VR Interactive Fleshlights: How They Work & What To Know

A virtual reality (VR) Fleshlight allows you to sync the sensations of your stroker with either another person’s toy or VR porn for a more realistic experience.
photograph of a fleshlight between two pillows, a bottle of fleshlube, and an oculus virtual reality headset
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Updated:October 2023

A virtual reality (VR) Fleshlight is a type of stroker or pocket pussy that allows you to sync the sensations and movement of your masturbator with VR porn — or even another person’s sex toy.

Interactive male masturbators (also known as VR Fleshlights) can take the realistic sensations of your stroker to a whole new level by letting you immerse yourself in video, audio, and physical pleasure — all at the same time.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Fleshlight Universal Launch and Quickshot Launch are mechanical devices that “hold” your Fleshlight during use, controlling the speed and intensity of the stroking, hands-free.
  • The original (discontinued) Fleshlight Launch was an early VR interactive stroker, designed in partnership with Kiiroo — a company known for its interactive toy technology.
  • Many other strokers from different sex toy brands are interactive or work over long distances, including products from Kiiroo, Lovense, The Handy, and Hot Octopuss, and they’re often referred to as “VR Fleshlights” even though they don’t belong to the Fleshlight brand.
  • Monetary cost and whether you want an immersive porn experience are things to consider before buying an interactive Fleshlight.
  • Virtual reality Fleshlights are generally as safe as most other sex toys that utilize smartphone apps.

Although Fleshlight doesn’t currently offer an interactive model, there are plenty of pocket pussies and strokers that will make you the star of the show in your favorite porn videos or communicate with your partner’s sex toy for long-distance couple’s play.

What Is A VR Or Interactive Fleshlight?

photograph of a man laying down in bed while wearing a virtual reality headset while holding a fleshlight in his hand

A virtual reality or interactive Fleshlight is a masturbator that can pair with VR porn or a partner’s sex toy for an immersive experience, combining audio and/or visual stimulation with the physical sensations provided by the stroker.

A lot of companies have created amazing pocket pussies with VR capabilities, and they’re often referred to as “VR Fleshlights” despite having no connection with the actual Fleshlight brand.

These toys allow you to use your stroker with an app or even webcam sites through Bluetooth for a more interactive experience.

Once you choose the type of porn that suits you best, the toy lets you “feel” the action as it’s happening on the screen.

Some strokers are designed to work with VR headsets, too, so more of your senses are immersed in the experience.

Interactive Fleshlights, however, don’t just rely on VR porn.

Some — like literally all products made by Kiiroo — can work together with another person’s sex toys for partner play over any distance.

For instance, you can use your stroker while your partner uses their Kiiroo vibrator, and the toys interact with one another so you both feel the sensations together.

The original VR/interactive Fleshlight was the Fleshlight Launch, which was made with Kiiroo technology to create an immersive, hands-free experience.

You could set the speed and strokes, connect to the porn you loved best, and enjoy the ride.

These days, the interactive feature that made the Fleshlight Launch revolutionary is no longer available through the Fleshlight brand, as Kiiroo went on to create its own line of VR strokers.

However, you can still get the Universal Launch (fits any full-sized Fleshlight) or Quickshot Launch (fits all Quickshot models) for a hands-free, DIY interactive experience.

As we mentioned earlier, virtual reality Fleshlights aren’t always made by Fleshlight, as the brand name is often used to describe interactive strokers or pocket pussies, regardless of company affiliation.

How To Use A VR Fleshlight

There are two distinct ways to use a VR or interactive Fleshlight, but it all depends on what type of stroker you have.

If you have a toy designed to be used with an app, it’s fairly easy:

  • Download the app that can be used with your masturbator.
  • Turn your phone’s Bluetooth on.
  • Connect your device.
  • Go to your preferred VR porn site.
  • Use your toy and enjoy how it syncs up with your favorite video.

With or without an app, you can turn any Fleshlight or pocket pussy into a virtual reality experience with a VR headset.

You won’t get the same syncing, hands-free option, but it can still feel immersive.

If you have something like a Fleshlight Universal Launch or Quickshot Launch, for instance — or anything that lets you go hands-free — the experience may be a little less immersive, but still a lot of fun.

Both Launch models feature a convenient phone holder right on the device.

To use a Fleshlight Universal Launch or Quickshot Launch for hands-free immersive play:

  • Put your phone in the mount that comes with the Fleshlight Launch and Quickshot.
  • Find the porn you want to watch. (Pro tip: Look for POV porn so you feel like you’re really in the action.)
  • Set the speed or strokes you want for your Launch.
  • Sit back and enjoy the experience.

Types Of VR Fleshlights To Try

The first VR Fleshlight was the Fleshlight Launch.

It kicked off a wave of masturbation innovation, and although the original Launch is no longer available (unless you happen to purchase one used or own it already), there are several virtual reality strokers to try.

  • Fleshlight Universal Launch

product photograph of the fleshlight universal launchIf you have an original Launch, you should be able to use the interactive features as available, but the Fleshlight Universal Launch is the next best thing.

The Universal Launch offers automatic features like length, placement, and speed of the strokes, plus a phone mount so you can go totally hands-free.

It fits all full-sized Fleshlights and some claim it also works with strokers from other brands.

The Quickshot Launch works exactly the same way, except for Quickshot Fleshlight models only.

You can make your Fleshlight Launch a VR toy by using a virtual reality headset.

Although your toy won’t be able to sync with what you watch automatically, you can adjust the stroking settings to get it pretty close.

  • Kiiroo Masturbators

Kiiroo originally worked with Fleshlight to make the Launch interactive.

Now, they make their own VR and interactive masturbators.

Kiiroo is known for its VR and interactive technology, and each new toy model is better than the one before.

If you’re looking for a virtual reality stroker, you’ve got three to choose from:

product image of kiiroo keon with a fleshlight-like strokerKeon is the latest, greatest, and most technologically advanced stroker from Kiiroo.

Use their FeelMe AI to turn any adult content into interactive adult content to use with your stroker.

(Note: FeelMe AI requires a paid subscription to use.)

Onyx+ and Titan can be used alone, with content from FeelMe, VR headsets, and webcam sites Kiiroo has partnered with, as well as with partners who have their own Kiiroo toys.

The FeelMe app lets you connect your Kiiroo toys, access content, and provides a more interactive experience with any Kiiroo stroker.

  • Lovense Max 2

product photograph of the lovense max 2Lovense is another brand known for its interactive sex toys.

The Max 2 is a stroker that you can use with a VR headset and/or the Lovense Remote app.

The app gives you more options than the built-in settings for solo play and lets you play with partners, near and far, so it’s ideal for those in long-distance relationships.

It can also sync with other Lovense toys, so you and a partner can enjoy mutual pleasure across any distance as long as you’re both connected.

  • The Handy

product photograph of the handy automatic male masturbatorThe Handy is one of the few Fleshlight-like toys that actually lives up to its name, according to my husband — who loves his!

The Handy feels as close to a real handjob as any stroker can get.

All you need is an internet connection, and you can let your partner take control or sync with your favorite porn clip.

You don’t have to use the interactive and VR features to have a good time, but if you do, your porn and your “handjob” will sync in ways that might blow your mind — and your load.

  • Hot Octopuss Pulse Interactive

product photograph of hot octopuss pulse interactive masturbator with a mobile phone next to itThe Pulse Interactive by Hot Octopuss isn’t a traditional stroker.

It’s made of firm silicone instead of skin-like material, and you don’t use it quite like a Fleshlight.

Instead, it sits stationary around your shaft, and the vibrations do all of the work.

Hot Octopuss partnered with Kiiroo so you get the benefit of their VR and interactive technology with the FeelConnect app.

Instead of the strokes changing, as with other toys, the vibrations change instead.

Should I Buy A VR Fleshlight?

Whether you buy a virtual reality Fleshlight depends on what kind of experience you want to have — and your budget.

Don’t be surprised that interactive sex toys tend to have a higher price tag than their analog counterparts.

There are a few questions to ask yourself before you buy a VR masturbator:

  • Do I want an immersive experience when I masturbate?

As fun as using Fleshlights can be, sometimes it’s not quite enough to rely only on your imagination.

Feeling like you’re in the middle of the action with your favorite porn star may bring the excitement back for you.

  • Am I comfortable connecting my sex toy to an app on my phone?

Sex toy brands have made news in the past for not keeping their apps secure and spying on users.

For some people, the risk of having that kind of personal data out in the world is more than they’re willing to handle.

Only you know whether you’re comfortable using a sex toy app.

  • Do I already like to watch porn while getting myself off?

If you already love watching porn while using a Fleshlight, you may love the interactive experience of pairing VR porn with your toy.

  • Can I afford the price or will I use it enough to justify the cost?

VR Fleshlights and interactive masturbators can range in price from $200 to $250 or more.

For some, the cost is worth the experience — or the amount of use they’ll get out of it.

For others, not so much.

  • Will I take care of it so it lasts as long as possible?

Fleshlights, in general, need to be well taken care of to last as long as possible.

That means cleaning them after each use, letting them dry completely, and storing them to minimize dust and dirt.

Add in extra technology, and how well you take care of your interactive Fleshlight will determine if you get to play once or twice — or use it for years.

If you already know you’re the type of person who will forget to clean it or will toss it on the floor when you’re done with it, it might not be worth the cost.

Are VR Fleshlights Safe?

In general, yes — virtual reality Fleshlights are as safe as any other sex toy as long as you keep a few things in mind.

The material used to make Fleshlights can’t be fully sterilized after use.

You’ll need to clean it thoroughly to help prevent bacteria and mold growth or material breakdown over time.

Because it can’t be fully sterilized, you may not want to share it with partners until you know their STI status — or make sure anyone who uses it wears a condom.

Also, do a bit of research on the app your VR Fleshlight uses before downloading it to your phone.

If the app has a history of data breaches or other privacy concerns, you may want to avoid using it or consider adding a VPN to your smartphone.

Closing Thoughts

Interactive Fleshlights can elevate your solo sex experience and bring the porn you enjoy to life (at least a little bit).

Do your research before buying a virtual reality sex toy to make sure you get what works best for your budget and your self-pleasure.

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