Fleshlight Vs. Tenga: How They Compare (And Which Is Better)

Fleshlights and Tengas are both popular male masturbation toys. What feels better depends on who you ask and what they’ve tried.
split-screen image displaying a fleshlight on the left and a tenga masturbator on the right, each with their respective logos above them and text that reads "vs" between them
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Updated:September 2023

Two bestselling pocket pussy brands include Fleshlight and Tenga and each offers its own unique benefits, sensations, design styles, and discretion.

While Fleshlight aims to please by being hyper-realistic with their faux genitals, Tenga opts for a much more minimalist aesthetic that’s accessible, affordable, and even disposable after use.

Key Takeaways:

  • Fleshlights are made to closely simulate penetrative sex with a variety of orifices that look like real vaginas, anal cavities, or mouths, with most sleeves being hidden within a large case that looks like a flashlight.
  • Tenga masturbators have a minimalistic aesthetic with basic sleeve or egg-like shapes and are a great option for people who don’t want their stroker or pocket pussy to look too real and although they’re made from TPE material (which isn’t necessarily the safest because it’s porous and may contain potentially hazardous chemicals), many of their toys are disposable after a single use.
  • Fleshlights offer a lot of customization so you can get exactly what you want, but Tenga also provides multiple textures and toy types so users can find what suits them best — and both brands are carried at reputable sex toy retailers.
  • Fleshlight requires care and maintenance (with proprietary supplies), but Tenga is easier to take care of and also offers disposable options that let you avoid sex toy cleaning altogether if you prefer.
  • The choice between Fleshlight and Tenga is a personal one based on your individual needs and desires and what feels better depends on who you ask.

Both Fleshlights and Tengas hold a special place in the hearts of anyone who likes to wank with sex toys.

If you want to know whether Tenga or Fleshlight is better, there are many factors to consider, including features, shapes, textures, and the way they feel — and we’ll take a look at all of them.

Fleshlight Vs. Tenga: A Side-By-Side Comparison

split-screen image displaying a fleshlight on the left and a tenga masturbator on the right, each with their respective logos above them and text that reads "vs" between them

While both Fleshlight and Tenga have stellar reputations, they offer very different products.

Seeing the stats side by side can help you decide what’s better — Fleshlight or Tenga.

Fleshlight Vs. Tenga
Price Range
Orifice Type(s)
Color Options
Texture Options
Ease Of Cleaning
Overall Quality
Accessories Available?
Fleshlight Vs. Tenga
Price Range
Orifice Type(s)
Vagina, anus, mouth
Non-genital, egg/stroker
Color Options
Multiple ethnicities and colors
Range of different colors
Texture Options
Fewer texture options
Discreet with case
Very discreet
Very realistic options available
Realistic sensation only
Manual or vibrating
Manual or vibrating
Ease Of Cleaning
Depends on model
Depends, some disposable
Overall Quality
Only defective sleeves can be replaced
Only defective sleeves can be replaced
Accessories Available?


Although these two are head-to-head in many categories, as you can see, they differ in areas relating to appearance, budget, and maintenance.

Advantages Of A Fleshlight

There’s no shortage of benefits to the best-selling Fleshlight — they’re popular for a reason.

The benefits of a Fleshlight include: 

  • Unique, patented (and body-safe) Super Skin material.
  • A very realistic orifice appearance on the stroker (vulva, anus, or mouth).
  • A range of customizable features, including accessories for automation.
  • Ability to change suction or tightness of the sleeve.
  • Discreet billing & shipping from Fleshlight.
  • Multiple textures and ethnicities to choose from, including popular porn actors like Riley Reid.
  • Reputable brand with a high level of customer support.

The Fleshlight is a little more expensive than your starter stroker or pocket pussy and it’s not ideal for anyone who is creeped out by a fake vagina, mouth, or butthole.

The Fleshlight can be pricey for a first-time buy and since there are so many different options, it can be easy to spend a lot of money on this addictive stroker if you buy multiple varieties.

Fleshlights can also be a little tough to clean, and they’re definitely not as low-maintenance as some Tenga toys, especially the disposable ones.

Advantages Of A Tenga

Disposability is one of the main perks in the Tenga Egg vs. Fleshlight battle, but it’s not the only one.

It may be a good option for sex toy newbies.

The benefits of a Tenga include:

  • Affordable options to suit all price points.
  • Discreet shipping (depending on where you buy, like Lovehoney).
  • They’re available from a range of reputable retailers.
  • They feature a discreet, minimalist design with a contemporary aesthetic that doesn’t look like your typical pocket pussy (or Fleshlight).
  • Different suction or tightness levels are possible with a multitude of products.
  • Realistic TPE material, which is less than safe being porous — but is not as big of an issue with disposable models.
  • Disposable cups or eggs mean there’s no sex toy cleaning or maintenance afterward.
  • Flip models are much easier to clean/dry compared to a Fleshlight.

If you want to pretend you’re having sex with a human, Tenga isn’t what you want.

And while TPE may feel good to the touch, it’s not on our list of the safest sex toy materials, although if the product is disposable, it poses less of a risk in terms of degradation or porousness.

There’s no protective cover with a lid, but Tengas do have a case.

While the disposable models are convenient, the prices will increase over time factoring in multiple purchases, especially when compared to a reusable toy like the Fleshlight.

The Difference Between A Fleshlight And A Tenga

While both the Fleshlight and Tenga consist of a cozy and snug sleeve to put your dick in, offering a discreet way to masturbate and explore pleasure, they come in VERY different shapes, sizes, aesthetics, and textures.

What Is A Fleshlight?

photograph of fleshlight pink lady heavenly

This masturbation stroker has a squishy interior sleeve (for penetration) and a hard plastic exterior that looks like a retro flashlight.

Selling both close-ended and open-ended models, Fleshlight revolutionized masturbation for men with their strokers, the only toy on the market to feature its proprietary Super Skin, an ultra-soft but body-safe durable material.

According to many users, a Fleshlight feels as close to a real vagina as possible, although some models provide realistic anal or oral sex sensations, depending on the model.

What Is A Tenga?

two-view image of a tenga egg unopened on the left and a cross-cut image of the inside of the egg masturbator on the right

The Tenga is a budget-friendly masturbator for men that doesn’t particularly look like a stroker or pocket pussy — and that’s part of their appeal.

Tenga sells a variety of strokers as well as an innovative egg-shaped masturbator (sometimes referred to as a Japanese Fleshlight egg) made from a thermoplastic elastomer, or TPE.

The Tenga brand was established in 2005, and although they hail from Japan, they have gained widespread popularity throughout the West over the years.

Tenga is one of the most minimalist male sex toys out there — and the most portable.

It’s a no-frills but reliable sleeve designed by Japanese manufacturers and sold all around the US at reputable sex toy retailers.

Some Tenga models have buttons to moderate suction and unlike all Fleshlights, which need to be cleaned regularly, some Tenga products (Eggs) are meant to be disposable.

So rather than cleaning the sex toy, you simply toss it into the trash.

How To Choose Between Fleshlight And A Tenga

photograph of justin holding the autumn falls cream texture box to display its tight canal diagram on the back

Fleshlight is made to feel like a substitute for realistic sex, whereas the Tenga is designed to simply enhance masturbation, with no focus on realism.

They’re both great, trustworthy brands, but everyone has unique preferences.

If you’re not sure which is right for you, we’ll share a quick breakdown.

You might prefer a Fleshlight if you:

You might prefer a Tenga if you:

  • Prefer a minimalist and sleek aesthetic that doesn’t look like a pocket pussy — or a pussy at all.
  • Want a wider range of reusable or disposable products.
  • Are on a tight budget.
  • Don’t want to spend time cleaning a sex toy.
  • Don’t like the look of artificial and disembodied genitals, anuses, or mouths.
  • Don’t mind your hand doing all the work.
  • Prefer a lightweight sex toy.
  • Want a masturbator with a more flexible exterior case.

Ultimately, there’s no “right” choice since what you choose will be based on your subjective needs.

Do you want something that closely resembles a vagina, or do you only want a sensation that takes an average handjob to one that’s incredible?

Both brands and their available sex toys offer unique perks, and only you can decide the best option for yourself.

What Feels Better: Fleshlight Or Tenga?

The answer to whether a Fleshlight or Tenga feels best depends on the products in question and the person’s experience with them.

For some, the Fleshlight reigns supreme for its innovative textures, suction, and realistic Super Skin orifices, while others find Tenga’s materials to feel better during use.

In the decision between Fleshlight vs. Tenga, some men — including those on our own team — say that the Fleshlight feels better since it takes things a step above masturbation by hand, feeling as close to sex as possible.

Men who swear by Tenga products, however, aren’t looking for that same level of realism so the sensation from the toy’s material matters most — and it’s incredibly smooth against the penis.

Our best advice?

Try both and see which one feels better.

If it’s a draw and they’re equally great, you’re only giving yourself more options for pleasure and that’s never a bad thing.

Best Fleshlights To Try

If you’re looking for a new Fleshlight or buying one for the first time, our top suggestions below are the perfect place to start.

photograph of fleshlight pink lady heavenlyClassic Pink Lady Heavenly

While Fleshlight offers plenty of variety in its pocket pussy options, this classic vaginal sleeve is a longtime fan favorite.

Featuring soft (and very pink) flesh, the sleeve texture is known as “heavenly” — and it certainly lives up to its name.

photograph of a clear fleshlight quickshotFleshlight Quickshot

The Quickshot is the smallest Fleshlight model currently available.

It offers genital orifices as well as non-anatomical styles if you’re in the mood for something simpler.

The Quickshot is open-ended on either side and comes in both solid and clear sleeves, plus it fits right into the palm of your hand and is easy to maneuver.

product photograph of the fleshlight universal launchFleshlight Universal Launch & Quickshot Launch

For those looking for an automatic, hands-free experience with their Fleshlight, the Launch series works with full-sized models (Universal Launch) and smaller versions (Quickshot Launch).

Either one is a good choice if you want something else to do the stroking, just make sure to purchase the one that works with your Fleshlight size.

Fleshlight Girls: Riley Reid Utopia

The Riley Reid Fleshlight, designed after its namesake porn star, is one of the most popular Fleshlight Girls and our testing team loved it.

Utopia (Vulva)
Riley Reid Utopia
  • Feels Incredible & Surprisingly Realistic
  • Unique Interior Texture
  • Simple to Use, Adjustable Suction
  • Pretty Easy to Clean
  • Noisier Than Expected
  • Cleaning Takes More Work Than Regular Masturbation
  • Air Drying Can Take Hours
  • Risk Of Mold Growth If Not Maintained Properly
Bottom Line: Featuring an unbelievably sexy vulva (signed by Riley Reid!), this is one of the most popular Fleshlight Girl models for a reason. Intuitive to use, the innovative skin-like sleeve texture is unique and totally blew our expectations for Fleshlights out of the water.
$67.05 @ The Enhanced Male –> CODE: WHI10 $79.99 @ Adam & Eve

Where To Buy A Tenga

If you’d rather purchase a Tenga instead of a Fleshlight, our most trusted vendors offer a variety to choose from, including:

Closing Thoughts

The choice between a Fleshlight and a Tenga is a personal one based on the kind of experience you want to have.

If you prefer a minimalist look and don’t want a hyper-realistic experience, then the Tenga is a beautifully designed option.

However, if you don’t mind a little cleanup and maintenance for the sake of realistic playtime and durability, investing in a Fleshlight is a no-brainer.

That being said, you don’t even have to choose between them.

If your budget allows and you’re intrigued by both, get yourself a Fleshlight and a Tenga so you can explore a variety of masturbatory experiences — they’re both quality sex toys worth trying!

Editor’s Note: This article is part of our Complete Guide To Fleshlights and Everything Fleshlight hub, in-depth and evolving resources that comprehensively explore and review all aspects of Fleshlights from the company’s discreet billing and shipping, to the types of products they carry, how to use them, materials, and safety.