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Spice Up Marriage Ideas?

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  • I dont' know what kind of neighbourhood you live in, myb you can try outside in the cool breeze. This has to be when everyone is sleeping and it is dark outside. You can have the car out so u can use the hood for support. U can have 1 leg on the hood and the other on the ground. What ever u want. Or u can bounce on his lap while he sits on a chair without arm rests.


    • For me the hottest things involve bringing in other people. Not to have three somes or group sex but either watching or being naked in front of you. I'm lucky I have some close friends who are comfortable doing things like that. Our main enjoyment comes from others being turned on by what we are doing rather than attracted to someone else.


      • Originally posted by amy40 View Post
        did it in car after child was asleep one night
        also, went to basement where he has an office as he was afraid to use our bedroom since bedrooms right next to each other
        sometimes, he left work early to be home before kid got off elementary bus....he'd text "be ready"
        I really liked when he left work early cause it was hard to get time alone when kid was young (sadly, we went a no. of yrs without sex after we became parents)
        another time, we risked it at a hotel with child asleep on other side of room! we also have a "sex" game which tells you what to do when you land on each spot
        Wow, that's hard, now I will value my time without marriage more)


        • Spicing things up is great and there's an infinite number of options available to do so. But sometimes you just need to go back to basics. My wife and i are pretty adventureous (once we even had incogntio sex in the crowd of a Metallica concert). But honestly, some of the best sex we have is fairly vanilla. Slow paced with two or three positions. Those are probably the most intimate.



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            Thanks for sharing, I am trying to use a cheap sex doll to solve my masturbation troubles.

            Today, 02:53 AM By coffee127
          • Reply to Anniversary gift ideas

            Welcome to WH Interactive Forums. I second plants. I gave my mother a red leaf maple tree when I was a senior in high school and working at a plant nursery....

            Today, 01:10 AM By jns
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            Period irregularities can occasionally be brought on by certain medications, excessive exercise, a very low or high body weight, or a calorie-deficient...

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            If you still think how to make an unusual gift I recommend giving him flowers. My man like plants instead, so I think that is a great idea!

            Yesterday, 10:16 AM By Upperfem44
          • Reply to Valentine's Day Sex.

            This. The waiting and slow service takes the fun out of Valentine's day. It is so much more intimate to stay home and have fun....

            Yesterday, 09:34 AM By beccaw

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