WHI Featured Writer

WHI Featured Writer

From time to time, we commission writers with special skill sets, life experiences and knowledge to contribute to Women's Health Interactive on a one-time basis. The “WHI Featured Writer” profile is also reserved for articles that entail deeply personal stories or sensitive subject matter whereby the author wanted to protect their identity. All authors using this profile were paid for their work. We do NOT accept guest posts or sponsored content.


I Overcame My Sexless Marriage With Raw Honesty – How You Can Too

If you’re struggling through a sexless marriage, you are not alone. I spoke with experts and real people and found ways to repair a sexless relationship.

Why The Gray Hair Trend Is Evergreen: It’s Not About Age, It’s About Time

Making the choice to go gray, whether natural or not, can be uplifting and empowering – and socially challenging. Even so, the gray hair trend is here to stay.

You Are Not Alone: Coping With The Grief Of Miscarriage

I’m going to share the emotions, fears, challenges, and myths that define many women’s miscarriage experience to help you find some truth and reassurance.

A Personal Tale Of Gender Identity, Expression, and Why It Matters

Androgynous. Bisexual. Trans. He/She/They…I’ll share my first-hand experience with gender identity, expression, & why it’s more important than you realize.

Sexting Examples: The Ultimate Guide To Steaming Up His Screen

Whether you’re a first-time sexter, navigating a new relationship, or ultra-cautious – stick with me, and I’ll guide you through the wild world of sexting!

Cumming Inside: It’s Carnal, Erotic and Intimate – But Should You Do It?

While the thought or act of having your partner cum inside you can be an erotic, natural, and intoxicating urge, it might not be safe – for many reasons.