Do Women Like Creampies?

Yes, many women enjoy creampies – when a partner ejaculates inside them vaginally, anally, or orally – for a variety of reasons, despite possible risks.
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Having or seeing an orifice overflowing with semen after ejaculation — also known as a creampie — isn’t for everyone, but some women enjoy being on the receiving end of creampies for a wide variety of reasons.

One woman might love the sensation of a man cumming inside her while another enjoys a heightened sense of intimacy with her partner because of it.

Some women revel in kinky power play and feel “owned” by their partners while other women enjoy the taboo thought of being a “dirty slut” after a man ejaculates inside them.

As we’ll discover, there are many reasons why girls like creampies.

Do you love the feeling of knowing your partner is cumming inside of you? Have you ever enjoyed the hot, sticky, wet sensation of their ejaculate oozing out of you afterward?

You might like creampies, too.

What Is A Creampie And Do Women Like Them?

Nothing is universal, so not every woman wants or enjoys a creampie — but some do.

Creampies are the aftereffect of a partner ejaculating inside another person’s body — vaginally, anally, or orally.

If you’re on the receiving end of a creampie, your partner’s cum is inside of you and it’s on display for them to see.

During anal and vaginal creampies, cum tends to ooze or drip out of either orifice — and some folks enjoy drinking it, an activity known as felching.

During oral creampies, the recipient might let some of it dribble down their chin or open their mouth to let their partner see it inside.

Popularized as a concept by porn in the late 90s, creampies are sometimes called money shots or internal cum shots.

It essentially takes one obvious outcome of penetrative sex — ejaculation — and turns it into its own sex act.

The dripping feeling that follows ejaculation may be pleasant for some women and annoying for others.

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Why Do Women Like Creampies?

I have a fetish. I get turned on by men cumming inside women. — Forum User

The reasons why people enjoy specific things during sex are varied and depend upon the person or people involved — and creampies are no exception.

They’re a popular topic of conversation in adult forums for sex-related discussions, including our own.

Some women enjoy creampies because:

  • They allow for a greater sense of intimacy and connection with their partner. A literal part of another person is inside their body.
  • They can be part of kinky power dynamics during sex. Having a partner cum inside sometimes signifies “ownership” or being “marked” by a partner. Some women find this extremely hot.
  • Allowing jizz to seep out of their body might be seen as taboo with a “dirty” or “used” sensation to it. In this way, creampies are sexually appealing and arousing.

One forum user said, “It’s a primal, visceral need with him. I can’t express the intimacy and intensity of looking into his eyes as I feel him coming. I haven’t had many partners, so I don’t have a lot to compare, but to be able to actually feel his release still blows my mind.”

Creampies aren’t as “fringe” as you might think. In 2017, several U.S. states had “creampie” as their top search term on Pornhub.

Do Creampies Feel Good For Women?

In many cases, there’s no real physical feeling to a creampie that’s different from any other time a partner ejaculates inside of you.

You might enjoy the hot, wet, dripping sensation afterward — or you might not — but that’s what cleaning up after sex is for.

The most prevalent feeling women get from creampies tends to be on the emotional and psychological side of the experience.

Depending on why you like creampies or how you’re playing with them during sex, you may feel closer to your partner, highly aroused, and/or like you’re exploring more of your sexual desires.

Knowing that you allowed your partner to put their body fluids inside you can heighten your sense of connection with them.

As another forum user explained: “I do sometimes let a man cum inside me if he is someone I know well and trust. I do love these times because it satisfies such a deep need. I love feeling the man shudder and groan as he cums deep inside me. It’s so delicious and satisfying.”

Sometimes creampies are more about sexual exploration or trying something your partner enjoys.

Additionally, being “marked” by your partner after he cums inside you can be part of a power dynamic if being under someone’s “ownership” gets you off.

Creampies can feel good if you’re turned on by the taboo of being “dirty” or “used” after sex, too. This is especially true if you’re a woman who enjoys double penetration with multiple partners (safely, of course).

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Are Creampies Safe?

The safety associated with creampies depends on two things: the risk of STD or STI transmission and, in the case of vaginal creampies, the risk of unintended pregnancy.

Before you and your partner explore sex without a condom, it’s important to have a conversation about each other’s STD or STI status.

STDs and STIs can be transmitted through all forms of unprotected sex.

If you use a condom with a partner because of a known (and positive) STD or STI status, creampies may not be an option for you.

But if one or both of you haven’t done so yet, this may be a good reason to get tested. Depending on your results, you might be cleared to have as much creampie fun as you can handle.

For those who don’t use condoms with a partner, creampies are no more or less safe than other penetrative sex you might have.

If your usual birth control method is to use a condom, a vaginal creampie definitely puts the woman at risk of unintended pregnancy.

Flow Chart Infographic To Help You Determine If You Should Let A Man Cum Inside You

If you employ other birth control methods besides condoms, vaginal creampies may be something you can do without much concern.

Anal and oral creampies eliminate that worry entirely, however, but not that of STI/STD risk.

Additionally, creampies can be “faked” with the use of cum lubes, which look (and often smell or taste) like real semen.

If STIs or pregnancy are a concern, a cum lubricant might be a good option.

In Conclusion

There’s nothing about sex that everyone enjoys all the time. We’re all unique and get aroused by different things.

But yes, many women enjoy creampies for a variety of reasons.

While creampies were popularized by porn, they’re something that can easily translate into the bedroom.

Before you try it yourself, however, consider your personal risk regarding pregnancy and STI transmission.