14 Fleshlight Alternatives (Including DIY) That Are Better

There are many Fleshlight alternatives including DIY options that can save you money and in some cases, offer a better and more pleasurable experience.
collage image featuring a woman holding a diy fleshlight made from a pringles can with cut out images of various strokers and male masturbators on the right
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Updated:September 2023

There are many Fleshlight alternatives out there that offer a pleasurable experience that is comparable to the real thing, including strokers, masturbators, pocket pussies, and hand-held vaginas.

There are even some alternative options on the market that people swear are better than a Fleshlight and folks have been known to DIY their own versions, as well, including:

Key Takeaways:

  • Fleshlight alternatives, typically less expensive compared to the original, include pocket pussies, hand-held vaginas, penis strokers, and even masturbators that are complete knock-offs, mimicking Fleshlight’s signature “flashlight” appearance.
  • Alternatives to Fleshlight products can be made from body-safe materials (like silicone), but are not always — so it’s important to examine any sex toy you intend to buy to ensure it’s at least free from phthalates and bisphenol A (BPA).
  • With its patented material, the Fleshlight often lasts longer than its alternatives, which may be crafted from cheaper, less durable materials that can break down over time.
  • Some Fleshlight knockoffs have a cooler, more modern, and discreet design that customers love.
  • There are lots of ways to DIY a pocket pussy at home as an alternative and many of them involve inexpensive materials you likely have at home right now, like towels, sponges, socks, and even a Pringles can.

The Fleshlight alternatives out there are often cheaper than a Fleshlight, but you do your research before buying a product you’re not familiar with.

Fleshlight Alternatives

There are many good Fleshlight alternatives out there, such as pocket pussies, hand-held vaginas, penis strokers, and masturbators that are clearly Fleshlight knockoffs with similar designs.

Below are some popular Fleshlight alternatives to explore.

Super Head Honcho Masturbator

Over 400,000 Sold!
Super Head Honcho Masturbator Super Head Honcho Masturbator
Bottom Line: This stroker is 6.5 inches long so it can accommodate most penises. Even better, it’s not made to look like a disembodied vagina. Yes, the pink sleeve gives its purpose away, but if you’re the type who’d rather not stare at fake labia, this could be perfect for you.

Although it looks simple — because it is — the Super Head Honcho Masturbator is a great Fleshlight alternative because it’s compact, works just like any other stroker, and is considerably less expensive.

The Super Head Honcho is 6.5 inches long and open-ended (which should work for just about any penis size) and the internal sleeve is ribbed for added texture.

How it compares to a Fleshlight: To start, it doesn’t look like a disembodied vagina.

The one major downside is that it doesn’t feature a hard external case — as a real Fleshlight does — so it might be more prone to gathering dust or debris when not in use.

The Super Head Honcho is made from thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), a porous sex toy material that can’t be cleaned easily or sanitized.

The Tube Stroker

Over 55,000 Sold!
The Tube Stroker
Bottom Line: Strokers don’t always need to look good or offer a ton of features to be absolutely amazing. Simple and discreet, the Tube Stroker does one job — and does it very well. The bonus? It's extremely affordable!
$9.71 @ Adam & Eve -> CODE: WHI25

The Tube Stroker really lives up to its name — because it’s a tube that you stick your penis into — and the price tag makes this a fantastic alternative to a Fleshlight when you’re on a budget.

Crafted from Doc Johnson’s proprietary UltraSkyn (a porous material), it features an open-ended design that makes it easier to clean and accommodates penises of just about any size.

How it compares to a Fleshlight: This is sort of a “bare bones” pocket pussy, when you get right down to it.

There is no sexy vulva orifice, no outer case for safekeeping (or discretion), and it’s…well, about as simple as they come.

That said, this is a highly affordable alternative to explore if you’re not ready or able to invest in the cost of a Fleshlight.

Belladonna’s Pocket Stroker

Over 175,000 Sold!
Belladonna's Pocket Stroker Belladonna's Pocket Stroker
Bottom Line: Modeled after the “kinkiest XXX star ever,” this pocket pussy features deliciously plump lips that invite you to explore the chambered inner walls that squeeze and caress with every stroke.

If you’re really into pink, puffy labia, the Belladonna Pocket Pussy might just be the perfect Fleshlight alternative to try.

This stroker is crafted from lifelike UR3 material for a realistic skin texture, although it’s also a porous sex toy material that can be difficult to clean thoroughly (and cannot be sanitized).

How it compares to a Fleshlight: The outer labia on the orifice of this stroker somewhat resembles a Fleshlight, although there’s far more color to it.

Like other male masturbators we listed above, however, the Belladonna doesn’t have an outer case — which makes it less discreet and harder to store.

Still, for the price point, it’s a great option that’s easily accessible and fits into almost any budget.

Shower Stroker Pussy

Over 25,000 Sold!
Shower Stroker Pussy
Bottom Line: As the highest-rated best-selling pocket pussy at Adam & Eve, the Shower Stroker lubes itself for you with just a few drops of water — making it the perfect companion whenever you’re in the mood to get clean and busy with yourself!
$11.21 @ Adam & Eve -> CODE: WHI25

No lube, no problem! This stroker becomes slick with a little water added — making it a great shower companion.

Featuring a storage case and hanging cord, you can leave it in the shower for easy access whenever you need it.

The Shower Stroker Pussy is crafted from TPR, which is porous and harder to clean because it can’t be sanitized, but its price point makes it a great Fleshlight alternative.

How it compares to a Fleshlight: Although it’s a pocket pussy with a storage case (like the Fleshlight), this one is designed for use in the shower.

You can use a Fleshlight in the shower, of course, but the water-based lubricant you pair with it can rinse away over time.

The Shower Stroker becomes slippery when wet — making a better choice in that particular scenario.

Eve The Girl Next Door

Over 10,000 Sold!
Eve The Girl Next Door Realistic Torso Eve The Girl Next Door Realistic Torso
Bottom Line: Eve The Girl Next Door is a top-rated masturbator for a reason! Her material feels like real skin and the size and weight of her torso will make you feel like you’re not alone in bed. With a soft vaginal opening, a tight anus, and full breasts for squeezing, she's got everything you need (and she's ready to give it to you all night)!

Like the Fleshlight, this sex toy also has a soft vaginal opening to penetrate, but you also get breasts to squeeze as well.

She is made from material that feels like real skin, and her torso is actually human-sized — perfect for hugging or snuggling.

How it compares to a Fleshlight: This product may not be as practical as a Fleshlight because the vaginal opening is closed-ended — cleaning the product is going to be a lot trickier.

(Remember that the Fleshlight allows you to remove the sleeve to clean and dry it.)

Eve is also made from a thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) blend material, which is porous and can be difficult to clean thoroughly.

You might want to wear a condom when using Eve The Girl Next Door to make cleaning easier, although that may also decrease the sensations you feel.

This product is also more than double the price of a typical Fleshlight, so it’s not very affordable.

Should I Try A Fleshlight Alternative?

split-screen image featuring two fleshlights on the left with the company logo and three different masturbators on the right, autoblow, main squeeze, and blewit, with text that reads "vs" between both sides of the image

It might be a great idea to try a Fleshlight alternative or a pocket pussy, stroker, or male masturbator from a smaller brand, depending on your needs.

The main reason people try other types of masturbators instead of a Fleshlight is because they’re looking for something similar that’s more affordable.

And sometimes, it’s simply because they don’t like the Fleshlight’s signature design — whether due to the case or the orifice.

Many alternatives are cheaper than the Fleshlight itself, although not always!

Are Fleshlight Alternatives Safe?

Fleshlight alternatives can be safe, although to varying degrees depending on what they’re made from.

Some Fleshlight alternatives aren’t made of as high-quality materials as the Fleshlight, for example.

They might be soft and skin-like, but they might not be as body-safe or free from phthalates, so you must do your research.

Which Lubes Are Compatible With Fleshlight Alternatives?

Almost all Fleshlight alternatives require lube for the best experience, as does the Fleshlight.

However, it’s important to note that water-based lube is the best type to use because it’s compatible with all sex toy materials.

Many Fleshlight alternatives are crafted from materials that are proprietary to the manufacturer, with their compositions not being completely divulged.

For this reason, it’s best to err on the side of caution when selecting a personal lubricant and sticking to one that is water-based.

Can I Make A DIY Fleshlight Alternative?

aerial photograph of hands putting a diy fleshlight pocket pussy together using a pringles can, some sponges, a disposable glove, and a rubber band

There are lots of ways to make a DIY Fleshlight and many of them involve using things you probably have at home, including:

Most of these crafts involve simple things you have at home right now and in our experience, many of them were actually functional!

Watch our video below for complete instructions:

Closing Thoughts

There are certainly some good Fleshlight alternatives out there and they can save you money while still offering you a pleasurable and relatively comparable experience.

And if you’re on a budget, there are lots of DIY pocket pussy and homemade Fleshlight crafts you can try making right now, for less than a few dollars in materials!