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Bf & Flowers

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  • My experience with FLOWERS Hmmm well my husband and I have been together now for 12 years married 5 and I recieved flowers when i popped out a kid.....thats true.
    Once for our 11 year old and once for our four year old. He has bought me flowering trees for the yard if that counts! haha Its ok I Love him to death.


    • men sometimes dont think the way we think , some are really romantic some are not.i have gotten flowers when my husband and i was dating and even now after we got married he still buys them not often only on special occasion like valentines. its nice to get them but if they dont get u any that does mean he think of u any less or love u any less.


      • The greatest guy...

        Maybe I have the greatest boyfriend in the world...the walls of my room are COVERED in dried flowers. We've been dating for almost 3 years. I'm about to move...900 miles away and I don't know what to do with them all!! One of my favorite sets of flowers was when he went on a family road trip to Missouri. A few days after he left HUGE yellow roses were delivered with a card that said he was in "Misery" without me. Even though I love it when he sends flowers to me I can't feel that special because he's the type that randomly sends flowers to his grandma too. He's amazing and I love him.....even without the flowers.


        • Flowers....who needs them :-)...yeah right!

          HAHA, what a great topic. I was just talking to my boyfriend about this the other day.

          We have been together 3 years and the ONLY time he got me flowers was when we first started dating on my 25th birthday.

          His reason is, flowers die and are a waste of money.... HELLO...they are beautiful and meaningful. He says, we have our love, isn't that enough...how the heck do you answer that one? Yes it is enough, but flowers are thoughtful and smell good.

          So when we bought our house, we planted two rose bushed in our backyard together (he bought them) and I can go get them whenever I want


          • Maybe not flowers, but what about showing appreciation?

            I have read all of the posts about receiving flowers from your b/f and I would like to say that I am experiencing the same issue with my b/f. He does not give me flowers or anything else for that matter. I have to say that he will help me with different stuff, however, I cook, clean, and try to make him feel like a king. I also leave little love notes in his apartment, truck and even send emails just to show how much I care. He does not return the favor. I know that some of you said that it does not mean that he does not love me, but it makes me feel like he does not care. How can you love someone and not be excited about showing them you care? I go out of my way to show him my appreciation and when I do so, his attitude resembles someone who is not bother by my actions. It is really starting to get to me and it is really, really putting a damper on our relationship.


            • I don't get flowers (or pressies for christmas) anymore on special occasions, birthdays or otherwise, and its wrecking my relationship. I can't get over it. Its actually not such a big deal if I were to receive them. But not having received them for so long - suddenly its become the deal breaker.

              But I think Female Prodigy is absolutely right. The crux of the problem is that I certainly do not feel appreciated or cared for by him. Other posters are right too, if the lack of cards, pressies and flowers was made up for in other ways - if he had gone out of his way to do something special for me, this wouldn't really have become an issue.

              But Female Prodigy - I have tried to speak to him and hint and tell him that its important to me. And I get the impression that he is actually resistant to it. I am beginning to think this is passive-aggression.

              All I know is that I am miserable, and that I see myself in a relationship where I am doing all the giving and he is doing all the taking. To the extent that whilst I am supporting him financially he can nevertheless still make demands for holidays abroad (to please his mother who will be with us throughout), insist on my financing his hair brained financial investments, and to top it off, he now doesn't even know how to thank me for the things I do for him! - even claims full credit for things I have done to help him!

              And now, I feel trapped because of the children.



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