Do Women Like Double Penetration (DP)?

While many women fantasize about double penetration, very few have actually done it. For those that have, do they enjoy DP, and why?
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Although there is very limited research on the topic, many women do at least enjoy the idea of double penetration — if not the act itself. 

As we’ll talk about in just a bit, one survey found that only 9% of respondents reported actually having experienced double penetration.

Double penetration, also known as DP, is sex that involves oral, vaginal, or anal penetration using multiple body parts (including fingers) or sex toys simultaneously.

Do you fantasize about two guys inside of you at the same time? Have you ever looked at your two favorite sex toys and wondered what they’d feel like together?

If so, you may be a woman who’s going to love double penetration.

Many heterosexual men are turned on by the thought of double penetration, as well, but they’re not entirely sure whether their partners will be into the idea — or if they should even bring it up.

It’s perfectly natural to wonder if girls enjoy double penetration, so let’s dive in and find out.

What Is Double Penetration And Do Women Enjoy It?

Ultimately, double penetration means being penetrated twice — simultaneously — in the same orifice or multiple ones.

Double penetration sex can happen in a lot of ways:

  • Two penises in a vagina
  • One finger in the vagina or anus and another in the mouth
  • A dildo in the vagina and a finger in the anus
  • A penis or finger in a vagina and a penis or finger in the anus or mouth
  • A dildo in the vagina and a butt plug in the anus
  • Two dildos in a vagina or anus
  • A dildo and finger in a vagina or anus
  • A dildo in the mouth and a butt plug in the butt

One survey conducted in 2019, however, found that only 9% of men and women had ever been double penetrated, although it didn’t distinguish between the softcore or hardcore versions of DP.

Threesomes are a common sexual fantasy that about 30% of people have explored at some point and double penetration can certainly be a part of that.

Women may experiment with DP in other ways that don’t involve group sex, however, having it with just one partner and a sex toy, or entirely alone during masturbation with a combination of hands and sex toys, for instance.

Plenty of women can enjoy DP for a variety of reasons, as we’ll talk about next.

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Why Do Women Enjoy Double Penetration?

There’s no single reason why some women like double penetration. It all depends on what provides pleasure and the way you want to have sex.

Some of the reasons women may enjoy DP include:

  • Feeling “full” or “stretched,” especially with double vaginal penetration or DP in the vagina and anus
  • Having multiple erogenous zones stimulated at the same time
  • Experiencing a double penetration orgasm through stimulation of the G-spot (Gräfenberg spot), A-spot (anterior fornix), or PS-spot (perineal sponge)
  • Trying something new and exciting
  • Fulfilling a sexual fantasy as part of a threesome
  • Wanting to be overwhelmed with sensations and pleasure
  • Seeing how much the body can handle at one time
  • Being excited by something taboo

Pick your own reason for loving double penetration — or at least wanting to try it, if you do.

Whatever it happens to be, that’s a perfectly good reason to enjoy DP.

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What Does Double Penetration Feel Like?

How double penetration feels depends on how you do it.

Two penises (or dildos) in one vagina or double anal penetration will create a full, stretched feeling. The G-spot or A-spot may be stimulated.

A penis in the vagina and something else (penis or toy) in the anus will create a similarly full and stretched sensation.

Additionally, it can pleasure both body parts while stimulating the PS-spot (perineal sponge) — located between the vagina and anus — from both sides.

Trying a spit-roast (a penis in the vagina or anus and another in the mouth) can overwhelm your senses and make it hard to focus on any single sensation — which is often part of the fun!

If exploring DP alone, a woman may insert a butt plug into her anus while fingering herself or using a vibrator in her vagina to stimulate her G-spot, A-spot, or PS-spot.

Additionally, she might insert a finger into her mouth while penetrating her vagina or anus with a sex toy to feel the exhilaration of a threesome fantasy with two men.

Ultimately, for women who enjoy it, double penetration feels pleasurable, satisfying, fun, and orgasmic.

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Do (Or Can) All Women Enjoy DP?

Double penetration isn’t for everyone. Some people won’t want to try it at all, and others will try it but won’t like how it feels.

How you feel about DP is valid, whatever that happens to be.

But plenty of women (and people in general!) love the idea of double penetration. As we mentioned earlier, however, only 9% of people had tried it.

Clearly, there’s room for more folks to experiment in their sex life if they want to.

To figure out if you’ll like double penetration, you’ll need to get naked and play with different sensations, body parts, and sex toys.

If you choose to explore double penetration, it’s important to go slowly, take time to learn what your body enjoys, and give yourself time to adjust to it.

This is especially true if your fantasy involves double vaginal penetration or one in your vagina and another in your anus.

Talk to all partners involved so everyone is on the same page about what will and won’t happen — and where your individual boundaries are.

Additionally, it’s a good idea to establish a safeword AND a safe action — a gesture that lets your partners know when to stop what they’re doing when speaking isn’t possible, such as during double oral penetration.

Bottom Line: 

Women can and do enjoy double penetration in a lot of ways and for many reasons.

It’s something you can enjoy alone with multiple sex toys or with one or more partners. There’s no single “right” way to play with DP nor is there only one reason to like it.

Women use double penetration to explore new sensations, different types of stimulation, and more orgasms and ultimately — pleasure.

It’s important, however, to approach DP with the caution it deserves — whether you’re experimenting alone or with partners.

Remember, too, that you don’t have to try it at all! Your sex life is just that: YOUR sex life. Anything you choose to explore is your decision.

Is double penetration something you’ve ever considered trying — or have you? Do you think it’s a turn-on? We encourage you to share your thoughts and experiences with us and our readers!

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