How To Clean A Fleshlight: Step By Step With Demos

Cleaning your Fleshlight is important yet simple, involving just a few steps that will keep your favorite pocket pussy in tip-top shape.
photograph of justin holding a fleshlight sleeve and a bottle of fleshwash cleaner in his hand
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Updated:December 2023

Cleaning any sex toy is important, but it is even more so when it comes to your Fleshlight, which features a tight channel that extends throughout the sleeve — the perfect place for moisture to collect and bacteria to thrive.

Cleaning your Fleshlight properly will help avoid a myriad of problems and keep your favorite pocket pussy in tip-top shape.

If you’re ready to get right to it, watch our video below:

Key Takeaways:

  • It’s a lot easier to clean your Fleshlight than it might seem: remove the sleeve from the case, flush with water, apply compatible cleaner, and rinse everything thoroughly.
  • Cleaning, followed by proper drying and maintenance, will prevent mold, mildew, and bacteria from growing on the surface of your Fleshlight sleeve material.
  • You don’t necessarily need to use Fleshlight-branded cleaning products, but they do help and can promote the longevity of your stroker’s material.
  • Make sure to add Fleshlight Renewal Powder after your Fleshlight is completely dry, as it helps to maintain the surface texture between uses.
  • It’s important to clean and dry your Fleshlight after every use — no exceptions.

Cleaning is one of the most important parts of Fleshlight maintenance and we’ll provide step-by-step instructions to keep your new favorite toy clean as a whistle.

How To Clean A Fleshlight

Cleaning your Fleshlight, no matter what kind you have, is vitally important.

Some styles may require a more involved and mindful process if they’re heavily textured on the inside, but overall, the process is simple:

Cleaning and drying your Fleshlight properly will keep nasty stuff like mold and mildew from building up on the inside of the sleeve.

If you skip the clean-up and mold does grow, it could potentially pose a health risk and will likely ruin your toy entirely.

Here is what you will need to clean your Fleshlight:

  • Warm running water
  • Compatible sex toy cleaner (preferably FleshWash)
  • A microfiber cloth or strong paper towel

Step 1: Remove The Bottom Cap

photograph of justin holding a fleshlight in one hand and its bottom cap in the other with text overlay that reads: step 1: remove bottom cap

To begin, you’ll need to fully unscrew and remove the bottom cap, which makes it easier to remove the sleeve in the next step.

Set the cap aside for now but it must also be rinsed and cleaned — especially if the device was left standing up for a few minutes after use.

Semen and lube will collect inside the cap, as Fleshlight sleeves are not sealed at the bottom.

Step 2: Remove The Sleeve

photograph of justin removing the sleeve from a fleshlight case with text overlay that reads: step 2 remove sleeve

Disassemble your Fleshlight the rest of the way by removing the SuperSkin sleeve from the case.

It should slip out easily.

Step 3: Spray Cleaner Inside And Out

photograph of justin spraying fleshwash cleaning solution into a fleshlight sleeve with text overlay that reads: step 3 spray cleaner on outside and inside

Spray FleshWash or a Fleshlight-compatible sex toy cleaner on the outside of the fun end and spritz some on the inside of the sleeve as well.

Do not use cleaning products with soaps or detergents, as this can degrade the SuperSkin material.

You can use soap to clean the end cap or casing, as they are both made from plastic.

Step 4: Rinse Thoroughly

photograph of justin pouring water through a fleshlight sleeve with text overlay that reads: step 4 use warm running water to rinse outside and inside

With warm (not scolding hot) running water, rinse the sleeve inside and out.

For Fleshlights that feature an intricate internal texture, keep the water running through long enough to ensure that every bit of debris and cleaner is flushed out.

My best advice?

Flip it over halfway through and rinse water through the other end of the sleeve as well.

Step 5: Clean And Rinse The Cap

photograph of justin holding a fleshlight cap in his hand with text overlay that reads: step 5 clean bottom cap

Follow the same process for the little end cap, applying cleaner and rinsing well.

It’s a good idea to do a quick cleaning of the case while you’re at it.

Step 6: Pat Dry

photograph of justin patting a fleshlight sleeve with a small towel and text overlay that reads: step 6 pat dry with microfiber cloth or regular towel

Gently shake off any excess water before carefully patting the outside dry with a clean microfiber cloth or strong paper towel.

Dry the inside of the end cap.

I suggest a strong paper towel to avoid any bits of paper coming off and sticking to the sleeve.

Leave your Fleshlight sleeve out to air dry completely before reassembly.

It may take some time, but you do not want to stow away a damp Fleshlight sleeve because wet environments can breed mold and mildew.

A dry Fleshlight is so important that there are multiple ways to do it, including the Air, a standing dryer that streamlines the entire process.

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Step 7: Apply Renewal Powder

photograph of justin applying fleshlight renewal powder inside a clear fleshlight to demonstrate its application more clearly with text overlay that reads: step 7 lightly coat the interior with renewal powder

Once the sleeve is completely dry and slipped back into the case (which should also be dry), sprinkle a bit of the Fleshlight Renewing Powder down the hole.

Don’t have any?

No problem — it’s just 100% cornstarch, which you probably have in your pantry right now.

You want to use just enough Renewal Powder or cornstarch to lightly coat the inside.

After that, replace both caps and tuck away your Fleshlight for future fun.

How To Clean A Quickshot

Cleaning out a Quickshot is largely the same process, if not a bit easier.

Thanks to the open-ended design and shorter sleeve size, the process feels like it goes by a bit faster — because it does.

You’ll want to make sure to follow the same steps we outlined above, cleaning, rinsing, and drying the sleeve thoroughly before applying Renewing Powder or cornstarch.

Why It’s Important To Clean Your Fleshlight

photograph of justin holding a white fleshlight case in his hand

We already have a handy dandy guide to cleaning sex toys in general, but Fleshlights are their own beast.

Thanks to the way they are made, with hundreds of nooks and crannies hidden inside the special SuperSkin material, Fleshlights require a bit more care than the average sex toy.

Moisture and, well, whatever else you left in there, can cause mold and bacterial build-up over time.

As mentioned earlier, using a sex toy harboring moldy bacterium can potentially cause health problems — not to mention destroying your expensive pocket pussy — so be sure that you properly clean and dry your Fleshlight.

  • How Often Should You Clean Your Fleshlight?

You should wash and dry your Fleshlight after each and every use.

This not only maintains your safety but also extends the longevity of your stroker.

  • What Is The Easiest Fleshlight To Clean?

The easiest to clean Fleshlights are the ones with little-to-no texture along the inside of the sleeve.

That doesn’t mean you should skimp on the effort, but the smooth interior does make proper cleaning more effective.

Additionally, Quickshots are very easy to clean, given their shorter size and simpler, open-ended design.

Do You NEED To Use The Fleshlight Cleaning Kit?

No, you do not necessarily need the Fleshlight Cleaning Kit, but it will make things easier and give you a bit more peace of mind.

Thanks to the unique nature of the SuperSkin material, it is best to stick with the already-approved FleshWash cleaning spray.

You wouldn’t want to accidentally ruin your new Fleshlight by using something that doesn’t work well with the sleeve — and that includes any soap or detergent that lathers.

Closing Thoughts

Learning how to clean a Fleshlight is just as important as learning how to use it.

You can’t have one without the other.

Stick with the instructions above and make sure to do a thorough cleaning job to keep your Fleshlight as good as new and feeling great!

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