What Is Double Anal Penetration & How Do You Do It?

When done safely, double anal can feel amazing for everyone involved. When rushed, it can cause pain or damage to the person on the receiving end.
Illustrated Collage Featuring Two Women With One Preparing To Do Double Anal Penetration On The Other Using A Hand And Dildo
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Double anal penetration is when two penises, two sex toys, two fingers (or hands), or a combination of any of these penetrate one anus at the same time.

Double anal penetration is a lot of things — intense, sexy, a little scary, and definitely an advanced-level sex move.

What many people know about double anal sex comes from porn. The danger there is how easy it is to forget that porn is a fantasy — not a sex tutorial.

What Is Double Anal Penetration?

Double anal is a form of double penetration (DP) that focuses completely on the anus, which is penetrated by two things at the same time.

Instead of involving other parts of the body, like your vagina or mouth, all the action happens in the back end.

Double anal penetration can be achieved in many different ways — with or without a partner (or two).

Double anal may involve penetration by:

  • Two penises
  • Two sex toys (dildos, butt plugs, anal probes, vibrators)
  • One penis and one sex toy
  • Two fingers (or hands)
  • One sex toy and one hand — yours or a partner’s

One form of double anal occurs with two partners during a threesome.

Both partners who are performing penetration may have penises, although one or both might wear strap-ons — such as those used during pegging — if they do not.

But, of course, that’s not the only option when it comes to double penetration of the anus.

You may not feel comfortable bringing a second partner into your sex life. In this case, sex toys or your partner’s hand are a perfect substitute for a third person.

At the same time, you can also enjoy double anal sex by yourself.

Depending on how flexible you are, you only need a couple of sex toys or your hands to double penetrate your anus.

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Is Double Anal Penetration The Same As A Threesome?

Can double anal happen during a threesome? Definitely!

Is it required for a threesome? No.

All a threesome needs are three partners.

What they do together depends on the partners involved and what gets them off. Anal sex doesn’t have to be part of it at all.

As we mentioned earlier, in double anal penetration, the number of partners doesn’t always matter because it can be done with multiple partners, just one, or entirely by yourself.

What Does Double Anal Penetration Feel Like?

Right about now you’re probably wondering how double anal penetration actually feels and the answer is: it entirely depends on the size of the things doing the penetrating.

Two penises or sex toys in a single anus will create a sensation of fullness and stretching during penetration, the amount of which will vary based on the girth of the penises or sex toys involved.

As we mentioned earlier, hands and fingers can also come into play — quite literally — and that can affect how much the anus has to stretch to accommodate penetration.

For instance, a single finger inserted alongside a penis may not create as much fullness as two or three fingers do.

Likewise, two narrow penises or sex toys won’t stretch the anus as much as two thick ones would. For this reason, what double anal feels like can be a little bit subjective.

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Is Double Anal Penetration Safe?

As with all forms of sex, some risk is involved but yes, double anal can be done safely as long as you take precautions.

This is especially true when you have double anal sex with more than one partner.

Here’s what you can do to have a safer double anal experience:

  • Talk to all partners involved so you all understand what will and won’t happen — and where your individual boundaries are.
  • Establish a safeword that conveys the need to stop sexual activity.
  • Use condoms and other barriers to prevent the transmission of STDs or STIs.
  • Use plenty of lube to reduce friction, pain, and potential tears to the delicate tissue of the anus. If you’re using condoms, make sure to use a personal lubricant that won’t degrade their material.
  • Remember never to move a penis, sex toy, finger, or hand from the anus into the vagina without cleaning it first. If a condom is worn on a penis or placed over a sex toy, it should be removed and replaced with a fresh one when switching between orifices.
  • Make sure any sex toys, harnesses and dildos you’ll use are clean and sanitized before and after you have sex.
  • Penetrate slowly to prevent rectal injury. If anything hurts, stop or slow down.

If you’re wondering if double anal will stretch out your butt, the answer is probably not. That doesn’t mean it isn’t possible, just that it’s unlikely.

Taking precautions during any type of anal sex you have can help reduce future problems.

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Does Double Anal Penetration Hurt?

Pain is all too common during anal sex of any kind, including double anal, but it doesn’t have to be painful.

There are ways to make the experience pain-free.

The first thing to remember is that double anal penetration is an advanced level move in anal sex. If you’ve never had anything up your butt before, don’t start with this activity.

Once you get used to anal penetration with one penis, sex toy, or a few fingers, then you can begin to consider experimenting with double anal.

When you do, there are ways to make sure it doesn’t hurt:

  • Start small when adding the second penetration. If your partner’s penis is one part of your double anal experience, the second part could be a slim dildo, a single finger, or a thin anal probe.
  • For those playing alone, start with two of your smallest sex toys. Sex toys made for the butt should have a tapered tip to make penetration comfortable and easier and all of them should have a flared base.
  • Go slowly and stop when you feel discomfort. Give your body time to adjust and accommodate the extra girth.
  • Arousal helps relax your body and reduce pain, making penetration much easier. Use a vibrator. Play with yourself. Do whatever turns you on.
  • Use plenty of lube. If your double anal sex involves two penises, make sure the lube you choose is compatible with the condoms worn. For sex toys, use lubes safe for the material.
  • No matter how much you’re tempted, avoid desensitizing lubes. Pain indicates a problem, and when you can’t feel discomfort, you’re more likely to be injured.

The easiest way to prevent pain is not to rush yourself. Take your time and only progress with deeper or bigger penetration when it feels good.

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Is Double Anal Penetration Normal?

Yes, because there’s no such thing as “normal” when it comes to sex — desires are unique to each person. Some women enjoy DP, while others do not — and that holds true for all genders.

Double anal penetration might be less common compared to other sexual activities but it’s well within the realm of normal.

Why? Because anal sex isn’t quite as taboo as we think it is.

A 2021 study in PLOS ONE shows that 39 percent of men and 36 percent of women have experienced anal sex in some form.

With that in mind, it makes sense that some people have taken it to a new level with double anal penetration.

As I mentioned earlier, much of what people believe they know about double anal sex is learned through porn.

What you see on the screen is done by professionals and part of a well-staged and produced fantasy.

Don’t use what you see in porn as a guide.

Watching double anal penetration in a video doesn’t mean “everyone” is doing it. But understanding that porn is fantasy doesn’t mean that no one is doing it, either.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if double anal is “normal” or not. What matters most is that if you do decide to try it, take your time and stay safe.

Whether you enjoy it and plan to do it all the time or you hate it and never attempt double anal penetration again, the way you feel about it is perfectly normal.

In Conclusion

Double anal penetration should be treated as the advanced sex move it is. Two penises, sex toys, or anything else in your butt is a delicate thing.

When done safely and slowly, double anal might feel amazing for everyone involved. When rushed, it can cause pain at best, and at worst, cause physical damage to the person on the receiving end.

If double anal is on your sexual bucket list, you don’t need a partner to make it happen. And if you and your partner are interested, you don’t need to plan an elaborate threesome, either.

Grab a sex toy and lube, and you can make your wildest sexual fantasies a reality.

Just remember to take your time and only explore this activity if YOU want to — if the idea of anal DP isn’t your thing, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.