What’s In Adam & Eve’s Romance, Welcome Kit & Mystery Gift?

Adam & Eve offers LOTS of free gifts that include a Welcome Kit, Romance Kit, and Mystery Gift. Confused? We’ll explain how to get them and how they differ.
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Updated:July 2023

If you’re in the market for a new sex toy and you’ve been checking out Adam & Eve, you’ve probably noticed that they offer loads of free gifts — constantly. 

And who doesn’t love a free gift? But what are they and what’s in them?

The answer really depends on the free gift you choose to receive, such as the Romance Kit, which we dish about in our video below:

In my quest for answers, I began at step one. I made my first purchase and am now the proud owner of the famous Adam & Eve Welcome Kit, which I will review shortly.

The nomenclature for Adam & Eve’s free gift has changed over the years, but they all have the same basic intent — to thank you for shopping at their establishment.

It does get confusing, however.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the free gifts I’ll be talking about later on:

  • Adam & Eve Welcome Gift, also known as the Adam & Eve Welcome Kit
  • Adam & Eve Mystery Gift, also known as the Adam & Eve Mystery Kit
  • Adam & Eve Romance Kit, also known as Adam & Eve Couples Romance Kit
  • Adam & Eve Anal Play Kit, also known as The Adam & Eve Anal Kit

Are you confused yet?

Let’s explore what each of these gifts is and how you can get them.

Editor’s Note: This article is part of our Everything Adam & Eve hub, an in-depth and evolving resource that comprehensively explores and reviews all aspects of sex toy retailer Adam & Eve from their discreet billing and shipping practices, to discount codes, free gifts, and products they carry.

What Is The Adam & Eve Welcome Gift And How Do I Get One?

Graphic Featuring Adam & Eve Logo And Text "Welcome Gift: What Is It & How Do I Get One?"

The Adam & Eve Welcome Gift, sometimes referred to as a kit, is a selection of goodies that welcomes you as a new shopper on your first order.

According to a company spokesperson that I reached out to after completing my purchase, the contents change over time due to inventory and the time of year, but it’s usually four to five items of fun, sex-related paraphernalia.

I’ll talk about them in greater detail during my Adam & Eve Welcome Kit Review, but the items I received included:

  • Rock Candy Gummy Ball Finger Vibe
  • Lick It Vibe – Finger Vibrator
  • Rock Candy Erection Ring
  • Sizzle Lips Edible Warming Gel Sample In Hot Butter Rum
  • Sensuva On Hemp All Natural Hemp infused Arousal Oil Sample

That sounds like a lot of fun, right?

As I mentioned earlier, there isn’t necessarily any rhyme or reason behind the free gifts you might receive — which is part of the excitement since you’re never quite sure what you’re going to get.

This element of surprise is a thrilling addition to any first purchase with Adam & Eve.

How Do You Get The Adam & Eve Welcome Gift?

For starters, you can head over to the Adam & Eve* website.

After that, all you need to do is to enter your email address. Once you do, they’ll send an email about receiving 25% off your first purchase plus a free Welcome Gift!

You do not need to set up an account with Adam & Eve for this, but there are benefits to having one.

With an account at Adam & Eve, you can access your order history, view explicit images and movie clips, manage email frequency, and create and save a wish list for future purchases.

Will I Get An Adam & Eve Welcome Kit If I Sign Up For An Account?

Yes, but you only receive a Welcome Kit with your very first purchase and email sign-up at Adam & Eve*.

If your initial purchase happens in tandem as you’re setting up an account, you’ll get a Welcome Kit when you sign up.

Once you set up an account with your email and create a password, you can set your preferences regarding the frequency of emails you wish to receive.

We talk about this in much more detail here. The Adam & Eve catalog is no longer available, so email and text updates are the only settings you’ll have to worry about.

If you choose to receive emails, Adam & Eve will let you know about all of their great deals, exclusive free gift offers, and more — all sent directly to your inbox.

For example, Adam & Eve recently informed customers that any order over $17 automatically gets you a free glass dildo. If you enter your cell number for texts, you get a free SMS Mystery Gift.

Recently, they were offering 40% off one item just for being a loyal customer.

Honestly, it’s something new every day!

With all the deals and freebies constantly changing, it’s important to check your cart to make sure you’ve entered a specific coupon code.

When given a choice of free gifts, be sure to check the correct box when finalizing your purchase.

Sometimes the coupon code will automatically be entered for you and specific free gifts like The Welcome Kit will be added to your cart.

→ If you’re ready to make a purchase from Adam & Eve right now, we negotiated an extra *25% discount using the code WHI25.
  • What If I Didn’t Receive My Adam & Eve Welcome Kit? 

If my Adam & Eve Welcome Kit Review inspired you to place an order with Adam & Eve but you didn’t receive a welcome gift with your first purchase, you might be wondering, “Are they mad at me?”

Absolutely not! Just call their 24/7 customer service at 1-800-765-2326, and they will right that wrong immediately.

  • If I Received A Free Welcome Gift, Does That Mean I Can’t Receive Other Free Gifts? 

Although you can’t receive another Adam & Eve Welcome Gift, that doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy plenty of additional free gifts in the future.

The next time you place an order with Adam & Eve, keep an eye out for emails, texts, or ads with coupon codes and special deals that allow you to receive more free gifts.

Adam & Eve deals and discounts happen ALL.THE.TIME.

It happens so often that customer service reps don’t even know how or what is going on at any given time.

So shop away for sex toys and accessories at Adam & Eve*, and soon you’ll have a fruitful bounty of free gifts to enjoy!

And if anything you purchase is not to your liking, guess what?

Adam & Eve* is the only adult retailer to accept no-questions-asked returns on sex toys under their 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Policy. 

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What Is The Adam & Eve Mystery Gift And How Do I Get One?

Graphic Featuring Adam & Eve Logo And Text "MYSTERY GIFT: What Is It & How Do I Get One?

Well, well, well…wouldn’t you like to know?

The Adam & Eve Mystery Gift, sometimes known as a Mystery Kit, is a promotional gift that’s offered alongside purchases made throughout the year.

Its contents depend on the season or nearest holiday, but it’s very similar to the Adam & Eve Welcome Gift.

You’ll receive four to five samples of fun, sexy accouterments that may include anything from lube samples to pocket vibrators, stimulating cream, condoms, and DVDs.

But you never know what you’re gonna get because it’s a mystery!

What’s The Difference Between The Adam & Eve Welcome Gift And The Mystery Gift?

The contents are pretty similar between the Adam & Eve Welcome Gift and the Adam & Eve Mystery Gift — four to five samples of sexual paraphilia or a bullet vibrator just to say “thanks for shopping with us!” 

That said, the Adam & Eve Welcome Gift is one you’ll receive only with your first purchase.

The Adam & Eve Mystery Gift triggers alongside additional purchases made over time.

The gift contents for both do change over time, so hopefully, you will get something new every time you take advantage of Adam & Eve’s latest promotion!

What Is An Adam & Eve Mystery Toy?

When you place an order with Adam & Eve, sometimes you’ll have the option to receive a Guy’s Mystery Toy or a Lady’s Mystery Toy during checkout — which triggers the same way the Welcome Gift or Mystery Gift does.

The specific items are changed frequently, so what you get will always be a — you guessed it — mystery!

What Is The Adam & Eve Guy’s Mystery Toy?

As we mentioned, the Mystery Toy is changed often, but some of the more recent toys have included:

  • Tempting Anal Play (a butt plug)
  • Penis Sleeve (perfect for male masturbation)
  • Vibrating Penis Sleeve (to take male masturbation to a new level)

What Is The Adam & Eve Lady’s Mystery Toy?

Similarly, the exact toy that you’ll receive will depend on what’s being gifted at the time you make your purchase at Adam & Eve. But let’s face it, mysteries can be exciting — especially when they’re sexy.

Recent Lady’s Mystery Toys have included:

  • Heart Massager & Mask (so you won’t know who is massaging you)
  • Sexplosion Bath Bomb (so you can get clean and get yours)
  • Naughty Vibrator (for bad girls only)
  • Let’s Play Dice (roll the dice for fun sex positions)
  • Fuck XXX Car (a free sexy video, just like those found on Adam & Eve Plus)
  • Silicone Rabbit (a smooth classic Adam & Eve rabbit for lovers of dual stimulation)
  • Hero Realistic Dildo (so you can get as close to the real thing)

If you’re excited about the Mystery Toys from Adam & Eve, it’s easy to navigate their website and place an order!

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What Is The Adam & Eve Free Gift And How Do I Get One?

Graphic Featuring Adam & Eve Logo And Text "FREE GIFT: What Is It & How Do I Get One?

Outside of the Adam & Eve Welcome Gift, you need to keep up with all Adam & Eve promotions and coupon codes to get more free gifts.

If you’re on their email list, you’ll be privy to the latest deals and freebies.

The Adam & Eve Free Gift is almost always provided when you spend a certain amount. It could be $17 or it could be $59, depending on the promotion that’s in place at the time.

The exact gifts will change and may depend on what types of sex toys and products you purchase — or what is currently available — but there is usually a selection of free gifts to choose from that will appeal to everyone.

The process of selecting your free gift will trigger during checkout.

→ If you’re ready to make a purchase from Adam & Eve right now, we negotiated an extra *25% discount using the code WHI25.

What’s In The Adam & Eve Free Gift For Women?

When shopping at Adam & Eve for her*, you can select the free gift for women during checkout.

At the time of publication, the free gift for women was a Waterproof Pocket Massager, a 4-inch rocket-style vibrator made from ABS plastic that includes three silicone heads for versatility.

With its powerful single-speed motor, the Waterproof Pocket Massager is great for clitoral stimulation. And it’s waterproof so you can have some fun in the tub!

What’s In The Adam & Eve Free Gift For Men?

While shopping at Adam & Eve for him*, select the free gift for men during the checkout process.

Last we checked, the free gift for men is a 2-In-1 Stroker Realistic Vagina And Ass, which is perfect for penis owners who can’t decide which they love more — vaginal or anal sex.

This product is made from TPE with a soft, flexible texture and an ABS plastic case. It has a lifelike look and feel to it, measuring 5 inches long by 2.5 inches wide.

The stroker has an open-ended design for easy cleaning and is compatible with water-based and silicone lube.

What’s In The Adam & Eve Free Gift For Couples?

When shopping at Adam & Eve for couples*, you’ll want to select the free gift for couples during checkout.

Although it’s a free gift for couples, this is an option that could apply to anyone and everyone.

The last few times I checked, the free gift for couples offered a full-size lube, a sample of lubes, or a titillating DVD.

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What Is The Adam & Eve Romance Kit And How Do I Get One?

Graphic Featuring Adam & Eve Logo And Text "ROMANCE KIT: What Is It & How Do I Get One?

If you have a certain amount in your shopping cart at Adam & Eve and are ready to purchase, you’ll get a few choices of free gifts, including the Adam & Eve Romance Kit, also known as the Couple’s Romance Kit.

So if you’d like to receive it, make sure you select this at checkout.

Curious to see what’s in it? So were we — and you can watch our video below to find out:

What’s In The Adam & Eve Romance Kit?

Most recently, the Adam & Eve Couples Romance Kit contained:

  • Fourplay Dice — just roll the dice for some kinky action
  • Pocket Rocket — 4 interchangeable tips for different sensations
  • Self-Lubricating Masturbator — a stroker that becomes lubricated with water and can stretch up to 4 times its size

As with all of Adam & Eve’s free gifts and promotions, the exact contents of the Romance Kit changes over time — which is all the more reason to make frequent purchases, if you ask me.

→ If you’re ready to make a purchase from Adam & Eve right now, we negotiated an extra *25% discount using the code WHI25.

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What Is The Adam & Eve Anal Play Kit And How Do I Get One?

Graphic Featuring Adam & Eve Logo And Text "ANAL PLAY KIT: What Is It & How Do I Get One?

The Adam & Eve Anal Play Kit is a promotional gift offered during Anal Sex Month in August.

Who knew there was a whole month dedicated to anal sex?

When you purchase any Adam & Eve sex toys at a specific price point during Anal Sex Month, you’ll receive a free Adam & Eve Anal Play Kit as long as it’s still available.

This freebie doesn’t last the whole month, however — so be on the lookout if you’re jonesing for a free anal plug!

What’s In The Adam & Eve Anal Play Kit?

The last Anal Kit came with:

  • Adam & Eve Make Me Cum Clit Sensitizer Sample — a cream that increases the sensitivity of the clitoris
  • Crystal Kisser Anal Plug — a firm-yet-flexible antibacterial Sil-a-gel™ anal plug
  • Vibrating Anal Bead Stick — a silicone vibrating anal bead stick that’s waterproof and requires 1 AAA battery
  • Adam & Eve Easy Anal Desensitizing Gel Sample — a 7.5% benzocaine formula to make anal sex easier

The Adam & Eve Anal Play Kit’s exact contents can change at any time. And remember — this kit is only available during August in celebration of Anal Sex Month.

Might as well put that on your calendar now so you won’t forget the next time August rolls around.

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Adam & Eve Welcome Gift Review

Photograph Of Adam & Eve Welcome Gift With Text "Unboxing The Adam & Eve Welcome Gift"

Finally, it’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for — my review of the Adam & Eve Welcome Gift.

At first sight, these free gifts seem like a lot of fun. They’re brightly colored and I’m not gonna lie — they look a lot like candy.

Is that a Ring Pop? Nope, it’s a cock ring from Adam & Eve!

You definitely won’t want to leave your Adam & Eve Welcome Kit out where children can find it.

In general, the contents of the Adam & Eve Welcome Kit are not the most high-quality sex toys.

Although batteries are included with all of the items that need them, they are NOT replaceable so once they’re done…so are you.

If I’m being honest, these things look like toys that came out of a gumball machine.

For this reason, none of the items that came in my Welcome Gift are actually available for sale on Adam & Eve — but that’s okay. I like to think of them as party favors for horny people.

They’re a fun perk for shopping with Adam & Eve, particularly because you’re never sure exactly what you’re going to get.

Let’s take a closer look at what my Adam & Eve Welcome Gift included.

  • Rock Candy Gummy Ball Finger Vibe

This is a squishy and splash-proof ball with a 5-function motor. It’s not too powerful, but it is fun to play with.

I can’t see it lasting very long — it’s not the strongest finger vibrator in the world — but you can use it solo or with a partner.

  • Lick It Vibe Finger Vibrator

This little guy is designed to give your tongue a boost during oral. It doesn’t stay on very well, but you can put it on your finger to get a tongue-like feel.

Does it actually feel like a tongue? That’s debatable. But it lasts for 40 minutes which is crazy because it’s so small.

  • Rock Candy Erection Ring

You might think this is a Ring Pop, but it’s a stretchy erection ring. It’s pretty small and looks like it might hurt. In fact, my boyfriend flat-out refused to put it on.

The Rock Candy Erection Ring could make a good gag gift — or a fun stocking stuffer depending on your family’s sense of humor.

  • Sizzle Lips Edible Warming Gel Sample In Hot Buttered Rum

This warming gel works! All you have to do is blow on it and it gets warm. It’s not very sticky or tacky and cleans off well.

If you’re concerned about the sensations and whether they’ll be too intense, you can patch test it on your arm first.

Does it really taste like hot buttered rum? Sure, I suppose. It’s no Werther’s Original, but it’s not awful.

Does it sizzle? Not really, but it does get warm and although some sensitizing lubes can potentially be unsafe, it was my favorite freebie in the bunch.

  • Sensuva On Hemp All Natural Hemp-Infused Arousal Oil Sample

This is supposed to help with female arousal. It says to put two to three drops on your clitoris and then wait two minutes for the full effect.

It kind of worked, but honestly, it was hard to tell. It just feels like good lube, which is fine by me. It has no discernible odor or stickiness and is cleaned off easily.

The free gifts I received were fun in a one-off kind of way. The actual sex toys that you purchase from Adam & Eve are what’s really going to get you the money shot.

But now that you know what your Adam & Eve Welcome Gift could include — remember that they change all the time — it’s all the incentive you need to purchase that hot new sex toy you’ve been lusting after!

→ If you’re ready to make a purchase from Adam & Eve right now, we negotiated an extra *25% discount using the code WHI25.

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Shopping At The Adam & Eve Store: Is It Discreet?

Shopping for sex toys on Adam & Eve’s website is a very user-friendly experience. They have distinct categories available, including everything from sex toys to lingerie, and they also have sections for her*, him*, and couples*.

Adam & Eve is your one-stop-shop for getting down!

Most of us value our privacy, so you might be thinking, “What if my partner or accountant goes over my billing statement and reads All American Whopper 8-Inch Dong?!”

Never fear: Women’s Health Interactive did some deep investigation to discover how Adam & Eve billing statements look.

Purchases will appear on your billing statement as “Adam Mail,” “Adameve,” or “Adameve.com” depending on how you made your purchase.

Now you may be thinking, “Great. I ordered an Adam & Eve sex toy, but what if it arrives in a bright red box displaying a picture of a bedazzled vibrator and my visiting mother-in-law accepts the package?” 

That would not be a #grateful situation.

Along with our investigation of Adam & Eve’s billing practices, we also detailed their discreet shipping and packaging so you can shop with complete confidence.

Depending on the physical size of what you ordered, it will arrive in an unmarked box or padded envelope, with no Adam & Eve logos or designs visible.

It won’t even include their business name — only their return address and phone number due to shipping regulations.

If you have any questions before, during, or after placing an order, Adam & Eve has customer service representatives available 24/7 by calling 1-800-765-2326.

“Oh hey, I never got my Booty Sparks Gem Anal Plug. Can you help?”

Yes, they can!

→ If you’re ready to make a purchase from Adam & Eve right now, we negotiated an extra *25% discount using the code WHI25.

In Conclusion

After 50 years in business and with more than 12 million customers worldwide, Adam & Eve is one of the most reputable sex toy stores around.

But sex toys can be pricey, so the variety of free gifts and promotional sales from Adam & Eve are an excellent incentive that keeps their customer base loyal.

Their free gifts also let you try something new and unexpected — making it easy to keep that spark alive in your sex life.

Adam & Eve’s free gifts are easy to get, and thankfully, the company provides 24/7 customer service, risk-free discreet shopping, and a willingness to help their customers explore sex in a positive way.