Leigh Golden

I've been writing about modern dating, sex, women's health and relationships for over a decade. After earning my Psychology degree, I landed a job at the headquarters of a popular dating app, and before I knew it, I was responsible for writing sex and dating advice as an in-house dating coach.

It wasn't long before talk shows and podcasts started inviting me to be a guest speaker about modern dating problems, and I realized how much I loved to help other women.

When I write for Women's Health Interactive, I try to anticipate the questions readers might have on the topic and address them. I bring my own expertise and life experiences into the article in addition to providing well-researched facts and educational information. 

When I'm not writing or traveling, I'm spending time with my family, hiking, doing yoga, attempting to meal prep, or giving friends dating advice over cocktails.

I write under a pseudonym, which allows me to freely express my sexuality and opinions while avoiding potential conflicts in my personal or professional life.