BPA: this is a synthetic estrogen chemical that unfortunately can be found to some extent in nearly all humans
  • Phthalates: are toxic chemicals often used to make items soft and flexible, as in the case of jelly rubber
  • Rubber: this can cause allergic reactions in those who have a sensitivity or allergy to latex

PVC plastic, BPA, and phthalates are known to cause cancer but they’re also reproductive toxicants. In short, avoid them like the plague.

As we’ve mentioned before, avoid any sex toys crafted from porous materials because they cannot be cleaned thoroughly — let alone be sterilized.

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How Do You Know If A Sex Toy Has Phthalates In It?

Okay, this is important.

When you’re comparison shopping for a vibrator or other sex toy, you should avoid any product that doesn’t tell you exactly what it’s made of.

As we mentioned earlier, sex toys made with PVC or jelly rubber typically contain phthalates and should be avoided — unless a product specifically says it is phthalate-free.

Aside from toys made from glass or metal (materials that don’t generally contain phthalates), if the packaging or listing doesn’t inform you that it’s phthalate-free or if the salesperson doesn’t have the information — avoid it.

Reputable sex toy vendors are happy to tell you what is — and is not — used in their products. That’s because reputable adult vendors take pride in providing safe products to their customers.

If that’s not the vibe you’re getting from a website or brick-and-mortar store, that’s not where you should be buying your sex toy.

Be aware that with vibrators, you get what you pay for.

If a toy looks suspiciously cheap, it’s probably best avoided. Sadly, many of the cutest vibes are also the most unsafe.

Bottom Line: The safest sex toy materials include silicone (medical-grade and body-safe), nickel-free metal, latex, and annealed glass. Those made from plastics, jelly rubber, and PVC may contain phthalates or BPA, both of which are carcinogenic and act as endocrine disruptors. If you’re purchasing a vibrator from a brick-and-mortar store, the salesperson should be knowledgeable about their wares — if that’s not the case, shop elsewhere. Always inspect your sex toys for workmanship or functionality issues before using them the first time.

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How To Masturbate With A Vibrator

Close Up Photograph Of Bare Knee In Bubble Bath With Hand Holding Purple Waterproof Vibrator

Let’s get one thing straight.

The best vibrators in the world and other adult toys designed for the vulva, vagina, clitoris, or G-spot are not mere substitutes for the penis.

Next, there is no one “right” way to achieve sexual pleasure or to orgasm with a vibrator.

So long as your activities are safe, consensual, and feel good — go for it!

Many vibrating sex toys also feel awesome on non-genital erogenous zones like nipples, between breasts, on the neck, or wherever your favorite nerve endings can be found.

Feel free to explore pleasure in the way that suits you and if it’s your first time using a vibrator, take your time and experiment!

If you find that vibration really isn’t your thing, you may prefer a dildo vs. a vibrator, instead.

How Do You Use A Clitoral Stimulation Vibrator?

A clitoral vibrator used externally can be held near your body with your hand, or it may be placed in your underwear.

Many people enjoy general stimulation on their vulva, labia, and clitoris during arousal, but then prefer more targeted sensations as they near climax.

The only way to know what you’ll like is by giving it a try.

Read the directions on your new sex toy — which will probably include using lube. Personal lubricant should still be used with external stimulation, even if it’s just a little, and water-based lubes are safest.

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How Do You Use A Vaginal Stimulation Vibrator?

For toys that use vaginal penetration or dual stimulation, placement and angling might require some experimentation. This may be even more true for G-spotters, which we’ll talk more about in just a bit.

After foreplay, once a state of arousal is reached, your nerve endings may tell you where stimulation is needed.

In fact, they might be insistent, and that’s totally cool. Follow what your body is telling you.

Whether that’s G-spot or clitoral pressure, or deep insertion — if you like how it feels and it’s not contrary to the instructions (never use a toy intended for vaginal insertion in the anus) — you’re doing it right.

Again, start slowly with a low setting on your vibrator and light pressure.

Using past sexual experiences as a guide, you can experiment with depth, angle, and pressure until you find something that works for you.

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How Do You Use A Clitoral Suction Vibrator?

Clit sucking vibrators can all be used to simulate cunnilingusvery well — but there can be a bit of a learning curve with these.

Clitoral suction toys are used by placing the hole of the unit above or near the clitoris. Sonic pulses then create air pressure that emulates clit sucking.

A small amount of lube will help sonic vibrators latch on and do their thing. Users can experiment with the placement and angle of the device.

It shouldn’t take long to find something you like — and when you do, you’ll know.

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How Do You Use A G-Spot Vibrator?

Sex toys made for the G-spot are many and varied.

The Mystery Vibe Crescendo is an all-purpose, highly flexible sex toy that can be used in innumerable ways, including for fantastic G-spot reach and we highly recommend it.

A good G-spot stimulator is designed with a curve or bend to facilitate reach — since it’s nearly impossible to reach your G-spot while lying down.

This is even more true if there are mobility issues or conditions like arthritis that can impede dexterity.

When pursuing sexual pleasure via the G-spot, start slowly with light pressure, then amp up as appropriate.

G-spot play works best when arousal is already underway and nerve endings standing at attention.

Don’t forget to use a quality lube; water-based is best.

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How Do You Use A Rabbit Vibrator?

A rabbit vibrator is specifically designed for dual stimulation — vaginal insertion and clitoral stimulation — to produce blended orgasms.

Sounds cool, right? It is.

If you’ve never used a rabbit or dual stimulation vibe before, start slow.

Use lube and give the included instructions a read beforehand. Once you’re aroused, insert the vibe slowly until you find a sensation you like.

Your body will likely tell you what to do next.

If the “rabbit” part of the clitoral stimulator has those cute little ears, those can be placed on either side of your clit for a fun sensation.

If your rabbit is a “triple play” vibe that offers an arm for anal stimulation, give that a try if you’re into it.

Your rabbit vibe is meant to be used on the G-spot and clitoris, but you don’t have to be limited by that. Try it on your nipples, neck, or inner elbow and knee.

Any of your favorite erogenous zones will thank you for a bit of pressure and vibration.

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→ Now that you know how to use vibrators of all types, take our vibrator quiz to see what you might like!

How Can You Make A Strong Vibrator Feel A Little Bit Weaker?

Some vibrators — we’re looking at YOU, Hitachi Magic Wand— are too powerful for some users even on the lowest setting.

If that’s a problem you’re having with a new toy, there are fixes.

First, try using it through your clothing. Using a vibe over your underwear or even over jeans can still provide a pleasing sensation without overwhelming your lady bits.

Using a vibrating sex toy externally is generally (but not always) less intense than inserting it, so if your internal vibe is still too strong for your taste, try using it on your vulva or labia, instead.

Also, be mindful of how hard you’re pressing. It’s easy to get excited and apply too much pressure.

What if you’re having the opposite problem and your vibe isn’t strong enough?

First, ensure that it’s fully charged or has fresh batteries and that you’ve gone through all of the settings for pattern and intensity to make sure you didn’t miss any.

If it still seems too weak for your needs no matter what you do — it may be time to upgrade!

Bottom Line: There is no one “right” way to achieve sexual pleasure with a vibrator — although following a toy’s instructions is important, so too is exploration. Experiment and see what feels good for you and make sure to use appropriate lube when needed. If a vibrator is too strong, there are ways to mitigate some of its strength. If a vibe isn’t strong enough, it’s time to shop for a new one.

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How To Use A Vibrator During Sex

Close Up Photograph Of Couple In Bed With One Holding Red Vibrator

Adding sex toys to an existing sex life can be daunting for some partners.

But this is not insurmountable.

Even a reticent partner can come to understand the value of bringing vibrators and other adult toys into existing bedroom activities.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Vibrator With A Partner?

Plenty of long-term couples use vibrators to enhance their sex lives.

They can add variety, address sexual issues, increase arousal and sexual desire, lead to stronger and more plentiful orgasm, and they just feel pretty dang good.

Many women require clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm, so the use of clitoral stimulators is a great way to address that.

If a couple is looking to experiment with pegging or anal, bringing in sex toys is an innovative way to begin the conversation.

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How Does Using A Sex Toy Affect Your Relationship?

Honestly, it really depends on the relationship.

As I mentioned earlier, introducing a vibrator to your shared sex life can be daunting for some partners, especially if they feel like they’re competing with the toy.

After all, if a vibrator can satisfy your wife better than your penis does…where does that leave you?

Or what if you’d like to use a vibrator on a woman or man, and have no idea how?

On the other end of the spectrum, some couples openly embrace the shared experience of using toys in the bedroom.

Additionally, men can and do use vibrators — and enjoy them!

If you want to bring a vibrator into your relationship, the key is communication and understanding. If both partners are comfortable with using them together, sex toys and vibrators can enhance intimacy and shared pleasure.

If one partner is uncomfortable with the idea, however, that’s a discussion that must be had.

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How Should You Introduce Vibrators Into Partnered Sex?

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this question because every partner will respond differently.

Male partners may feel intimidated by sex toys or worry that their partner’s desire to use them is indicative of inadequacy.

It’s something he has to deal with, yes, but you can take steps to mitigate that feeling.

Ideally, the talk of introducing sex toys should happen outside of the bedroom, not during sexy time.

Make sex toy conversation part of an ongoing, open dialogue about sex.

Sex therapist Jenni Skyler Ph.D., affirms that talking before and after sex — and even after sex toy use — can enhance and improve the entire experience.

“It’s important for you and your partner to come together after sex and chat about the toy, reflect on what went well, and what may need work or support,” she explained.

Like most things, bringing a vibrator or dildo into partnered sex requires respectful, honest conversation and an adventurous spirit.

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What Types Of Vibrators Are Intended For Partnered Sex?

Most vibrators that can be used alone can certainly be used during partnered sex, although not all will work during actual penetrative sex.

Bullet vibrators or egg vibrators can be held against the clitoris during intercourse, whereas a rabbit vibrator isn’t going to be usable outside of instances of double penetration (anal sex while the vibe is used vaginally).

Some clitoral stimulators like Dame Eva II are designed to nestle against the clitoris when used alone or during partnered sex, and others like the We-Vibe Sync or Chorus are insertable but allow for intercourse at the same time.

Additionally, there are plenty of remote and app-controlled couples vibrators, along with panty vibrators or wearable vibrators that allow for plenty of partnered fun.

But really, any adult toy can be fun with a partner with the right attitude!

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How Do You Use A Remote Controlled Or App-Driven Vibrator?

High-tech toys that can be operated with a smartphone app or remote control sound pretty exciting.

The idea of enhancing a sexy Zoom chat with a sex toy that your partner can control anywhere in the world sounds like something from the future.

And technically, it still kinda is.

We-Vibe leads the industry in the sale of couples’ vibes for in-person and long-distance use. But as their many fans will tell you, Bluetooth connectivity for sex toys is simply not there yet.

Apps crash, audiovisuals lag, and the experience is generally more frustrating than erotic.

Unless your kink is pretending to be a frustrated IT guy, these may not be for you.

But if you are some kind of app-whisperer or have a high degree of patience, following the directions on your toy and then using the prompts in the app itself should do the trick.

Remote-controls tend to be more reliable. These work especially well for internal toys, and for when partners want to control a vibe for someone else.

Remotes also make it less likely that users will accidentally press buttons or change settings during use.

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Can Wearable, App-Controlled Vibrators Be Used Discreetly in Public?

Some can, yes. But noise is always a factor with wearable vibes.

If you’re outside or in a reasonably loud environment like a city street or a party — you can probably get away with using a wearable vibrator or even a butterfly vibrator in public.

That said, some women who have tried them find that they’re so self-conscious or worried about being “discovered” that it’s difficult to enjoy the experience.

Whether you suddenly reach orgasm on a city bus or have an unexplainable buzzing sound coming from your vibrating panty while at the office — loud internal vibrators may inadvertently shout your business to the world.

Bottom Line: Adding sex toys to an existing sex life can be daunting for some partners, but many couples bring vibrators into the bedroom to increase their pleasure and intimacy. What matters is that both parties are on board and keep open communication about their preferences for toy use. Any vibrator can be used during partnered sex, but not necessarily during penetration. Additionally, there are remote or app-controlled vibes for discreet public play.

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What You Should Know Before Using Lubricant With A Vibrator

Photograph Of Man Holding Remote Controlled Vibrator With Lube On It

Vaginal lubricant is a vibrator’s best friend.

We talked earlier about how no one sex toy works best for everyone. But lube works for everyone — once you select the right one for the situation.

Carol Queen, the sexologist we spoke with earlier, affirms that “Lube is a game-changer for partner sex, masturbation, and everything involving genital touch or penetration.”

Lubricants enhance comfort, glide, safety, and pleasure — while reducing the risk of skin pulling or tearing during penetration.

Plus, vibrators can heat up during use, which can evaporate your natural lubrication.

That makes lube an essential component of sex toy safety.

What Are The Different Types Of Lube?

Personal lubricants used for sexual wellness can be divided into three main categories: water-based, silicone-based, and oil-based.

Within these, you’ll find additional lubricant types that include natural, hybrid, and specialty lubes.

Let’s take a closer look at each.

Water-Based Lubes:

Water-based lubricants are made from water-soluble ingredients — which means that they will dissolve in water.

Although this is not a bath or shower-friendly type of lubricant, it’s generally the perfect choice for use with sex toys — particularly those made from silicone, because it won’t break the material down.

Water-based lubricants may contain colorants, flavorings, or fragrances, which might not be the wisest choice for those with sensitive skin.

Some water-based lubes are meant to be edible — but always confirm that before assuming, even if it really, really smells like strawberries.

Silicone Lubes:

Silicone lubricants contain synthetic materials made up of silicon, which creates a long-lasting and slippery product that is not water-soluble and can be used during sex in the bath or shower.

These are excellent for personal lubrication but do not play well with all sex toys — especially those made from silicone.

Do not use silicone lube with silicone sex toys, as the former will break down the materials of the latter and you don’t want to destroy your favorite vibrator just because you chose the wrong lubricant.

Silicone lubes may also have artificial dyes or fragrances added, which could be a concern for those with skin sensitivities.

Oil-Based Lubes:

As their name suggests, oil-based lubricants are those made primarily from oils, many of which are often derived from plants or natural sources.

Oil-based lubricants can be used with a variety of sex toys, but there are many variables to consider.

Oil-based lubes do not pair well with latex or jelly rubber because they’ll break the materials down, so do not choose these if your toy is made from either.

Also be very careful if you have a nut allergy, as many oil-based lubricants use ingredients that are derived from nuts.

Natural Lubes:

The scope of water-based and oil-based lubricant also contains “natural” lubricant, which describes products that use nature-derived ingredients with minimal processing.

In this context, “natural” lubricants may include ingredients like aloe vera gel directly from the plant itself, or cold-pressed oils like almond, olive, or coconut oils, among others.

Some folks say that some of these natural oils can be used as lube on their own without incident.

We say that an oil-based lubricant formulated specifically for genital use — and to play nice with all your toys — is best.

That said, you can actually use pure aloe vera gel as lube, as long as it’s 100% pure aloe — either store-bought or taken straight from the plant.

Some natural lubricants are listed as “organic,” which typically means that the ingredients used are harvested organically.

That said, there are different standards for classifying lubes as organic, based on their ingredients, so do your research if this matters to you.

Hybrid Lubes:

Hybrid lubricants are those that are made from a blend of base ingredients, most typically silicone and water.

They’re designed to offer long-lasting slickness with a lighter texture, but you’ll still need to watch these around your silicone toys.

Speciality Lubes:

The last category to mention is specialty lubes — those that offer something a little extra special, such as flavor, sensation, or numbing effects.

Flavoring might be included in an edible lube, although some edible personal lubricants are flavorless but safe to ingest nonetheless.

Sensitizing lubes provide various warming, cooling, tingling, or even icy-hot sensations to your bits to increase and enhance arousal.

Numbing lubes are designed to lessen sensation or numb it completely, and are most often used during anal play.

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How Do You Determine What Type Of Lube Is Best For Your Vibrator?

The instructions that came with your vibrator should recommend the best types of lube to use with it.

When in doubt, however, use water-based lubricants with toys made of latex, silicone, and hard plastic.

The best vaginal lubricant for intercourse is not always the one that will work best with your favorite vibrator.

Similarly, the lubricants you buy should advise you as to which materials are compatible with them. Read and follow the instructions always — these folks know what they’re talking about.

By the way, like adult toys themselves, lubricants are a “get what you pay for” proposition.

It may seem extravagant to spend $30 on lubricant when you already dropped $100 on a sex toy.

But again — this is an investment in your sexual wellness. Sex toy safety is always worth a few extra dollars.

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Is Silicone Lube Safe To Use With Silicone Vibrators?

You can get the whole scoop on lube ingredients, compatibility, and options here.

In the meantime, no. Do not use silicone lubricant with silicone sex toys. Unless, of course, you’re in the mood to toss that toy out and get a new one.

Silicone lube can break down silicone sex toys over time, dulling the finish and allowing bacteria and other nasties to creep into the materials.

This can render it downright dangerous by opening you up to the possibility of infections that are best left avoided.

Bottom Line: Lubricants enhance comfort, glide, safety, and pleasure when used with vibrators. Personal lubes are available in a variety of types that include silicone, water-based, oil-based, natural, hybrid, and even specialty lubes. It’s important to make sure you know which lubricants are not only safe for your body but for your toy — as certain lubes don’t play well with different toy materials. Water-based lubes are always your safest choice for vibrators.

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Vibrator Safety: Tips For Using A Vibrator

Photograph Of Two Hands Holding Vibrators And Touching Their Tips Together

Nothing spoils a good time like unnecessary risk and following safety guidelines for your sex toys is not optional.

Carelessness can lead to discomfort, infection, or serious injury.

You don’t want to end up as a horrible story an emergency room doctor tells at parties, or on Reddit.

Can A Vibrator Get Stuck Inside You?

Sadly, the answer here is yes.

This is a particular danger when using sex toys for something other than their intended use. The internet is full of stories about misusing bullets or mini vibrators inside the anus — and then “losing them.”

Likewise, smaller vibrators intended for external or clitoral use can become lost when used to penetrate the vagina, as well. This can result in a trip to the hospital, and even emergency surgery.

If this happens, it could cause a serious injury that’s no laughing matter.

Following the directions on your toy of choice can almost ensure that this never happens to you.

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It Is Okay To Share Sex Toys With Others?

This is an acceptable practice between sex partners, but it’s inadvisable to loan out a sex toy the way you’d loan a book or a pencil.

Sharing a vibrator carries implied intimacy and the very real risk of spreading STDs like chlamydia, herpes, bacterial vaginosis, or syphilis — among others.

You can get a yeast infection from a vibrator if it is shared between partners.

Additionally, you increase your risk of developing a urinary tract infection (UTI) from a vibrator’s surface if it isn’t cleaned between orifices — namely the vagina and anus.

Clean vibrators thoroughly between partners, or use condoms before switching users — or orifices.

If you don’t want to fuss with this, you can use a condom over the toy instead, however, you must change the condom between users or orifices, as well.

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What Should You Do If You Have Discomfort While Using A Vibrator?

This might sound like a no-brainer, but stop what you’re doing to examine why.

If the pain occurs during penetration, it’s possible that the girth of the vibrator is too large or there is not enough lubricant being used.

When it comes to external vibrators, if you’re experiencing discomfort against your clitoris, the vibration may be set too strongly.

Try reducing the speed or vibration first, but you might also move the vibrator away from your clitoris for less direct stimulation.

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Will Using a Vibrator Desensitize my Clitoris or Vagina?

The rumor that using a vibrator will leave us unable to orgasm with a partner is as pernicious as it is untrue.

Even I used to believe that and I was so sure that vibes would ruin partnered sex that I packed them all away when I moved in with the guy I eventually married.

But guess what? It’s not true.

In fact, using vibrators can make it easier to orgasm with a partner. It increases self-confidence, helps us to better understand our sexual responses, and can increase sexual desire and sexual pleasure.

Excessive use of a vibe can indeed cause a lack of sensation in your vagina or clit briefly — just like if you sleep directly on your arm, it can fall asleep.

You can definitely feel it, but in a few hours, it’s fine. Your sex organs are the same.

In very rare cases, nerve damage can occur. If you experience pain or numbness after masturbating, give it a rest for a while. If sensation does not return, it may be time to seek out medical care.

Aside from doing it so much that you’re ignoring your family or missing work — there really is no danger of an average person masturbating “too much.”

Additionally, if your body shakes after using a vibrator, you have nothing to worry about — it’s your body’s reaction to the orgasm, not the vibrator.

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What If My Vibrator Stops Working?

Think of your mechanical sex toy like a phone — if you’re not a professional, there’s no reason to think you have the skill needed to fix it.

Once you open the casing, chances are you’ve voided your warranty.

Remember, you are not the Vibe Whisperer.

With the possible exception of corroded batteries left in, there are no vibrator repairs that the average layperson can fix reliably.

Ask any vibe seller how to repair a broken vibrator and you’ll hear the same one-word response: Don’t.

Therefore, it’s inadvisable to open the casing on any sex toy or to attempt a repair yourself. In fact, don’t try to charge your vibrator at all.

If it’s under warranty, your best bet is to return it to the seller or manufacturer.

If it isn’t, this writer finds that complaining about a product on Twitter is the ideal way to get a lightning-fast response from Customer Service.

While you’re waiting on the repair, there are some homemade and DIY vibrators you can play with if you’re jonesing for some vibe time.

Bottom Line: It’s important to follow the instructions for your vibrator to make sure you’re using it safely. Do not insert small toys like bullets or mini vibrators into your vagina or anus, as they may become lodged inside. Clean sex toys thoroughly between partners or orifices. If a vibrator is causing discomfort, stop using it and examine why, based on what it’s causing you to feel. If your vibe stops working, contact the manufacturer and do not try to fix it yourself. Finally, vibrators won’t cause lasting issues with desensitization in most cases, but if they do, seek medical care as there may be a more serious issue going on.

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Vibrator Care: How To Take Care Of Your Vibrator

Photograph Of Hand Holding Light Blue Vibrator Against Purple Background

Caring for your vibrator will keep it in good condition for longer, and extend its life in general.

More importantly, though, a clean sex toy is far less likely to cause a yeast infection or other nasty things nobody finds sexy.

→ Read our complete guide on how to clean your sex toys.

Anything you put into your vagina or anus should be as clean and safe as something you’d put in your mouth, as we’ll talk about below.

The right vibrator can be a big investment, so it’s in your best interest to take good care of it. Want more information on vibe safety? Look here.

Quick Tips About A Vibrator’s Power Source

The instructions on any rechargeable vibrator will tell you to charge fully before use.

Unless your vibe specifically advertises passthrough charging — the ability to safely use an item while it’s being charged — do not use it while it’s plugged in.

Some vibes should be unplugged immediately once they’re done charging.

If your manual tells you to do this — do not ignore it.

If plugged in too long, some vibes can heat up — which can lead to damaging the toy or even causing a fire.

Vibrators that are meant to be plugged in during use should be plugged in fully, and care should be taken to ensure that cords are not frayed or damaged.

Battery types or brands should not be mixed in battery-operated items.

Similarly, never mix old and new batteries in a unit at the same time.

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What Materials Should You Use To Clean Your Vibrator?

Most non-porous sex toys can be cleaned with mild soap and water or a dedicated sex toy cleaner, followed by rinsing very well.

Always ensure that there’s no soap residue on the vibe before use. Soap in the lady bits can throw off your pH balance and even lead to a yeast infection — and nobody wants that.

Semi-porous sex toys can be cleaned with diluted bleach and warm water combo followed by a thorough rinse and air-drying time.

You can also use a sex toy cleaner specifically formulated for the type of toy you have. The shop where you bought your vibe should be able to recommend the right toy cleaner for the job.

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What Types Of Soaps Are Recommended To Clean Your Vibrator?

Any type of mild hand soap is acceptable — if you’d use it on your body, it’s fine for a sex toy.

The only exceptions would be soaps that contain exfoliants or “grit.”

Soaps that contain exfoliants can damage the outside of your toy, causing rips or divots that can trap dirt or bacteria.

You could also invest in a specialized sex toy cleaner to get the job done.

Some folks feel fine putting their waterproof toys in the dishwasher.

This writer is personally not a fan of that, but we’re also not here to judge. I worry about cross-contamination and food debris, so I wouldn’t.

But Brown University says that sex toys made of annealed glass, stainless steel, and silicone can all be cleaned with bleach and water, or in the top rack of a dishwasher.

If you do this, I’d recommend rinsing your toys off to remove any soap residue that may be left behind.

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What You Should Avoid Using When You Clean Your Vibrator

It can be tempting to grab just any old cleaning solution from the shelf, but there are several things you should never use to clean a vibrator:

  • Bleach (undiluted)
  • Alcohol
  • Perfume
  • Household cleaning products
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Dishwasher (in most cases)

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When And How Often Should You Be Cleaning Your Vibrator?

Sex toys should be cleaned before you use them for the first time, after every use, each time you take it out of storage, and whenever you switch orifices.

Your toy should be squeaky clean every time you use it. Anything you put in your vagina or anus should be as clean as an item you’d put in your mouth.

So, sex toy cleaner is your friend.

Logically, vibrators should be cleaned between partners — but that doesn’t mean you can be lax about cleaning if you’re the only person using your sex toy.

I mean, you wouldn’t use the same cereal spoon for an entire month without washing it, even though it only touches cereal and your mouth, right?

If you move from vagina to anus — clean it. If you switch from one partner using it to another — clean it.

If you really, really don’t want to pause the action to rush to the sink in the heat of the moment, consider condoms.

Planned Parenthood says that using a latex condom on your sex toys and then changing it as needed is almost as safe.

Just remember to scrub up all your toys afterward.

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How Should You Store Your Vibrator After It’s Cleaned?

If you bought a quality sex toy, it probably came with a drawstring bag. Use it for storage whenever you’re done cleaning your vibrator and after it’s dry.

Keeping your vibrator in a dry environment with reasonable temperature control is essential to keep it in tip-top shape.

But if your toy didn’t come with its own carrying case, we recommend a bag made of microfiber or another cloth that doesn’t shed or pill up — which can leave lint on your toy.

It’s important to keep your vibrator collection clean and dry, and away from prying eyes or grabby hands.

Anything a kid can find, they’ll play with. So unless you want to see your child playing cops and robbers with your new dildo — keep it out of sight!

Bottom Line: Proper care and cleaning are essential to the safety and longevity of your vibrator. Mild soap and water are perfectly safe but there are specialized sex toy cleaners available for those who prefer to use them. Clean your vibrator before you use it the first time, after every use, and between orifices and/or partners. Make sure to store your vibrator in the bag it came with or a lint-free pouch — in a place away from prying eyes or curious children.

In Conclusion

Discussing vibrators openly and honestly might lead to snickers, tittering, blushing cheeks, or eye-rolls.

But they’re ahhhh-mazing.

Think of sex toys like vibrators or clit suckers as an investment in your sexual health — just like any other aspect of your well-being, you don’t want to cheap out on it.

Sure, you might save money by taking an analog walk around the block, but imagine what you could do with a Peloton!

Sex toys are the same, in that way.

Fingers are tried and true, but the right vibrating sex toy can change your whole outlook. Trust me on that.