Fleshlight Pro: What Happened – And Will It Be Back?

The customized Fleshlight Pro for content creators is currently not available but should be making a comeback in late 2023, according to insiders.
photograph of an open laptop with the only fans logo displayed, a fleshlight resting beside it with the vulva orifice facing the viewer
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Updated:September 2023

Debuting in 2022, Fleshlight Pro is a program that enables popular content creators, streamers, and cam girls (or guys!) to create customized Fleshlights modeled after their own vulvas or butts.

Unfortunately, Fleshlight’s system could not keep up with demand securely — the program remains temporarily offline as of this writing but a representative told us that the Fleshlight Pro will be back in action as early as fall, 2023.

Key Takeaways:

  • Sergio V., a Fleshlight representative we spoke with, explained that although “certain operations on Fleshlight Pro are on temporary hold,” upgrades are being implemented that will allow the company to address the demand securely and the program should make a return as early as the fall of 2023.
  • “Once completed, we will have world-class technical systems with robust capabilities and state-of-the-art security features to offer our Fleshlight Pro partners,” he told us, adding that the company will post an update when they have more information.
  • In partnership with the parent company, Fleshlight Pro allowed content creators and popular webcam models to design and sell Fleshlights modeled after their own vulvas or butts. The concept was similar to its Fleshlight Girls and Fleshjack Boys series, which features masturbators molded after porn stars’ anatomy.
  • All Fleshlight Pro partners are required to submit age verification documents, along with photos of their anatomy for the external mold designs — all of which are processed through Fleshlight’s technical systems.
  • The soft launch of the Fleshlight Pro in 2022 was so successful that the company had to temporarily halt further sales to enhance security and safety for its partners, and to meet overwhelming demand vs. supply.
  • Around the globe, Fleshlight customers have been curious about the return of Fleshlight Pro since it went offline.

*Editor’s Note: This article will be updated as we learn more about the status of Fleshlight Pro.

The soft launch of the Fleshlight Pro was so successful, the program was placed on a temporary hold for system updates.

The good news is that it will be back — the company provided Women’s Health Interactive with confirmation that we should expect Fleshlight Pro to return later in 2023.

We’ll explain everything we know so far, and tell you what the Fleshlight Pro was all about in the first place.

What Happened To The Fleshlight Pro?

screenshot of the fleshlight pro page on fleshlight's site, displaying a large white area with no information and simply the words, fleshlight pro

As of this writing, the Fleshlight Pro is currently unavailable, seemingly due to an overwhelming soft launch and a system that simply couldn’t handle the program adequately.

Sergio V., a representative from Fleshlight, explained:

“The response to the soft launch was fantastic. We are investing in upgrading our core technical systems to ensure that effective and secure methods are in place to handle the anticipated demand. As a result, certain operations on Fleshlight Pro are on temporary hold.”

In other words, their system is undergoing some major upgrades in order to handle the demand for Fleshlight Pro safely and securely upon its return.

“We expect this hold to last for the next few months and we will post an update when we have more information, as upgrades are built and put into place,” Sergio told us.

“Once completed, we will have world-class technical systems with robust capabilities and state-of-the-art security features to offer our Fleshlight Pro partners,” he added.

As of this writing, all previous Fleshlight Pro model links redirect to its homepage while the system is being upgraded.

From the moment it went offline, customers around the world have been begging the question, “Will Fleshlight Pro be back?”

The good news is that we likely won’t have long to wait.

When Will Fleshlight Pro Be Back?

Sergio V., the company representative we spoke with, said that the Fleshlight Pro should be back as early fall of 2023.

He explained that the company will post an update when it has more information as upgrades are being built and put into place.

We will update this article as that information becomes available.

What Exactly Is The Fleshlight Pro?

To understand what the Fleshlight Pro is, you first need to understand what a Fleshlight is all about.

These extraordinarily popular sex toys for men are discreetly shaped like a flashlight, but once the cap is unscrewed, an interior, skin-like masturbation sleeve is revealed.

The sleeve’s orifice resembles a vagina, mouth, or anus — and feels like you’re penetrating the real thing because it’s crafted from Super Skin, the patented (and phthalate-free) Fleshlight material.

Fleshlight Pro was a special program that allowed content creators, camgirls (or guys), Only Fans models, and other streamers to sell Fleshlights based on their own anatomy.

This allowed them to fulfill the sexual fantasies of their fans — and make some money doing it.

The models would digitally upload age verification documents, along with photos of their anatomy (vulva or butt) to get started.

From there, models would select their sleeve’s skin tone, and each Fleshlight Pro had a unique orifice mold based on photographs of the model’s vulva (including labia) or butt.

If the model had a genital piercing, they’d even add that to their Fleshlight Pro model for a more realistic user experience.

Limited textures of the masturbation sleeve were available for further customization, including Allure, Rapture, and Super Fly — each offering their own unique sensations.

Allure provides an unexpected pattern of ridges to explore, while Rapture offers a series of twisty nubs and SuperFly features a progression of softly curved bumps along the interior wall of the sleeve.

(Internal vaginal or anal molds were not used in the making of Fleshlight Pros.)

Participants would then get a cut of the sales profits from their Fleshlight model — 15% of the sales price per unit, plus up to 30% commission on other Fleshlight product sales — when the program was active.

Fleshlight Pro was open to both male and female content creators, but the concept of it went viral — and demand soon exceeded supply and put a strain on the program’s technical systems.

It’s likely that the sheer volume of content creators and models asking Fleshlight to create a Fleshlight mold of their anatomy helped inspire the concept of the Fleshlight Pro and its explosive popularity.

What’s the Difference Between Fleshlight Pro And Fleshlight Girls?

Model Type
Outer Shell
Fleshlight Pro
Model Type
Porn Stars Commissioned By Fleshlight
Any Sexy Content Creator With A Following
Vagina Or Anus Featuring Star’s Signature
Vagina Or Anus
Outer Shell
Iridescent White
Standard Black
Varies Based On Model
3: Allure, Rapture, Super Fly
* Both models available in full-size Fleshlight dimensions (accommodates 8-9 inches in length and a 7 1/2-inch girth), crafted from patented SuperSkin material, and has a skin tone based on the model.

Both lines are modeled after real women who have a following and are sexually desired around the globe, but Fleshlight Girls are limited to popular porn stars chosen by the company.

Fleshlight Pro, on the other hand, offered a much greater and more diverse selection of girls to choose from because any interested performer could join the program and commission a bespoke Fleshlight based on their anatomy.

Fleshlight Girls consists of a select group of Fleshlight molds, modeled after the hottest stars in the adult entertainment industry such as Riley Reid, Mia Malkova, Elsa Jean, Angela White, Dillion Harper, Eva Lovia, Stoya (Destroya), Abella Danger Emily Willis, and Kenzie Reeves.

Fleshlight Girls feature an iridescent white case and the porn star’s signature is imprinted on the orifice.

Although popular, it’s not that easy to become a Fleshlight Girl since this branding is reserved for only very well-known adult entertainment stars.

With Fleshlight Pro, however, the models are content creators with varied levels of popularity.

Many of these creators have a very niche following and while they may be popular among their loyal fans, they’re not at the level of a Fleshlight Girl.

The Fleshlight Pro program gave these lesser-known content creators a chance to create a masturbator molded after themselves, branded by Fleshlight — albeit at a higher price point compared to Fleshlight Girls.

A Fleshlight Pro costs over $300.

Fleshlight Girls, however, generally run between $59.95 and $79.95.

With Fleshlight Pro, you’re really just paying a premium for a much more niche product.

Although Fleshlight Pro does offer three different textures, they aren’t necessarily better than those in the Fleshlight Girls line, although the latter offers far more to choose from.

Closing Thoughts

Fleshlight Pro will be back, with an ETA slated for as early as the fall of 2023, which is great news for anyone who has been missing its availability.

In the meantime, Fleshlight Girls might fulfill some of your fantasies at a much lower price — but rest assured, your favorite sexy creators will have their Fleshlights back in action soon.

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