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I feel so alone!

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  • It is not o.k.

    Originally posted by Drama28 View Post
    I really hope someone can help me! I feel so alone and don't know what to do. Here is the problem...I am almost 28 and have been seeing a man who is 51 for the last 3 years. He has been married for almost 30 years to someone else. Things were great until the other night. He finally told her the truth on Sun. night and called me on Mon. morning saying she was up all night crying and he can never see me again. We have had a wonderful relationship and have a beautiful 15 month-old daughter. He had just told me 2 days prior to this (while spending the night in my bed holding me),that he wanted to be with us and he would never do anything to hurt us and he wouldn't leave us. I am so upset, mad, and confused. I know I got myself into this, but his relationship with her had not been good for many years before I came into the picture. She doesn't like to be seen out in public with him, she makes fun of him, and shows no respect for him at all. His children with her are grown and I understand feeling guilty, but he said he is in love with me and his heart belongs to me, you can't just turn those feelings off! I am trying to wait patiently to let things settle down at his house, but I am so scared of what the future holds and what to do! I know this is a long post but I really need advice! Thanks!
    Look you entered into a relationship that already needed marriage counsuling. NO one is going to feel sorry for you because he was married and is not going to leave his wife cause deep down inside he still loves her. what he is telling you is to not hurt you because he cares about you. Just because they have problems and name calling I am sure he does the same. You were just a temporary fill in to take away his longing for his wifes affection. Remember something they are married and you need to stay out of thier buissiness. You are tearing up a home and that is a devastating thing for a family. You also sinned big time. Leave that womens man alone. He feeds you full of crap and you fall for it. You will never get him and do you think God is on your side. Are you willing to go to hell for this and what goes around comes around. He will do the same to you after he is tired of you.


    • i think telling her that shes going to go to hell is a bit ott!


      • Throwing stones, is that really what God would want?

        Okay, I totally understand if people don't like what I have done. I made it very clear right from the begining. Emily_Dudley1*hotmail.com wow, God would be so proud of you! You are throwing stones at someone you don't even know. How christian is that? Do you think God would like you to do that? I understand if you think what I have done is a sin, but come on! You don't need to tell me I am going to hell. That is a bit much. I will be judged by God when my days are up, and I am willing to accept anything that happens. I know that he was married, but I fell in love with him. I certainly don't think a loving God would send me to hell for falling in love with someone! That is just my opinion. Everyone makes mistakes and God is forgiving and loving, I don't think he would be like "you commited adultury, now you go to hell". Whatever. By the way, what he has done, it takes 2 to tango, is tearing up my family also. WE have a daughter together! What do you think her dad abandoning her at 15 months old will do to her in the future? Is that okay for him to do? Is his wife more important than his own flesh and blood that he WANTED to bring into this world, and then just left when she became inconvienient? If anybody is doing something wrong right now it isn't me. I am trying my best to get my life back into shape and take care of my daughter. He is cowering in a river of denial and hoping we will just disapear like we never existed! Wow, that is certainly mature and Godlike too isn't it? At least I deal with the reality of my situation every day, I don't deny what has happened and I will move on reguardless of what he choses to do.
        kittie21692000 Thanks so much to you for your wishes. I hope your boyfriends mom is doing okay too. I will do my best to take care of my kids w/or without their dads in the picture. I have been doing it for a long time and will continue no matter what happens. To anyone else who just wants to insult me, just think of what you would do if you were in my shoes, and like I said before, NEVER say NEVER about it happening. I prob. would have thought that like 5 years ago too, but things happen. Life happens when you are busy saying it will never happen. Just think about it, or what if I was your sister or best friend, would God want you to leave your sister or friend if they had done it? I really doubt that. At least not the God I believe in.



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