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Body hair is beautiful and attractive

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  • Body hair is beautiful and attractive

    I just love everything about body hair.... To me, it's a mark of beauty. Hair on a woman is infinitely more intoxicating than the most potent aphrodisiac known to man. It draws you closer, sucks you in and mesmirises you. It's intensely attractive, it stimulates every sense. a full-bodied woman, hair untouched, her natural form unadulterated, her essence preserved, her skin so dark from the sunshine, hair covering the skin of her legs, thighs and arms like leaves covering the forest in the middle of autumn. Her image is the definition of beauty. Just as it was always intended to be. Pure, untouched, and proud. The portrait of perfection.

    I wrote you all a little poem
    A hairy lady is the only thing society should fear. She does not see ugly in the mirror anymore. She adores her glorious growing flowers Razors were once used to chop herself down to size. For her thirteenth birthday she was given a pack neon Bic’s. People started to call her beautiful but the kisses always stopped at the first stubble. It only took a few weeks for the blade to find it’s way into the dumpster. Everyday, it became easier to love her scruffy face. The pink guillotine has now forgood found its way into the trash The scars are starting to look likeblossoming flowers and her hairs now reach every inch of her body. It is a testament to how many days she's free. A hairy lady has saved herself. Be afraid.

    Body hair is beautiful feminine and attractive

    It's all about Money!!! Those so called beauty standards... Shaving in general, like the first person to ever do it, I don't know, but the idea that women "should" shave was invented by shaving products companies. Men were already shaving their faces, but the companies wanted more money. Time to make women feel bad about themselves! That's kind of how a lot of people make money now... Those major hair removal companies. Gilette etc has brainwashed people and society into making people hate their own bodies. Making women feel uncomfortable about their own bodies. It's a multi million dollar business. Waxing shaving laser surgery etc. That's why they're making you think it's abnormal to have body hair. But it isn't. It's perfectly normal to have hair on your legs arms belly and literally everywhere it's society making you think it's wrong. Always be YOU !!! Love yourself. You're amazinngg. Your body hair is just gorgeous.... you are gorgeous

  • Thank you for sharing your love of a woman's body hair. I am sure your opinion is shared by many. However, I disagree with your generalization that woman only shave (or find other ways to remove body hair) because they have somehow been brainwashed. I think women deserve much more credit than that. While a woman who chooses not to shave should not be stigmatized, neither should women who choose the opposite.

    My SO shaves because she feels cleaner without most of her body hair. It is a deeply personal preference. I would venture to guess a vast majority of American men would express a preference to women who shave, having nothing to do with advertising, brainwashing or monetary interests. According to some sources, the first reference in the US to shaving a woman's underarms appeared in 1915 with the creation (and societal tolerance for the) first sleeveless tops . . . Seven years before razors were commercially offered for sale specifically for women.
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    • If only people accepted that opinion. While it is cleaner looking to shave the negatives far outweigh the positives and in US society you aren't really given a choice. Especially if you aren't attractive in other ways. I break out horribly shaving. I break out worst from regular razors and with repeat use I start having problems with my electric razor. Can't use chemicals because of sensitive skin and thick hair. I can't wax on my own because it's too hard to get my thick hairs to come out and certain areas I can't wax without large bloody holes left behind. I did professional waxing for awhile. There was still missed hair and I still broke out with ingrown hairs. I've scrubbed with everything imaginable trying to keep the ingrown hairs and irritation away. No good. I've tried moisturizing with everything imaginable and again, useless. I cannot make myself hair free more often than one day a week. So since being 14years old I've rarely worn shorts or gone swimming when I spent all my preteen years in a beat up pair of shorts or jeans with holes (couldn't even do that anymore) and swimming daily. It is depressing. I spent the last year, maybe closer to 2, not shaving and just wearing pants when out irregardless of weather. I got comfortable enough inside around my husband that I think I might just go ahead and use my backyard in shorts without shaving. I still don't think I could go to a public place though. If the money ever came to exist laser hair removal is pretty high up the list of things I'd like to spend money on.


      • Women grow hair on their boobs and their butts and their legs and their arms and their stomachs and their face and really anywhere their genetics decides to have hair and it is perfectly normal. What isnt normal is society trying to shame women for not looking like a hairless baby.
        Grown women are, after all, meant to have hair on their armpits, vulva and legs. There is nothing ‘unnatural’ about a hairy woman; if there were then the hair would not grow there in the first place. Likewise, there is nothing ‘unfeminine’ about a hairy woman; if femininity is defined as ‘like a woman’ then a woman in her natural state is by definition as feminine as she can be.


        • Originally posted by susanlinda823
          I shave for myself...I feel more beautiful when I have smooth skin. I am italian and I have thick course hair. It is not nice to the touch :P
          Well yes Susan, my wife is Italain like me. But she did so as a young lady who was tease horrible about her body hair on the arms and legs. Plus on the side of the face like guys have side burns. So when she was like 16 she started shaving all body hair off. Now it's waxing every 6 to 8 weeks and she feels good about her self when she does her self grooming of extra body hair.
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          • My GF and her daughter are not what I call hairy. Some hair on shins, which is noticeable when grown back in but not so much really, tiny bit of short sparse hair on thighs up to about the half way point, some noticeable arm hair. Really that is about it. To me that is nothing. So my GF don't care to much at all about going in public in shorts and her leg hair can be seen or noticed if someone is beside her or the sun is shining of her legs etc. Not noticeable from a distance at all. She does go hairless maybe half the time. On the other hand her daughter is freaked (at times) out about her hair. I offered to help with the laser removal. Why the big difference is in thinking between mother and daughter. Probably because of public perception. She has joked with her mother about "god mother shave your legs". I think mostly because she is Asian and some of her GF's are Asian and most don't have much or zero body hair. Just the luck of genetics. Some Asian women from their birth country don't shave their shins because they have is so little and the fear that it will grow back more if shaved. I doubt that is true. Personally I think it can be sexy with a little body hair. I actually prefer some hair on a woman. Not like a man but yes some hair is attractive. With my previous white GF's some did not have much hair either but would still remove the little they had on the legs but often not the arms. I have had a couple who are what I call hairy too but it did not bother me nor did I think they were any less attractive. One was down right knock out gorgeous but her body hair was a pain in the side for her. I no way did it make her less attractive to me. She did mention one bf had a problem with it in the past but generally removing hair was about her and for her.


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