Naima Karp

I have a BA in Writing & Literature from Emerson College, but despite years of studying, it was my real life experiences with sex and a desire for knowledge that inspired me to become a sexual wellness writer.

I love writing about sex, cannabis, and occasionally, how the two intersect. Pleasure makes me feel powerful, and I think it has so many benefits outside of the bedroom as well.

I love figuring out what makes me tick and learning new things about what turns my brain and body on. I want my readers to feel the same, and aim to create empowering and confidence-building content for people of all ages and sexualities.

Alongside my colleagues at Women’s Health Interactive, I hope that we can make people feel comfortable to talk about sex frankly and unapologetically seek out the orgasms they deserve.

For me, writing about these topics has been and continues to be a joyous practice in self-love, and I hope that reading about them brings my fellow pleasure-seekers the same.