How To Secretly Buy A Fleshlight

If you want to buy a Fleshlight in secret, you shouldn’t have a problem as there are many ways to buy one without anyone finding out.
photograph of product tester justin pulling a riley reid fleshlight out of a shipping box after placing an order in secret
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Updated:October 2023

If you shop online, it’s possible to buy a Fleshlight in total secrecy — without anyone knowing — and there are more places to do it than you might realize.

Places to buy a Fleshlight in secret (online) include:

Many online sex toy shops ship their products in very discreet packaging, including Adam & Eve, Lovehoney, and Fleshlighttrusted online retailers that we know ship discreetly because we’ve made purchases ourselves.

In most cases, even their billing is discreet and displays an alias on bank or credit card statements (such as “LH Trading” for Lovehoney, or “AdamMail” at Adam & Eve).

That said, PayPal must list a vendor name on the purchase and does not allow an alias to be used, so the company name along with a link to the vendor’s website will be displayed in your purchase history.

As long as no one else has access to your PayPal and you don’t share an account with someone else, your purchase history will be kept a secret.

  • Is It Safe To Buy A Fleshlight Secretly From Amazon?

It can be — but there are important things to consider if you want to avoid getting a cheap knockoff.

To start, if a Fleshlight or Fleshlight dildo is being offered on Amazon for a price that’s considerably lower than what’s listed on the manufacturer’s website, it’s likely not a legitimate one belonging to the brand, nor will it be made from Fleshlight’s patented material.

Part of Fleshlight’s distribution policy and terms of service (5.6) clearly explains that aside from a distributor’s own website, its products are not to be sold on “off-price” or internet retailers that include Amazon or eBay.

For this reason, if you want to shop for a Fleshlight on Amazon, we highly recommend doing so only at ILF, LLC — the official Fleshlight storefront, to ensure you’re getting the real deal.

If you prefer to buy a Fleshlight from Amazon, it’ll arrive in regular Amazon packaging, which means it could be anything when it arrives on your doorstep — it won’t be obvious that it’s a sex toy.

That said, if you purchase from Amazon and live with others, there’s always a risk that someone else might accidentally open that box if they’re not paying attention to the addressee and recently placed an Amazon order themselves.

  • What If I’m Under 18 And Want To Buy A Secret Fleshlight?

Just about every mall in existence has a Spencer’s (or at least it feels that way!) and they carry Fleshlights, although it’ll mean shopping in person and smuggling the goods home afterward unless you buy online.

If you’re under the age of 18 and you want to buy a Fleshlight online, you might have to enter a fake birthdate to proceed with the transaction, but your age likely won’t be verified.

Sex toy age restrictions are often not enforced online (although they can be in brick-and-mortar adult shops), and while we typically don’t advocate lying about your age, masturbation is healthy — as is exploring your sexuality on your own terms.

Many teens under 18 buy sex toys, including Fleshlights.

It’s understandable if you’re worried about how to secretly buy a Fleshlight because of what your parents might say if they found out.

In a perfect world, they wouldn’t make a big deal about it and understand that exploring your sexuality and masturbating with sex toys are natural and healthy experiences.

But not everyone has those kinds of parents.

Even if you do, it makes sense that you might want to avoid the awkward conversation about it.

  • How Do I Keep My Fleshlight Purchase A Secret?

Ordering a Fleshlight online in secret is pretty easy, but keeping your purchase a secret is another story altogether.

If you have a good hiding place, you should be able to keep your purchase to yourself once it arrives, placing it in your nightstand drawer, closet, or gym bag.

Fleshlights don’t look like sex toys at first glance since they’re specifically designed to look like flashlights, which makes them easier to hide.

However, you’ll have to make sure nobody’s around when you clean it.

Fleshlights require a good cleaning with soap and warm water, and a long, thorough rinse after every use — as it will help to make them last longer.

You could do this in your private bathroom if you have one, in a shared bathroom with the door locked, or at your kitchen sink if nobody is home.

The interior masturbation sleeve of the Fleshlight has to dry in an open space after being washed — and that can take a good long while.

To keep your Fleshlight a secret while it’s drying, you need a private area with no foot traffic.

Don’t stuff it into a drawer because the lack of airflow won’t allow it to dry properly and you might end up with mold and mildew growth inside the sleeve.

Bottom Line: Masturbation is often a private thing for most people, so you’re not alone if you want to keep your Fleshlight a secret.

To do so, make sure you shop online from a retailer that provides discreet shipping — and then make sure you have a good hiding spot for cleaning and storage once your Fleshlight arrives.

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