Fleshjack: Fleshlights For Gay Men – Everything You Need To Know

Fleshjacks and other gay Fleshlights are some of the most popular gay masturbation/sex toys on the market today. Here’s what you need to know.
split screen image of two porn actors who have fleshjacks modeled after their anatomy, representing part of the fleshjack line of products
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Updated:January 2024

If you thought Fleshlights were just hand-held vaginas, think again: Fleshjacks feature anal orifices — many modeled after popular porn stars — that are incredibly realistic and ultra-pleasurable for gay men.

Key Takeaways:

  • Designed by Fleshlight, Fleshjacks are a type of stroker for gay men, simulating the visual appearance and sensation of oral or anal sex through a lifelike mouth or butt orifice — and we’ll list all of the best ones available right now.
  • Fleshjacks are made from the same proprietary Super Skin material used in all other Fleshlights, which is body-safe with a realistic skin texture.
  • The variety of gay Fleshlights (Fleshjacks) available is truly astounding; you can find everything from simple oral or anal orifices to versions molded directly from the anatomy of your favorite gay porn stars to fulfill your ultimate sexual fantasies.
  • Men can use Fleshjacks for self-pleasure, increasing stamina, or couples play.
  • Purchased separately, Fleshlight accessories like the Universal Launch, Quickshot Launch, or shower mounts can turn any Fleshjack into a totally hands-free experience.

Fleshjacks are all the rage when it comes to masturbation toys for gay men and couples.

In fact, some of Fleshjack’s realistic anal sleeves are molded directly from the butts of the sexiest and most popular porn actors around.

What Is A Fleshjack?

composition featuring a fleshjack dildo, masturbator, lube, and a fleshjack boy porn actor, depicting part of the range of products carried by fleshjack

A Fleshjack is a sexual gratification alternative (and one of the world’s most popular gay masturbation toys) that lets you feel like you’re actually having sex or receiving a blowjob.

Made by Fleshlight, these masturbators feature male orifices — namely an anus or mouth — rather than the vulvas or vaginas the company is perhaps best known for.

Fleshjack can help you fulfill your ultimate sexual fantasies, especially if you’ve always dreamed of what it might be like to be with one of your favorite gay porn celebrities.

It’s unlikely you’ll find anything else on the market that feels closer to the real thing.

Designed by Fleshlight, the Fleshjack has a discreet ABS plastic exterior case that resembles an industrial-sized flashlight.

The interior masturbation sleeve, however, is molded from the company’s proprietary Super Skin and designed to feel like you’re penetrating a real anus or mouth.

Who Are Fleshjacks For?

Although Fleshjacks can be for anyone with a penis, they were primarily designed with gay men in mind.

Those who might want to try a Fleshjack include:

  • Gay men looking for a masturbation toy they can penetrate that feels like the real thing.
  • Gay men who are having trouble finding a safe sex partner or are worried about sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and want a safe sex solution.
  • Men who want to practice their stamina, technique, and performance with a product that feels like they’re really having intercourse.
  • Men who are waiting for the right partner to come along, and want to safely fulfill their sexual desires until then.
  • Gay couples looking to spice up sex play with each other. For example, one partner receives oral sex while the other partner simultaneously penetrates a Fleshjack as he’s giving head.

Fleshlights For Gay Men And Where To Find Them

The great thing about Fleshjacks is that there is an incredible variety of options, ensuring everyone’s individual fantasy and specific preferences can be fulfilled.

Not only can you choose a masturbation sleeve with an orifice based on your preference, but you can select one that fulfills your desired tightness or porn star fantasies.

You can check out the full selection of Fleshjacks here, but we’ll give you a rundown of some of the most popular ones below:

The Original Fleshjack

photograph of the original fleshjack leaning on its cap on a table with the blurred image of a nude man in the distant background

The Classic Fleshjack is Fleshlight’s original series of toys designed for gay men, featuring an anal or mouth orifice.

The most popular classic Fleshjack includes the Classic Pink Butt Original, featuring a smooth inner sleeve with no added texture — which is ideal for anyone looking to minimize sensation or maximize play time without discomfort.

With an insertable length of 8.5” (total length of 9.75”), this discreet Fleshjack comes with the signature black case, original texture sleeve, a butt orifice, and instructions for its use and care.

If a more intense sensation is what you’re after, the Classic Pink Butt Destroya features the same exact dimensions but offers 360º of ribbed-for-your-pleasure texture.

Fleshjack Boys

photography of fleshjack boys sharok laying on a bed holding the fleshjack modeled after him

Fleshlight understands that many men fantasize about having sex with some of the world’s sexiest gay porn stars.

That’s why the company partnered with some of the hottest actors in today’s gay adult entertainment industry to create individual Fleshjacks featuring the star’s signature near the orifice.

The list of Fleshjack Boys to choose from includes:

  • Brock Banks
  • Tyler Wu
  • Brent Corrigan
  • Johnny Rapid
  • Diego Sans
  • Colby Keller
  • Allen King
  • Boomer Banks
  • Jake Bass
  • Cade Maddox
  • Carter Dane
  • Milan Christopher
  • Pierre Fitch
  • Joey Mills
  • Levi Karter
  • Brent Everett
  • Cody Cummings
  • Kevin Warhol
  • Alam Wernik
  • Reno Gold
  • Calvin Banks
  • Griffin Barrows
  • Austin Wilde

And more!

→ For a full list of the stars available, you can look through the Fleshjack Boys here.

Fleshjack Ice Collection

photograph representing the fleshjack ice collection featuring one of the ice models held in a man's hand close up

Fleshjack Ice is the only collection made from transparent Super Skin so you can watch yourself in action.

This provides heightened visual stimulation, of course, but it’s also a very unique and cool design.

Fleshlight Ice Bottom: Featuring a transparent design, you (or your partner) get to watch the action take place before your eyes.

With an insertable length of 8.5” (total length of 9.75”), this Fleshjack comes with a very cool ice-clear case, transparent “Crystal” texture sleeve, a butt (bottom) orifice, and instructions for its use and care.

Fleshjack Ice Flight Aviator: This one is perfect if you prefer a Fleshjack Ice product that’s even more discreet and compact for travel.

It includes everything the regular-sized Fleshlight Ice Bottom does, but it comes with an additional Aviator sleeve for more discretion.

The Fleshjack Flight Aviator line includes the Pilot, Aviator, and Commander.

Your choice will depend on whether you prefer a smooth ride or the excitement of a little turbulence (twists and bumps within the sleeve).

Fleshjack Turbo

product photograph of the fleshjack turbo

The Fleshjack Turbo is the one for you if you’re looking for the most realistic alternative to receiving oral sex. 

The incredibly satisfying sensation of receiving mind-blowing oral sex is complemented by the control you get with this design — allowing for just-the-tip or deep-throat depth.

With an insertable length of 8.5” (total length of 9.75”), this Fleshjack comes with a clear case.

For a more gripping, engulfing sensation, the Fleshjack Turbo Core provides multiple layers of internal stimulation, which not only simulate oral sex but also provide a tighter texture with exceptional suction.

With your penis fully engulfed in the sleeve, a pair of floating inner rings work in unison to replicate a snug suction and mind-blowing grip.

Fleshjack Turbo Core has a non-anatomical orifice and an insertable length of 8.5” (total length of 9.75”) with a clear case.

Fleshjack Quickshot

photograph of the fleshjack quickshot with a small inset of one of the male porn actors fleshjack works with

Fleshjack Quickshot is a pocket-sized masturbation toy, engineered with “Turbo Tech.”

This technology delivers great suction with a sucking, gripping, snug sensation and the product fits into the Quickshot Launch for automated stroking (available for purchase separately).

Fleshjack Quickshot’s patented suspended entry ring latches onto your member, simulating the sucking sensation you crave.

It has an insertable length of 3.5” (total length of 4.4”), and comes with a compact clear case, open-ended patented blue ice Super Skin sleeve, and caps on each end for convenient storage.

It’s important to note that those with penis girth greater than 5.5” may find the Quickshot too tight or restrictive to use comfortably.

Fleshjack Boost

sexy photograph of a man wearing a dark blue robe open across his chest with two models of the fleshjack boost beside him

Fleshjack Boost and Boost Blow are for anyone who is ready to take their sex toy fun and masturbation to the next level.

Compared to Fleshjack Original, the Fleshjack Boost series has more new features and more life-like details.

Its skin-tone colors, lifelike mouth and anal orifices, and innovative Suction Control Cap create a customized tightness and realistic experience.

Fleshjack Boost models have an insertable length of 8.5” (total length of 9.75”) with a metallic blue case, blast orifice and texture, and Suction Control Cap.


sexy photograph of one of the fleshjack porn actors holding a fleshsack in his hand

FleshSack takes the popular Fleshjack butt orifice model and adds a pair of realistic, hanging testicles that rock in rhythm with your thrusting as you use the toy.

The soft yet firm testicles on the FleshSack are made of the same patented and life-like Super Skin material Fleshlight is known for, molded to feel like an anus.

FleshSack has an insertable length of 8.5” (total length of 11”) and comes with a black case.

Fleshjack Vibro

photograph of the fleshjack vibro butt with bullet vibrators and a pack of batteries beside it

Not everyone likes a vibrating sensation, but if you do, Fleshlight offers a line of vibrating Fleshjacks for added intensity.

Fleshjack Vibro Butt features an anal orifice made of Fleshlight’s patented Super Skin material for a realistic feel, but with vibrating sensations added all throughout the length of the sleeve.

Fleshjack Vibro Butt has an insertable length of 8.5” (total length of 9.75”), and comes with a gunmetal vibro case, texture sleeve, butt orifice, three vibrating bullets, and a 10-pack of extra batteries.

Stamina Training Unit (STU)

photograph of three fleshjack stamina training unit (stu) models in front of a nude man laying on a bed, the fleshjacks covering his groin

Fleshjack’s Stamina Training Unit (STU) is designed to replicate the feeling of anal intercourse so you can build stamina, improve your performance, and master certain sexual techniques during intercourse.

Fleshjack’s Stamina Training Units have an insertable length of 8.5” (total length of 9.75”) and come with an exclusive gold case.

They also include a free e-guide for increasing your stamina.


photograph of a man holding a fleshjack dildo in his hand near his bare midriff

Fleshjack’s line of dildos won’t disappoint those who want to be penetrated during solo sex (or with a partner who has erectile dysfunction.)

In fact, many of Fleshjack’s dildos happen to be exact models of your favorite (and sexiest) gay porn stars.

Fleshjack’s dildos are made from platinum-cured silicone and the base includes a plug that can be removed to insert accessories such as the Fleshjack Dildo Suction Cup for hands-free fun, or a small bullet vibrator.


product photo of a pink fleshjack sleeve with an anal orifice

Many people who own Fleshlights or Fleshjacks collect different masturbation sleeves to experience a wider variety of sexual sensations.

All Fleshjack masturbation sleeves are made of the patented and very realistic Super Skin material.

There are many other sleeves to choose from and you can check out the full selection of Fleshjack Sleeves here.

Universal Launch And Quickshot Launch

aerial photograph of a man wearing only underwear and holding a fleshjack universal launch over his groin

One of the only things that could possibly make a Fleshlight or Fleshjack better is the ability to use it hands-free.

The Universal Launch and Quickshot Launch deliver that option.

Fleshlight Universal Launch fits all full-sized Fleshlights or Fleshjacks, while the Quickshot Launch accommodates all Quickshot models.

These automatic masturbators control the strokes for you and you can set the speed and intensity to your liking.

Simply lube up, turn it on, and enjoy hands-free fun.

Launch devices even have a smartphone mount on top, in case you want to watch porn during your session.

Is Fleshjack Material Body-Safe?

midriff photograph of a bare-chested man holding three fleshjack sleeves with the anal orifice facing the viewer

Fleshlight uses body-safe materials and that extends to its entire Fleshjack line of products.

However, to ensure your safety over the long term, you must thoroughly cleanse your Fleshjack after each and every use. 

This means you will have to remove the interior masturbation sleeve, wash and rinse, and dry it thoroughly before storing it (or hiding it).

Although Fleshlight materials are safe, the sleeve is porous and although it can be cleaned, it can’t be sanitized fully.

You should not share your Fleshjack with anyone, as the material is porous and cannot be sterilized between partners.

If you do share your Fleshjack with a partner, it’s best to use a condom with it.

Is Lube Compatible With Fleshjacks?

Yes — lube is compatible with Fleshjacks but only if it is water-based, as other types of lubricant can degrade the toy’s material.

It is highly recommended to use lube when you masturbate with a Fleshjack to reduce friction and increase pleasure.

Closing Thoughts

Fleshjacks are some of the most popular gay masturbation toys on the market today, for good reason.

These products are truly remarkable and feel surprisingly like real sex, offering an impressive variety of orifices, sensations, ribbed canals, and hands-free options.

If you’re new to Fleshjacks or looking to expand your collection, there’s something for every desire, and all of it is waiting to take your sexual satisfaction to new heights.

Editor’s Note: This article is part of our Complete Guide To Fleshlights and Everything Fleshlight hub, in-depth and evolving resources that comprehensively explore and review all aspects of Fleshlights from the company’s discreet billing and shipping, to the types of products they carry, how to use them, materials, and safety.