Is Fleshlight Packaging, Shipping & Billing Discreet?

In short, yes. We placed orders to find out how discreet Fleshlight packages and labels are, and how their billing, shipping and delivery process works.
image featuring justin holding his package from fleshlight to display its shipping label with a background featuring a wide selection of fleshlight products blurred in the background
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Updated:December 2023

If you’re thinking about ordering from Fleshlight but are worried about discretion — and whether your neighbors are gonna know that Riley Reid’s vagina just arrived on your doorstep — you can relax.

They’ll remain clueless.

After placing an order at Fleshlight ourselves, we can attest that the company’s packaging and shipping are discreet — and even the billing won’t give your purchase away if anyone looks at the statement.

Here’s what you need to know about purchasing a Fleshlight:

  • After placing an order, the box that arrives is entirely nondescript with no inkling of what’s inside — or where it came from. It only lists “ILF” as the sender with a benign warehouse shipping address — and no one but me knew that I had ordered a Riley Reid Utopia Fleshlight for review.
  • Your credit or debit card statement won’t list “Fleshlight” by name, either. On my statement, the purchase was listed as “SP ILF, LLC HTTPSWWW.FLES TX”.
  • Checkout is quick and easy and offers plenty of shipping options to choose from although the faster you need it, the more you’re going to pay. UPS SurePost runs about ten bucks, our shipping cost $14 but overnight will run you about $42. As of this writing, free ground shipping is available on US orders over $100.
  • Fleshlight ships internationally (to a degree) but has a long list of countries they will NOT ship products to — and they also do not ship to freight forwarders (services with a US address that mail packages to other countries for a fee).

You would think that buying a Fleshlight, or any quality sex toy, would feel different from the average Amazon order.

Shockingly, it was just as easy if not more so.

Is Fleshlight Shipping And Packaging Discreet?

Fleshlight packaging is almost too discreet.

This is what my Fleshlight package looked like when it arrived:

photograph of justin holding up the box he received from Fleshlight, which was devoid of any logo or company name

If I didn’t know it was coming, thanks to the shipping info given when you order, I wouldn’t have given it a second thought.

There were no logos on the outside of the package and no mention of Fleshlight — anywhere.

The only marks present on the box were located on the bottom: standard box sizing information, a recycling notice, and the box manufacturer’s information.

What Does The Fleshlight Shipping Label Look Like?

photograph of justin holding up his package from fleshlight to display the shipping label, which only lists "ilf" as the sender with a warehouse address

The Fleshlight shipping label keeps the low-profile theme going with an innocuous-looking sticker. 

The return address doesn’t even say “Fleshlight.” 

The sender is listed as “ILF” with the shipping center address, which doesn’t bring up anything untoward, even if a nosy neighbor were to search for it on Google Maps:

screenshot of a google map search for the warehouse address on fleshlight shipping labels, which shows no discernible connection to the fleshlight company

No mention of Fleshlight — anywhere — so your secret will remain safe.

Fleshlight Shipping Speed And Notifications

With this test, we chose USPS Priority Mail, but you can have your Fleshlight shipped in a variety of ways.

Here is a screenshot of the shipping speed options presented while checking out at Fleshlight:

screenshot of the shipping options during check out at fleshlight, including ups surepost, usps priority mail, and ups ground, 3-day select, 2nd day air, and next day air

The basic level is a standard UPS SurePost shipment for about ten bucks, our method cost $14.32,  with the fastest shipping being UPS Next Day for another $41.55.

(Good to know if you need one that fast.)

I received emails letting me know when my order was processed and was given a shipping number so I could track the package.

With processing and the actual shipping, it only took six days to get my Fleshlight.

I ordered mine on a Friday evening, so even with 2 added days, the whole thing took less than a week.

  • Where Does Fleshlight Ship From?

My Fleshlight was shipped out of the Fleshlight Shipping Center in Austin, Texas.

The address is listed as 7000C Burleson Road, to be exact — and doesn’t show up as being associated with Fleshlight as a brand name if anyone looks it up on Google Maps.

  • Fleshlight International Shipping

Fleshlight does ship internationally, but there is a pretty long list of places they won’t ship to.

screenshot of a very long list of countries that fleshlight won't ship to as a result of customs and confiscation

According to Fleshlight (and their experience), orders have been confiscated by customs in the countries above — and the orders are neither delivered to the buyer nor returned to the company.

They also note that the “do not ship” list is subject to change so if you live overseas, be sure to check their website before you try to place an order.

Fleshlight will also not ship to freight forwarders — services that provide a “mailing address” within the United States, that then send the package forward to another country.

Due to customs confiscating packages, freight forwarders are not an option.

What Do Fleshlight Billing Statements Look Like?

Let’s be honest, no one wants a sex toy (like a Fleshlight) to pop out on their bank statements.

That certainly wasn’t the case for me!

Below is a screenshot of the billing statement I received:

screenshot of justin's bank card statement with his fleshlight purchase, which is listed as being from "sp ilf, llc, httpswwwfles tx"

I used my Chase debit card for the purchase and my statement just says I ordered something from “SP ILF, LLC HTTPSWWW.FLES TX”.

You’d really have to know what you’re looking for to spot this purchase on a ledger littered with gas stations and trips to Wendy’s.

  • What Payment Methods Does Fleshlight Accept?

Fleshlight accepts multiple payment methods, including:

  • Credit or Debit
  • PayPal
  • GooglePay
  • AmazonPay
  • ShopPay
  • Activated prepaid credit (gift) cards

Pros And Cons Of Shopping At Fleshlight

Shopping at Fleshlight was a breeze, but that doesn’t mean it was perfect.

Fleshlight Ordering Pros:

Fleshlight Ordering Cons:

  • Shipping costs can add up quickly, especially if you need it in a hurry
  • If you live outside of the United States, ordering may be an issue (or impossible), as there is a long list of countries they cannot ship to
  • My Fleshlight order did not come with cleaner or Renewal powder samples

There was nothing inherently bad about my experience making a purchase directly from Fleshlight, but there were a few little things that could’ve made it even better.

It’s fairly common knowledge that Fleshlight’s Renewal Powder is just cornstarch, however, a sample of it would have been handy — just to set the maintenance off on the right foot.

The same thing could be said for Fleshwash — the proprietary cleaning solution made by the company, specifically for its products.

Overall, however, the discretion given to my order — on both my bank statement and the package that arrived on my doorstep — was top-notch and I’d make a purchase again.

Does Fleshlight Send Mail Or Catalogs?

The Fleshlight itself comes with a teeny-tiny booklet catalog, but as of this writing, nothing else has been sent so far.

There is an option to opt-in for email coupons and promotions, but I chose to not add more to my ever-growing list of emails I mean to unsubscribe from.

In all honestly, a lot of vendors have stopped sending catalogs altogether — like Adam & Eve.

Catalogs used to be a popular means of marketing but printing and mailing costs — not to mention most of them end up in landfills — make it a far less popular means of reaching the masses.

If I ever get a catalog from Fleshlight in the mail, you’ll be the first to know and we’ll update this article — but it’s unlikely.

Closing Thoughts

Having never bought a Fleshlight before, I was expecting there to be something different about the experience.

Maybe something extra saucy, or complicated, just anything novel.


Just average online shopping here — everything is done discreetly and quickly.

That may be the best thing about it: A boring, non-descript, mundane process for one of the best sex toys around.

When shopping at Fleshlight, what more could you ask for?

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