Can You Use Aloe Vera Gel As Lube?

Yes, it is generally safe to use aloe vera gel as lube for sex, as long as you’re actually using 100% pure aloe vera gel.
A Photograph of Whole And Sliced Aloe Vera Leaves On A Cutting Board With Wooden Spoon Full Of Aloe Gel
Q: Can You Use Aloe Vera Gel As Lube?
A: Yes, it is generally safe to use aloe vera gel as lube, as long as you’re actually using 100% pure aloe vera gel — meaning gel that comes directly from the aloe plant without any additives.

Sarah Melancon, Ph.D., is a sociologist and clinical sexologist who talked to me about the safety of using aloe vera gel as a lubricant, saying:

“Aloe vera [gel] is a safe personal lubricant for most people. Aloe has antimicrobial and antifungal properties, thus, it may be beneficial for vaginal health overall. Aloe is [also] well-known to aid in wound healing — this is beneficial given that sexual activity can sometimes cause small tears.”

Here’s what you need to know:

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What Is Aloe Vera And Where Does It Come From?

Aloe vera is a type of succulent plant that naturally grows in warm, dry climates, but it also makes an excellent houseplant since it’s hardy and very easy to care for indoors.

Historically, people have used gel from the aloe vera plant to help heal and soothe minor injuries or ailments like small cuts, rashes, or sunburns.

Although you can purchase aloe vera gel from the store, many people who grow the plants at home simply slice off part of an aloe leaf to obtain and apply the gel, instead.

Beyond wound healing, aloe vera is often used as an ingredient in popular skincare products and cosmetics due to its lightweight and hydrating properties.

It is also used as an ingredient in personal lubricants, like Aloe Cadabra Natural Personal Moisturizer & Lubricant, which we personally reviewed and is one of our top picks of the best and safest natural and organic lubricants.

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Can Aloe Vera Be Used As Lube For Vaginal Or Anal Sex?

When it comes to vaginal sex, aloe vera is a fantastic lube alternative to have on hand.

Its slippery consistency makes vaginal penetration more comfortable and the hydrating properties of aloe gel will leave you feeling refreshed after sex.

The pH of aloe vera is around 4.5, making it ideal for vaginal sex since the vagina’s pH ranges from around 3.8 to 4.5.

Using a pH-balanced lubricant is particularly important because anything that interferes with the vagina’s natural pH could increase the likelihood of vaginal infections.

Since aloe vera so closely matches normal vaginal pH, it’s an excellent choice for vaginal sex unless you’re actively trying to conceive — which we’ll talk about more later on.

When it comes to a lube alternative for anal sex, however, aloe might not be the best option, particularly if you’re new to the activity. Instead, you might consider a thicker, more hydrating oil-based lube and ideally, a lube formulated for anal sex.

Although it’s incredibly hydrating, aloe vera gel also has a fairly thin consistency and many people prefer using a lubricant that is thicker and offers more cushion during anal sex.

Additionally, the pH of aloe vera is a bit on the low side for safe anal use.

The rectum’s normal pH is between 7 and 8 and ideally, rectal lubricants should be in a pH range between 5.5 to 7 to match it more closely.

Every person’s body is different; what works well for one person may be problematic for another.

As long as aloe vera provides adequate lubrication during anal sex and causes no irritation or negative effects for you or your partner, the consistency and pH level might not be an issue.

Just proceed with caution if you use aloe vera as anal lube.

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  • Using Aloe Vera As Lube When Trying To Conceive

Aloe vera is an amazing personal lubricant for vaginal sex — most of the time.

If you’re actively trying to conceive a child, however, you might want to consider using a lubricant with a higher and more sperm-friendly pH.

Although normal vaginal pH is less than 4.5, the pH of cervical mucus during ovulation — a woman’s fertile window — rises to 7 or above, matching the pH of semen.

When ovulation occurs, a woman’s vaginal pH changes to accommodate incoming sperm, which can only thrive in an alkaline environment with a higher pH.

Sperm cells need to remain alive long enough to fertilize an egg — which can take up to five days — so a personal lubricant should ideally have a higher pH during ovulation if you’re trying to conceive.

Once a woman’s fertile window closes, her vaginal pH returns to its normal <4.5 range, making aloe vera gel a safe personal lubricant for the remainder of her cycle.

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Can I Use Aloe Vera As A Lube If I Have A Latex Allergy?

The leaf of the aloe plant contains both latex and gel. The plant’s natural latex is normally yellow and is found just beneath the surface of the aloe leaf’s skin.

While it’s fairly easy to separate the aloe gel from the latex, it’s probably best to avoid using aloe products altogether, including aloe gel, if you have a latex allergy.

Even if you don’t have a known latex allergy, it’s smart to patch test aloe vera gel on an area of skin, like your inner elbow, before using it as a lubricant — just to be safe.

The last thing you want is to experience pain or itchiness in your vaginal area and if you find that aloe causes an allergic reaction on your skin, there are many other natural and organic lubricants to choose from.

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Is Aloe Vera Gel Safe For Condoms, Dental Dams & Toys?

Pure aloe vera gel is safe to use with latex condoms and dental dams, making it an ideal choice when you want a natural lube that is compatible with either.

That said, it is vital to make sure you’re using pure aloe vera gel.

If you’re buying a product that includes aloe vera gel, it’s important to be aware that added ingredients — especially oils — could make the lube incompatible with certain types of condoms.

Pure aloe vera gel is also perfectly safe to use with high-quality sex toys and it won’t cause any degradation to silicone toys, unlike silicone lubes.

So, instead of worrying about your lube damaging your favorite toy, you can explore your desires as often as you like.

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Can I Use Store-Bought Aloe Vera Gel As Lube?

Let me be honest: you can use store-bought aloe vera gel as a personal lubricant, but you’re taking a pretty big risk in doing so.

Many aloe vera gels that are sold in stores aren’t 100% pure aloe vera.

They often include other ingredients that are generally fine for topical use on less delicate body parts, but they’re not necessarily additives that you want to have in a personal lubricant.

For example, some store-bought aloe vera gels contain potential irritants like fragrances, dyes, alcohols, or glycerin — a trihydric alcohol.

In fact, some of these ingredients may negate the hydrating properties of aloe vera gel altogether.

Glycerin, also known as glycerol, has been shown to increase your risk of infection when it’s used in personal lubricants.

Additionally, store-bought aloe vera gel can get pricey over time, whereas buying the whole plant isn’t quite as expensive, especially if the gel is something you plan to use often.

A live plant will continue to grow and produce more aloe vera gel — assuming you take care of it, of course — and you never have to worry about any unknown additives.

If you’d prefer to buy an aloe vera gel lube, Aloe Cadabra Natural Personal Moisturizer & Lubricant is a high-quality product made with 95% organic aloe and one of our top picks of the best water-based lubes and of the best and safest natural and organic lubricants.

This aloe vera lube is incredibly moisturizing and soft, and it’s an excellent choice for anyone who wants to try out aloe vera gel for the first time without getting it from the plant themselves.

Bottom Line:

Overall, aloe vera gel is a great personal lubricant option for many people, but like all things related to sex, it’s important to be informed about any new lube you’re thinking of trying — even a natural one.

If you don’t have any latex allergies or adverse skin reactions, 100% pure aloe vera gel could be the ideal natural lubricant.

The next time things get steamy, consider grabbing an aloe leaf and seeing what Mother Nature has to offer!