Are Adam & Eve Shipping And Packaging Boxes Discreet?

In short, yes. We placed multiple orders to find out how discreet Adam & Eve’s packages and labels are, and how their shipping and delivery process works.
Photograph Of Sex Board Game And Products From Adam & Eve With Discreet Bubble Mailer Packaging In Background
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Updated:July 2023

The short answer is yes — if you make an online purchase, the Adam & Eve delivery box will arrive on your doorstep in a completely discreet or ‘secret’ manner.

In fact, Women’s Health Interactive placed multiple orders with Adam & Eve to find out first-hand how orders are packaged, shipped, and delivered — including what the shipping labels and packaging look like.

Key Takeaways:

  • The company name will not be listed anywhere on the shipping label and there are no identifying marks on the package that allude to the sender being Adam & Eve when it arrives on your doorstep.
  • Your billing statement is “safe” as well if you make your purchase using a bank or credit card, which is listed as “Adam Mail.”
  • PayPal purchases, however, will display the sender as being “Adameve.”

Rest assured: you don’t have to worry about everyone in the tri-county area knowing you’ve bought a 9” rabbit vibrator from Adam & Eve after placing an order — we promise.

Or, if you’re ready to purchase from Adam & Eve right now, we negotiated an extra 25% discount using the code WHI25 after reviewing and vetting their packaging and billing practices to ensure they were discreet.

Is Adam & Eve Shipping And Packaging Discreet Or ‘Secret’?

Adam and Eve packaging is completely nondescript and discreet – some might even call it “secret”.

No one will know what sex toys or other adult products the box contains or who it’s from — not even your mail carrier.

What Do Adam & Eve Packages Look Like?

After you go to Adam & Eve’s website and place an order, they’ll send everything to you in plain brown boxes or bubble mailers that are entirely devoid of a logo or identifiable information.

An Adam & Eve shipping box is typically used when larger items or multiple items are ordered together at once.

I say “typically” because I ordered a game, and it arrived in a really large bubble mailer.

Photo Of One Large White Bubble Mailer With A Smaller Matching Mailer On Top, Depicting Discreet And Unidentifiable Packaging

Still, the only thing you could tell from the package was that it contained a box of some kind. Might be ramen noodles, might be a handful of finger vibrators, might be a hundred pairs of nipple clamps.

Only I knew what was in it for sure.

As we’ll talk about later, the exact method of shipment depends on ordering speed — standard shipping will arrive by postal mail (USPS), expedited shipping is handled through UPS, and international orders typically arrive through DHL.

When smaller items like adult movies, lingerie, condoms, sexual health sundries, or lubricants are ordered, the company uses padded bubble mailers, which is what they used for the smaller items we ordered, along with the free gifts they often include.

Photo Of A Single Plain Bubble Mailer Demonstrating Discreet Packaging From Adam & Eve

Is the packaging plain and boring? Totally, but that’s kind of the point.

Adam & Eve deliveries won’t be raising any eyebrows in your neighborhood, we promise.

How Discreet Are The Adam & Eve Shipping And Packaging Labels?

Like its packaging, Adam & Eve will label your order in a discreet manner — the words “Adam & Eve” will not appear on the shipping label.

In fact, the name “Adam & Eve,” will NOT appear anywhere on the outside of your package.

According to Adam & Eve, if it is required by postal regulations, the package will display alias information that includes a return phone number and P.O. Box mailing address from Hillsborough, NC.

We confirmed this:

A Closeup Photo Of A Mailing Label From An Adam & Eve Package With No Identifiable Sender Information

If postal regulations in your location do not require the above information to be included, the return address field will be left blank.

Either way, you can shop from Adam & Eve with confidence.

I did.

The delivery driver had no idea he was dropping off a Sexopoly game, a pair of crotchless underwear, and a bottle of flavored lube on my doorstep — or delivering a variety pack of condoms to our CEO.

How Long Does Adam & Eve Shipping Take?

Shipping speed from Adam & Eve depends entirely on your preferences at checkout. Delays may occur during U.S. holidays.

Most of the time, orders will be processed and shipped on the same day if they’re placed before 2:45 p.m. EST.

Adam & Eve offers several choices to suit your needs and shipping rates will vary:

  • Standard shipping (USPS) — 5-8 business days in the eastern U.S. and 10-14 business days to the western U.S. including Alaska, Hawaii, or other U.S. territories
  • Expedited (USPS) — within 5 business days or fewer anywhere in the continental U.S.
  • 2-Day (UPS) — within 2 days to the continental U.S., Alaska, Hawaii, or U.S. territories
  • Overnight (UPS) — within 1 business day to the continental U.S., Alaska, Hawaii, or U.S. territories
  • Overnight Saturday Delivery (UPS) – only available in select areas

Adam & Eve will ship to post office (P.O.), Army Post Office (A.P.O.), and Fleet Post Office (F.P.O.) addresses.

Additionally, they ship internationally to Canada and elsewhere, with deliveries typically being made through DHL.

  • Where Does Adam & Eve Ship From?

Orders from Adam & Eve are shipped from its warehouse in Hillsborough, North Carolina.

Although the return address is written on the shipping label, the name of the company is not listed and appears as a P.O. Box address.

  • What Is Adam & Eve Shipping Assurance And Do I Need It?

Adam & Eve offers shipping assurance for a small flat rate fee to cover anything that is lost or damaged in transit.

Is it necessary? That depends — if you experience mail theft on a regular basis or have unreliable mail service, it may be a smart option to select at checkout in case your package is lost.

If something arrives damaged (or even if you just don’t like what you ordered), however, Adam & Eve has a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee and offers no-questions-asked returns on any item during the first 90 days by filling out a printed form or contacting customer service directly.

Does Adam & Eve Send Mail Or Catalogs?

If you’re thinking about placing an order, you’re probably wondering about Adam & Eve’s mail packaging and whether you’ll be bombarded with catalogs and mailers afterward.

As of 2022, Adam & Eve ceased distribution of its catalogs, which were previously mailed in discreet envelopes.

As we explored in our in-depth article about how Adam & Eve purchases show up on your billing statements, our very best advice is to create an account at so you can have complete control over your email preferences.

During checkout, you’ll be given the option to create one. It only takes a moment to set up your account, but it gives you complete reign over your preferences for email correspondence.

That said, you’ll want to toggle those settings immediately after making an account because they default to signing you up for daily emails (which provide access to exclusive Adam & Eve discounts and promotions) from the company.

Here’s a more in-depth guide on how to do that.

How Do Purchases From Adam & Eve Appear On Billing Statements?

Photograph Of Paper Credit Card Statement Charge That Lists “ADAM MAIL” In The Purchase Description

Depending on your chosen payment method, your purchase from Adam & Eve will be displayed as either “Adam Mail” or “Adameve.”

Women’s Health Interactive took it a step further, with members of our staff verifying different purchasing methods and providing authentic screenshots and information about the process.

The video below shows our findings:

Click here to read more about what we discovered Adam & Eve purchases REALLY look like on your bank statement and through various payment methods.

  • What Payment Methods Does Adam & Eve Accept?

For online orders, Adam & Eve accepts credit and debit cards, gift cards, PayPal, or Amazon Pay.

Select brick-and-mortar stores may accept Apple Pay and/or Google Pay at the register, which cannot be used for online orders as of this writing.

In Conclusion

So, is it safe to order from Adam & Eve?


Making a purchase through Adam & Eve is easy, but most importantly, the packages you receive will be shipped discreetly — plus they offer plenty of promos and discounts and include all kinds of free gifts!

In fact, the only way a delivery person will know your package was shipped from Adam & Eve is if they’ve made a purchase themselves.

Additionally, the company offers streaming adult media through Adam & Eve Plus — which is equally discreet!

If you’re ready to purchase from Adam & Eve right now, we negotiated an extra 25% discount using the code WHI25 after reviewing and vetting their packaging and billing practices to ensure they were discreet.

Editor’s Note: This article is part of our Everything Adam & Eve hub, an in-depth and evolving resource that comprehensively explores and reviews all aspects of sex toy retailer Adam & Eve from their discreet billing and shipping practices, to discount codes, free gifts, and products they carry.