Photograph Of Vanessa Russell, Women's Health Interactive Writer & Contributor

Vanessa Russell

Growing up reading my dad's crime, mystery and science fiction novels (in addition to my mom's romance novels) as a young child led me to become obsessed with reading and writing. I do realize 8-year-olds probably shouldn't be reading those genres but it definitely made for a very imaginative childhood! From short stories and poetry to random chapters for various novel ideas, my creative brain has always been in overdrive. During my adolescent years, I was dubbed the teenage "Dear Abby," due to my empath nature of listening and helping friends through difficult situations, especially when it came to relationships. Combine my love for writing and educating others with a sex life my friends live vicariously through, mixed with female empowerment and a sex/body positive, unapologetic attitude and here I am writing for WHI. I've finally found where I belong!