Dipping Your Toes Into The Wonderful World Of Toe Sucking

Toe sucking isn’t for everyone, but plenty of people, men and women, love it. In fact, while it isn’t always a kink, many enjoy it just because it feels good.
Image Of A Woman Sucking Her Partner's Toes
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In general, there are two types of people in this world: those who hate the idea of touching feet at all — and everyone else.

If you’re happy to touch someone’s feet and, ideally, put their toes in your mouth, you’re probably into toe sucking.

And if you’re not ticklish, you might even enjoy having your toes sucked by someone else.

It’s not “weird” if you’re into feet. In fact, as we’ll discover, there are many reasons why people enjoy this sensual pastime.

What Is Toe Sucking And Why Do People Enjoy It?

Image Of A Person's Feet, The Person Is Lying Down On A Bed

Toe sucking, also known as shrimping, is another form of oral sex.

Instead of sucking, nibbling, and licking genitals, though, you or your partner travel farther south to your tootsies.

While some people have an immediate “Ew!” response to the idea, plenty of other people love sucking on someone’s toes or getting their toes sucked.

Why Do People Suck Toes And Why Does It Feel Good?

For some, toe sucking is about the intimacy of the moment. And you never know where it may lead. One day you’re sucking toes, the next you’re sensually washing your partner’s hair:

“My husband rubs my feet and sucks my toes. This is part of foreplay [for us]. Now he has started to wash my hair over the sink…” From our forum.

There is also a taboo element to toe sucking which can be part of the turn-on. You’re doing something society has told you not to — and it feels good.

Others enjoy sucking their partner’s toes because they know it provides pleasure and makes their partner feel good. It’s like anything else in sex. Yes, you want to feel good, but you also want your partner to enjoy the moment, too.

For people on the receiving end, feet are highly sensitive (as anyone who’s ticklish already knows) but when stimulated just right, that sensitivity can turn to erotic pleasure. If you’ve ever groaned in a good way during a foot massage, you know how good the right touch can feel.

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Is Toe Sucking Always Sexual?

If a baby puts their (or your!) toes in their mouth, they’re not signaling their future kink status. Because babies put everything in their mouths, including as much of their feet as they can fit.

But when adults do it for each other, there tends to be a sexual component to it. Though it could be argued that if toe sucking is part of a kinky power dynamic, it may not be sexual at all. (More on that in a moment.)

The appeal of toe sucking for many, though, is the eroticism and sexual pleasure of the experience.

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Is Toe Sucking The Same As A Foot Fetish Or Kink?

Sucking toes is often classified as part of a foot fetish, but that’s not universally true.

In order for it to be a fetish, most of the arousal will come from the toes or feet themselves. Not the sexual pleasure provided for the person having their toes sucked.

→ For more, read: How Common Is A Foot Fetish?

Toe sucking in kink is sometimes known as foot worship which is about the power dynamics between the owners of the feet and the submissive or bottom who worships them with their tongue. In this case, it could be part of a power exchange or it may be a form of erotic humiliation.

This should also not be confused with a high heel or shoe fetish.

Sucking on toes, for many people, is pleasurable on its own without any specific attraction to feet or desire for kinky power play.

Bottom Line: Toe sucking can be intimate, erotic, kinky, or just something new to try in bed. It doesn’t really matter why you like having your toes sucked or why you want to suck your partner’s tootsies. If it’s consensual and feels good, go for it!

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Do Women Like Their Toes Sucked?

Image Of A Woman's Hands And Feet, The Woman Is Touching Her Feet With Her Hands

Nothing in sex is universal, so not all women want you licking, nibbling, or sucking on their toes. But many women do enjoy it for a variety of reasons.

Toe sucking is very intimate. Our feet aren’t usually the center of attention, but there is something highly erotic to knowing your partner wants their mouth on every inch of you, including your toes.

Each foot has thousands of nerve endings. No wonder they’re so sensitive! For some women, this sensitivity is pleasurable, especially once the warm pressure of a tongue is applied.

Women who take a dominant role in their kinky relationship may enjoy the sight of their partner using their mouth to worship their toes. That it feels good may be secondary to the power dynamic it provides.

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Do Men Enjoy Having Their Toes Sucked?

Toes have no gender, and they’re also a sensitive area of the body which can be erotic. Yes, that includes men.

While it’s common to think of men sucking toes, they can also enjoy being on the receiving end of tongue action. Women suck toes, too.

“The first time this was done to me it strangely felt very erotic. It was like an electric shock going straight to my penis…” Overheard on the forum.

Bottom Line: Girls suck toes, guys suck toes, anyone and everyone can be into toe sucking. Because of how sensitive feet are, the sensation of a mouth and tongue on your toes can be extremely pleasurable.

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How To Suck Toes

 Image Of A Man Kissing His Partner's Feet

Toe sucking sounds fairly simple: Apply mouth and tongue to willing toes. But because there’s some level of taboo around the idea, it’s not always that simple.

There are a few things to keep in mind before you suck a toe.

How To Bring Up Toe Sucking With Your Partner

No matter how sexy it may sound to you, surprising your partner by licking their toes with no warning isn’t a good idea. You’re going to have to talk about it with them first.

If you’re unsure about how they feel, bring it up casually at first. Try something like, “I read something online about men sucking women’s toes. What do you think about that?”

A partner who doesn’t immediately curl their nose and look grossed out is someone you can talk to about it. If they seem interested, mention that you’d like to try it with them.

Give your partner time to think about it and ask any questions they may have.

If your partner approached you about toe sucking, try to listen with an open mind. It may be something you never considered before, and you need time to think about it. Let them know that you’re willing to consider it.

Toe sucking might be on your “never-going-to-do-it” list, and that’s okay. But don’t act like it’s the grossest thing you’ve ever heard of, either.

All that will do is tell your partner they can’t bring up their sexual desires with you in the future.

How To Prepare For Toe Sucking

Sucking toes is fairly safe. You don’t have to worry about STI transmission or pregnancy. The biggest concern is cleanliness and odor.

The easiest way to get your toes ready to be sucked is to take a shower and pay extra attention to your feet. Avoid lotion until after your partner has their fun as the taste may be unpleasant.

For some couples, preparation is part of foreplay. Washing your feet (or your partner’s feet) can be part of the sexy fun.

How To Suck Toes

Technically, toe sucking is as simple as putting a toe in your mouth and sucking. But as with all sexy fun, there’s more to it than that.

First, it’s important to get both of you in the mood. Get naked. Dim the lights. Turn on some music. Do whatever turns you both on.

Next, consider starting with a foot massage. This can help reduce ticklishness as your feet become used to being touched.

Once you’re ready to get your mouth involved, you’ve got a lot of options:

  • Slowly lick one toe at a time.
  • Run your tongue across multiple toes at once.
  • Suck on a single toe.
  • Suck on two or three toes.
  • Lavish attention on the big toe or spend time on the smaller toes.

No matter how the tongue-action goes, increase the pressure with your tongue and mouth as you progress. This increases the intensity of the sensation and the pleasure.

Yes, some people can orgasm from having their toes sucked, and technique matters.

What positions are best for toe sucking?

It depends on what’s most comfortable to you and your partner, but there are a few to try:

  • Have your partner sit in a tall chair and kneel at their feet. This allows you to look into their eyes while their toes are in your mouth which is great for foot worship.
  • Have them sit or lie on the bed and kneel next to them. It may be easier to prop their foot up on the bed for easier access.
  • Treat this a bit like oral sex and have them lie on the bed. You’ll start further south but you can always work your way up to their genitals later.
  • If you’re both into sucking each other’s toes, get into a 69 position but skip each other’s crotch and have a good time on their toes instead.

No matter what you do, don’t forget to invite your hands to the party. You can touch, stroke, massage, and caress the toes that aren’t being sucked and licked for more pleasure.

Bottom Line: Toe sucking isn’t very difficult, but like every other part of sex, there’s always a way to make it better for both partners. Talk to your partner about your toe sucking desires. Make sure those tootsies are clean and smell good first. After that, focus on the pleasure you both feel and find the technique that works best for both of you.


Toe sucking isn’t for everyone, but plenty of people, men and women, love it. Just remember that sucking feet doesn’t necessarily have to be a kink, but even if it is, anyone can enjoy the act of giving or receiving.

While it’s a fairly straightforward sex act, learning a few techniques and positions can make it better for both of you.

No matter how you suck toes or get your toes sucked, enjoy the intimacy of the moment and remember, you don’t have to apologize for what turns you on and gets you off.

Have you tried toe sucking? Do you absolutely love it — or did you try it only to discover that it wasn’t your thing after all?

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