How To Dry A Fleshlight: Step By Step With Demos

Drying your Fleshlight is vital and there are plenty of ways to accomplish it, including dryers, hangers, and several easy DIY methods.
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Updated:December 2023

Drying a Fleshlight thoroughly is just as important as Fleshlight cleaning if you want to avoid potential issues like mold growth — and there are lots of ways to accomplish it.

Some require special drying equipment from Fleshlight, while others just require a little patience.

Our video below will take you through some of the most popular and effective methods of drying your Fleshlight:

Key Takeaways:

  • There are several ways to dry a Fleshlight, including air drying (with or without special drying racks or stands like the Hang Dry, Stand Dry, or Screw Dry), the Fleshlight Air (branded dryer), a fan, or a microfiber towel, among others that work with varying degrees of success.
  • Drying your Fleshlight is just as important as cleaning it because excess moisture can lead to mold and mildew growth within the sleeve over time.
  • It can take a few to several hours for a Fleshlight to air dry completely. Those living in warmer climates may find that the drying time is longer.
  • Always make sure the sleeve is completely dry before putting your Fleshlight back together.
  • You can purchase equipment for drying a Fleshlight, including a standing dryer and specially designed racks and hangers.

Drying a Fleshlight is so important to avoid potential mold or bacterial growth inside the sleeve.

This may sound obvious, but mold inside your Fleshlight is a bad thing — you put your penis in there, after all.

Even though it can take a bit of time and/or effort, keeping your Fleshlight sleeve dry is crucial and we’ll walk you through all the ways to do it — and what to avoid.

How To Dry Your Fleshlight

There are a few popular and effective ways to dry a Fleshlight, demonstrated in our video below:

Some require extra equipment, while others can be achieved with common household items.

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Fleshlight Air

photograph of justin holding the fleshlight air to demonstrate how it works

The Fleshlight Air is a neat piece of kit that is essentially a focused blowdryer so you can just set it and forget it.

It’s also the fastest way to dry your Fleshlight.

The first step, after cleaning and rinsing your Fleshlight, is to get rid of as much excess moisture as possible.

You can do this by patting the outside of the sleeve with a clean microfiber cloth or paper towel.

Once the exterior is dried off, place the Fleshlight sleeve back in the case without the bottom or top caps attached.

From here you can easily lock the case into the Fleshlight Air to hold it in place and turn on the machine.

There are three timed settings in increments of 20 minutes.

You can set it all the way up to 60 minutes, but the device will automatically shut off once the time is up.

Drying time can really depend on a lot of factors — like if you live in a humid environment or how well the inside is dried already — but this device usually dries a Fleshlight in about 40 minutes.

Fleshlight Drying Rack (Screw Dry)

photograph of the fleshlight screw dryThe Screw Dry from Fleshlight lets you air-dry the Fleshlight and uses gravity to remove the bulk of any water still inside.

After cleaning and patting dry, put the sleeve back in the case and screw the bottom end into the standing rack.

Make sure the Screw Dry is placed on a flat, stable surface, and let it drip into the bottom shelf and air dry.

This method uses ambient air and gravity, so it may be a while before you get the inside of the sleeve bone dry.

For me, it was best to just leave it overnight.

Fleshlight Hang Dry

photograph of justin holding the fleshlight hang dry with a sleeve attached to it

The Hang Dry looks like a coat hanger with a little something extra.

For this one, all you need to do is clean and pat dry as normal and then slip the sleeve itself into the hole.

It should hold the sleeve at the top where it would normally hang over the case.

Hang it up somewhere, preferably with good airflow, away from electronics and anything else you don’t want to drip water on.

The shower is a good place to try for the first use.

Again, this method could take several hours and I recommend leaving it out overnight.

Fleshlight Stand Dry

photograph of the fleshlight stand dryThe Stand Dry is like a hybrid of the Screw Dry and the Hang Dry.

Like the Hang Dry, once rinsed off and the excess moisture has been removed, you can slide that sucker into the ring for a secure fit.

The water will drip into the cup at the bottom, which can be discarded later.

Like other air and gravity methods, this one might need to be left alone for several hours or even overnight for thorough drying.

DIY Fleshlight Drying Methods

photograph of justin holding a fleshlight with the cap off and pointing at the open end while talking about drying methods

While products from Fleshlight that help with the drying process are great, there are plenty of other ways you can achieve the same (or even better) results at home with a few clever tricks.

Drying A Fleshlight With A Fan

After you have cleaned the inside and dried the exterior of the sleeve, pop it back in the case.

Leave both ends open and place your Fleshlight in front of a running fan, with the widest opening facing the incoming air.

Smaller fans might work best for this method, as the airflow is more concentrated.

Some suggest using a computer fan, but personally, I wouldn’t recommend this method.

For one, you’d need to place a wet item near electrical outlets and let water get blown out.

Also, computer fans don’t maintain consistent airflow.

If your PC blasts more air than a standing or small desk fan for extended periods of time, you might need to get that checked out instead of using it to dry your Fleshlight.

If you’re looking for the fastest way to dry your Fleshlight, your best option is going to be the Fleshlight Air.

Air Drying Your Fleshlight

Air drying is as simple as it gets — and it’s free.

With both ends of the Fleshlight case open, you can just let it sit out until it dries completely.

For best results, I recommend standing the unit upright on a level surface with a hand towel on it.

This takes the longest — at least three hours if not overnight — before your Fleshlight is completely dry.

Drying A Fleshlight With A Hair Dryer

Using a hair dryer on your Fleshlight can speed things up quite a bit, but you need to be pretty careful because too much heat can damage the sleeve’s material.

If you have a hair dryer with a cool-air function, however, that is best — and safest.

Take your SuperSkin sleeve and use your fingers to widen the top hole a bit, but be careful to not stretch it too far or the material might rip.

Point the hair dryer into the material and blast away.

If you don’t have a hair dryer that blows cool air and you still want to use it to dry your Fleshlight, you must be very careful to not hold it too close or in one spot for too long.

No one wants a melted Fleshlight.

After about 5 to 10 minutes of even and constant blowing, you should be ready to put the sleeve back in the case and store it for later.

Drying Your Fleshlight On A Clothes Hanger

This method might be as effective as the proprietary Fleshlight Hang Dry, but it requires some craftiness and a little caution.

Bend a wire hanger so that when you place your Fleshlight sleeve in it, it hangs vertically.

Slide the sleeve on and hang it up for a few hours to completely dry.

Although this can work if you’re careful, it is another method I wouldn’t recommend for a few reasons.

First, the metal could tear or otherwise damage the inside of the sleeve.

Additionally, I’m not sure how well the wet metal (of questionable makeup) and SuperSkin will play together — some metal hangers may leave rust spots behind.

Instead of using a mangled wire hanger, I would recommend trying a towel rack that is built into your bathroom wall.

photograph of a fleshlight sleeve hanging from a towel rack along a bathroom wall

The bulbous end should hold it in place and yield a similar result to the Hang Dry — and I’ve used that method myself.

Fleshlight Drying With A Shammy (Microfiber Cloth) Or Paper Towel

photograph of justin snaking tightly rolled paper towel through the center of his fleshlight sleeve to dry it

After you’re done washing and rinsing your Fleshlight sleeve, take a clean microfiber cloth and snake it inside.

You can reach your fingers through the bottom hole to grab it and gently pull the cloth through so it goes from end to end — microfiber won’t leave fabric bits behind.

When putting your fingers into the hole of the sleeve, be careful to not tear the material.

Once the sleeve is filled with the cloth, give it a few good squeezes up and down.

Slowly remove the cloth by pulling it through either side.

Yelling “Ta-Da!” is optional.

This is the method I use the most, but I use good-quality paper towels instead of microfiber cloth.

Roll a few sheets of strong paper towels tightly to make what is essentially a pipe cleaner.

Use it the same way you would the microfiber cloth, but go a bit slower and gentler.

You don’t want to rip or tear the paper towel, which would leave little bits of damp paper inside your Fleshlight and send you back to square one.

This method is effective when done right and only takes about five minutes.

Drying A Fleshlight With An Air Pump

Place the nozzle of your air pump to the smaller opening at the bottom of the Fleshlight sleeve.

Be sure to get a good seal to avoid splashback.

Pump away until the unit is dry.

Depending on the pump, this could take anywhere from 10 to 15 minutes of continuous pumping.

Drying A Fleshlight With Rubbing Alcohol

Using rubbing alcohol is kind of an odd one, but people on the internet seem to like it, and it does make some sense — although I’d be leery of trying it myself.

This method tends to fall more under how to clean a Fleshlight that also makes the drying easier.

Using high-proof, around 90%, isopropyl rubbing alcohol to clean out the inside and letting it air dry should theoretically move things along faster than standard water.

Alcohol evaporates much faster than water, which (again, in theory) cuts the drying time down.

Once it’s completely evaporated, you can add the Renewal Powder (or cornstarch) to your sleeve, and it should be as good as new.

While this method does seem to be popular, use caution.

You are going to put your penis in there, after all — and there’s no telling what repeated applications of rubbing alcohol will do to your Fleshlight’s material over time.

Why You Should Dry Your Fleshlight

photograph of justin holding a fleshlight sleeve and stretching the orifice slightly to show the inside

Drying a Fleshlight is paramount to keeping it in good condition so it’s ready to go whenever you want to use it.

If left damp, mold, mildew, and bacteria can gunk up the inside of the Fleshlight sleeve and ruin your favorite new toy.

If you pull out your Fleshlight and notice a strong musty or unpleasant odor, then it’s best to avoid using it altogether and pick up a replacement sleeve, instead.

The great thing about Fleshlights is that the sleeves are interchangeable so a full-size case can accommodate any full-size sleeve the company sells.

Closing Thoughts

Typically, we like to tell you how to make things wet and slippery, but drying out a Fleshlight is just as important to keep the fun going.

Follow the tips, tricks, and methods above to keep your Fleshlight bone dry and feeling fresh, and it’ll always be ready for action whenever you are.

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