Is It Safe To Buy, Sell, Or Reuse A Previously Owned Fleshlight?

Should you buy or sell a used Fleshlight? Probably not – for lots of reasons.
photograph of a black fleshlight laying on soft material beside its box as though previously used or owned
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Updated:October 2023

If you’re wondering whether it’s safe to buy, sell, or reuse a previously-owned Fleshlight, it might make economic sense but it isn’t safe because they’re made from porous material that cannot be sterilized.

Using a previously-owned Fleshlight can put you (or someone else) at risk for infections (including STIs) and the interior of the sleeve can harbor hidden mold or mildew if the toy wasn’t properly maintained.

Key Takeaways:

  • Fleshlights are made of patented SuperSkin, a porous mineral-based polymer with a realistic skin-like texture that cannot be fully sanitized or sterilized — no matter HOW well you try to clean it.
  • Dr. Sarah Melancon, a certified sexologist on our medical review board, told us that Fleshlights “shouldn’t be shared with another penis” for this reason.
  • While contracting STIs from a used Fleshlight is likely rare, it’s not impossible.
  • Additionally, the interior of the sleeve may harbor bacteria or viruses and if not maintained properly by the previous owner, can grow mold that’s impossible to remove.
  • You can’t be sure a used Fleshlight is as clean as the seller claims, even if they say they always used a condom with it and maintained it properly — nor can you ever wash it effectively enough to ensure its safety if you’re trying to sell one.
  • It’s not easy to sell a used Fleshlight due to restrictions from online platforms that allow the sale of previously-owned sex toys — largely because of the risk that porous materials present to potential buyers — even if it is brand new and still in the box.

By purchasing a used Fleshlight, you’re keeping waste out of landfills, making it an “eco-friendly” option in that regard, but you’re putting your own safety at risk by doing so.

We’ll talk about whether you should buy, use, or sell a previously-owned Fleshlight — and why it’s not safe (or smart).

Should I Buy A Used Fleshlight?

While it’s tempting to save a little money — and keep plastics and other materials out of landfills — buying a used Fleshlight isn’t a good idea.

Fleshlights use a patented material they call SuperSkin which is made from a “mineral-based patented polymer using food-grade mineral oil.”

While that might mean it’s okay for your dick, that doesn’t guarantee you’ll ever get it fully clean — or that bacteria and mold won’t grow on its surface.

Although the seller may reassure you they’ve “barely used it” or “cleaned it thoroughly,” there’s no way to know for sure.

Most importantly, you can’t just sterilize and sanitize it yourself, either.

Soap and water (or even sex toy cleaners) do a great job of cleaning the surface of a sex toy, but Fleshlights are not supposed to be cleaned with soaps or detergents – only with water, or their proprietary Fleshwash.

You have no way of knowing how the previous owner took care of the Fleshlight — or didn’t.

Maybe they didn’t dry it thoroughly.

Maybe they didn’t use Fleshwash or didn’t rinse it well, and maybe they used harsh soaps that damaged the material on the inside.

It’s entirely possible for mold, mildew, and bacteria to already be growing in the porous material of the Fleshlight sleeve when you buy it — and then it’s too late.

Is It Safe To Use A Previously-Owned Fleshlight?

It is probably not safe to use a previously-owned Fleshlight because its material can never be sanitized or sterilized.

Dr. Sarah Melancon, a sociologist and certified sexologist on our medical review board, advised that porous sex toy materials — including Fleshlight’s patented SuperSkin, have microscopic holes along the surface that can harbor bacteria.

Most importantly, she said that toys of this nature “shouldn’t be shared with another penis.”

Here’s what you need to ask yourself if you’re considering using a previously-owned Fleshlight:

  • Did the owner have any sexually transmitted infections (STIs)?
  • Did they wear a condom while using it — each and every time?
  • Was the Fleshlight cleaned thoroughly between uses?
  • Did the previous owner maintain the sleeve properly, drying it well and using cornstarch (or Fleshlight Renewing Powder) to prevent mold and mildew growth on the material’s surface?

You can’t know any of the answers for sure.

And even if you do (or think you do), there is no way to sanitize or sterilize the Fleshlight’s material because it’s porous.

If you’re thinking of getting a used Fleshlight, the question on your mind might be, “Can you get STDs from a Fleshlight?”

The answer is…it depends.

Bacteria and viruses can live on the surface of sex toys, although the exact amount of time varies.

Additionally, mold can and does grow on the surface of Fleshlight material if it’s not been cleaned, dried, and maintained correctly.

Fleshlights feature a deep internal sleeve that provides friction and texture against the penis during use — and that can be home to some pretty nasty stuff that won’t necessarily be visible to the naked eye.

It might be safe to use a previously-owned Fleshlight if you wear a condom each (and every!) time, but otherwise, it’s going to be a risk you probably don’t want to take.

Can I Sell My Used Fleshlight?

Technically, you can do whatever you want — if you decide to have a “used Fleshlight” sale, no one can stop you.

However, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a good idea, or that it will be easy.

Fleshlights — and other knock-off brands of male masturbators — are made with a porous material designed to feel as life-like as possible.

That’s what makes them feel so great. But that also means they can never be fully sterilized.

Because of this, even platforms designed to help people buy and sell used sex toys, like Squeaky Clean Toys, won’t allow Fleshlights or other similar products in their marketplace — even if they’re brand new and in the box.

A lot of other online platforms that allow people to buy and sell used items may not allow sex toys.

Facebook Marketplace is a great example.

Adult products are not allowed; and if you’re caught reselling a used Fleshlight, your account could be banned.

You might be able to sell your Fleshlight on eBay, but according to their guidelines, it has to be brand new and in the box — and sex toy sellers must be pre-approved by the platform beforehand.

Can I Return A Used Fleshlight To The Store?

Maybe — but whether you can return your used Fleshlight entirely depends on where you purchased it.

Most retailers will not allow returns of previously-used sex toys.

Some sex toy vendors don’t allow returns for any reason while others offer money-back guarantees for a certain amount of time.

Below, we’ll list our trusted vendors and their return policies, as of this writing:

  • The Enhanced Male (30-day return policy, only products unopened/unused)
  • Adam & Eve (90 day return policy, Customer Satisfaction Guarantee)
  • Lovehoney (100-day Money-Back Promise, single item only, limited by company’s discretion)
  • Fleshlight (30-day return policy, only products unopened/unused)

If you want to return your Fleshlight, check the return policy of where you purchased it.

Closing Thoughts

Buying a used Fleshlight is risky.

You can’t guarantee how it was used and by whom, or how well it was cleaned — if it was at all!

Even worse, you can’t fully sterilize it to get rid of bacteria like you can with other, nonporous sex toy materials.

Reselling used Fleshlights isn’t great, either.

It’s difficult to find an online platform to sell it on, and you’re likely to have skeptical buyers who don’t trust you when you say it’s clean or well taken care of.

(Just as you likely wouldn’t, if you were on the other side of the purchase.)

It’s definitely not something we recommend you do, especially when you can easily buy a new Fleshlight at a reasonable price — and they’re definitely worth it.

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