What Is Flavored Edible Lube & How To Use It

Safe to ingest during oral sex, flavored edible lubes add delicious taste into the mix — and there are lots of ways to use them.
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A flavored or edible lube is designed to be perfectly safe to swallow during oral sex.

However, not all edible lubes are flavored, and not all flavored lubes are safe for penetrative sex.

Key Takeaways:

  • A flavored and edible lube is a type of personal lubricant (generally water-based) that has added flavoring and is safe to swallow.
  • Edible lubes are not necessarily flavored — although they can be.
  • Flavored lubes are most often used during oral sex — or any play that involves the mouth — and can be great for mixing things up in the bedroom.
  • Flavored lubes that contain glycerin or are sweetened with sugar aren’t safe for vaginal sex because they can cause yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis.
  • Flavored lubes aren’t typically suitable for bath or shower sex because most of them are water-based and rinse away too easily.
  • Being water-based, most flavored lubes aren’t suitable for anal sex either because they typically have a low pH level or high osmolality that isn’t suitable for the activity and aren’t long-lasting.
  • Flavored lubes are usually easy to clean up and as long as they don’t have added dyes, won’t stain fabrics.

If you’ve ever wondered, “What is the point of flavored lube?” and whether it’s something worth trying, you’re in the right place!

Take a look at our video below:

There are many different kinds of personal lubricants out there, but flavored edible lubricants offer unique taste experiences that many people enjoy, and you just might, too.

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What Is Flavored And Edible Lube?

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Lubes can be flavored, edible, or both.

Flavored lube refers to any personal lubricant that has added flavoring ingredients and is safe to ingest.

This type of lubricant can be found in many varieties that include chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, cherry, mango — and a ton of other flavors and combinations.

Flavored lubes are all edible; otherwise, they would be unsafe to ingest and could cause nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea.

That said, not all edible personal lubricants have flavoring.

Edible lubes are simply personal lubricants that are safe to ingest in small amounts.

Safe though they may be to swallow, edible lubes shouldn’t be eaten in large quantities because they can make you sick.

(So refrain from drinking them straight out of the bottle!)

Lubricants that are edible but unflavored allow you to taste only your partner and (generally) nothing else during oral sex.

Here’s how to know if a flavorless lube is edible: it will say so on the label.

If your personal lubricant is not labeled as edible or safe to swallow, you shouldn’t ingest it.

What Is Flavored Lube For?

Flavored lube is typically used for oral sex, or sex play that leads to intercourse.

Why is there flavored lube?

Well, it can make oral sex more enjoyable because it adds a delicious flavor profile to the mix and provides a little variety — especially if you try out different options.

Additionally, some people simply don’t like the (perfectly natural) tastes associated with oral sex and flavored lube can help to mask it.

Dr. Susan Milstein, a human sexuality health educator on our medical review board, explained:

“We hear so many (often inaccurate) things about the taste and smell of genitals that someone might be nervous about oral. Flavored lube can help address some of the concerns around taste and smell.”

“Flavored lube might also make people more comfortable giving or receiving oral if it’s their first time,” she added.

Plus, it serves the same purpose as regular lube: it can make oral sex more pleasurable for the receiver and reduce friction during sex play or intercourse.

What Is In Flavored Lube And Is It Safe?

Flavored lube can include all kinds of safe ingredients, including:

  • Water
  • Aloe vera
  • Vitamin E oil other plant-based oils
  • Plant cellulose
  • Cyamopsis
  • Sodium benzoate
  • Potassium sorbate
  • Citric acid
  • Natural flavoring
  • Aspartame (which is generally safe, unless you’re allergic to it)
  • Stevia

Flavored and edible lubes formulated to be swallowed and used during sex can still include unsafe ingredients to watch out for, such as:

Always be sure to read the ingredients list on any product before you make your purchase.

  • Can flavored lubricants be used for vaginal sex?

They can, but not always.

Some flavored lubes include ingredients that should be avoided if vaginal sex is also on the menu.

Lubricants with glycerin or sugar, in particular, shouldn’t be used during vaginal intercourse or oral sex on a vulva because they can harm good bacteria and cause yeast infections or bacterial vaginosis.

  • Is flavored lube safe to use if you’re pregnant or trying to conceive?

Flavored lubes may not be the best thing to reach for when you’re trying to conceive unless they contain hydroxyethylcellulose — an ingredient that won’t negatively affect sperm motility or function.

As long as your flavored or edible lubricant is formulated using body-safe ingredients, it is fine to use during pregnancy.

  • Are flavored lubricants safe for anal sex?

Not usually.

Most flavored and edible lubes are water-based, which means that pH and osmolality are both important factors to consider.

These types of lubricants generally have a pH level that is best suited to the vagina (rather than the anus) and osmolality levels may not be within the World Health Organization’s recommended limits of <1200 mOsm/kg, particularly if they contain glycerin.

If you’re searching for a lubricant for anal sex, there are plenty of great anal lubes to choose from, all personally tested by our team.

Pros & Cons Of Flavored And Edible Lube

Flavored and edible lubes can bring a lot of fun into the bedroom but they’re not ideal in every situation.

Flavored Edible Lube Pros:

  • Reduces friction
  • Improves the taste of oral sex
  • Is safe to swallow
  • Comes in many different flavors — too many to count
  • Can be safe for vaginal sex as long as it doesn’t include glycerin or sugar
  • Adds variety to your sex life
  • Is easy to clean and doesn’t stain fabrics as long as it’s water-based (which most flavored and edible lubes are) and doesn’t contain added dyes

Flavored Edible Lube Cons:

  • Isn’t safe for vaginal use if it contains glycerin or sugar
  • May not be safe as an anal lube if it has a low pH level, high osmolality, and/or is too lightweight (as most water-based lubes are)
  • Isn’t as long-lasting as other types of lube (because it’s usually water-based)
  • Isn’t suitable for bath or shower sex (because it’s usually water-based)
  • May not be fertility-friendly
  • Can go bad faster than other lubes (make sure to keep track of the product’s expiration date)

How To Use Edible Lube (With And Without Flavor)

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To use edible lube, simply apply a few drops to the desired area before or during oral sex.

Then, re-apply as necessary during oral sex play or intercourse as needed.

If you want to know how to use flavored lube, here are a few tips for how to use flavored lube to your advantage:

  • Have your partner taste it before you apply it to their body so you can share the same experience during a deep kiss
  • Don’t just focus on your partner’s genitals — try applying it to other parts of their body as well and licking or kissing it off
  • Experiment with different brands and flavors

Top Flavored Edible Lube Recommendations

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Take a look at our team’s taste-tested recommendations below.

Closing Thoughts

Lube comes in many different forms, and flavored and edible lubes can be a fun addition to your sex routine.

As with all lubes, make sure you research your chosen product before committing and communicate with your partner before you use it — just so they’re not surprised by a mouthful of Berry Delight when they go down on you.

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