How Do Adam & Eve Purchases Appear On Billing Statements?

Find out how your purchases from Adam & Eve REALLY show up on bank, credit card, or PayPal billing statements and if they are discreet with our in-depth guide.
A Collage Of Bank And Credit Card Statements Paired With Screenshots Of Purchases Made From Adam & Eve
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Updated:August 2023

Depending on your payment method, your purchase from Adam & Eve will be displayed as either “Adam Mail,” “Adameve,” or “”

You can make an online purchase from Adam & Eve using your bank/debit card, by credit card, through PayPal, or Amazon Pay. Adam & Eve doesn’t offer an in-store credit card, nor does it sell store gift cards.

Additionally, some physical Adam & Eve locations may accept Apple Pay or Google Pay at the register, though not all of them do.

We’ll share an in-depth description of different payment methods Adam & Eve accepts — including screenshots from REAL purchases we made ourselves — and how they show up on various billing statements.

Here’s a video of our findings:

Read on if you’re wondering about:

Editor’s Note: This article is part of our Everything Adam & Eve hub, an in-depth and evolving resource that comprehensively explores and reviews all aspects of sex toy retailer Adam & Eve from their discreet billing and shipping practices, to discount codes, free gifts, and products they carry.

How Do Adam & Eve Purchases Show Up?

After you place an order with Adam & Eve, purchases will show up discreetly on statements and purchase histories, although their exact appearance will differ a little bit depending on the method of payment used during the checkout process.

We personally tested the way Adam & Eve purchases are displayed across a variety of payment methods by making separate purchases using a bank/debit card, credit card, and even PayPal.

How Do Purchases From Adam & Eve Show Up On My Bank Statement?

To ensure the utmost discretion, purchases made from Adam & Eve will appear as “Adam Mail” on bank statements when you use a debit card that has a credit card company logo.

After we made a purchase from Adam & Eve, we took a screenshot from the online bank statement to verify:

Screenshot Of Bank Statement Charge That Reads “ADAM MAIL 10/02 PURCHASE” Followed By Phone Number

So if your next-door neighbor also happens to be your bank teller, they’ll never know you made a purchase from Adam & Eve — unless they’ve also made one themselves.

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How Do Purchases From Adam & Eve Show Up On My Credit Card Statement?

Purchases made using a card credit card will also appear as “Adam Mail” on your statement. We verified this by making our own purchase and included the screenshot below:

Screenshot Of Credit Card Charge That Reads “Pending” Beneath The Posting Date And “ADAM MAIL” In The Purchase Description

Additionally, we waited for our monthly credit card statement to arrive via postal mail to make sure there weren’t any surprises or changes in the way the purchase was listed on paper.

As we soon discovered, the Adam & Eve charge was listed as “Adam Mail” on our paper credit card statement, too:

Photograph Of Paper Credit Card Statement Charge That Lists “ADAM MAIL” In The Purchase Description

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How Do Purchases From Adam & Eve Show Up On My PayPal Statement?

Since PayPal does not permit the use of an alias, the purchase will be listed as “Adameve” or “” in your PayPal history.

We tested this out ourselves by making a purchase using our PayPal balance and discovered that it actually shows up as “”

Screenshot Of PayPal Purchase History That Reads “” As The Seller

Knowing this, anyone with access to your PayPal account will be able to see that you made a purchase from Adam & Eve’s website.

That said, PayPal does at least provide a way to shop online without using your credit card directly.

If you use Instant Transfer to pay for your purchase, the charge will appear as above in your PayPal account but may be listed as “PayPal,” followed by a phone number (402-935-7733) on your bank statement or credit card bill.

That number is associated with PayPal’s own customer service department, and not Adam & Eve.

If you’re ready to purchase from Adam & Eve right now, we negotiated an extra *25% discount using the code WHI25 after reviewing and vetting their packaging and billing practices to ensure they were discreet.

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Adam & Eve’s Discreet Billing Practices

As we mentioned earlier, Adam & Eve does its best to ensure that your privacy is protected when making a purchase — and that includes the way the name of the company is displayed on invoices.

What Is Adam Mail?

Adam Mail is the billing name and alias that appears on credit card and bank statements when purchases are made at Adam & Eve.

It is important to note, however, that this alias does not apply to payments made through PayPal or Amazon Pay, as neither platform permits the use of an alias.

In both cases, a purchase from Adam & Eve will be listed as either “Adameve” or “”

What about “PHE Adam Mail” or “RCH Adam Mail”?

We asked a representative of Adam & Eve to explain what charges listed as “RCH Adam Mail” or “PHE Adam Mail” mean on credit card statements.

Although it should be noted that PHE is the parent company of Adam & Eve, we were told that all credit card charges “simply show up” as Adam Mail.

So if you see something associated with either PHE or RCH on your statement, we would recommend contacting the company to find out more.

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Does Adam & Eve Check ID?

You will not be asked to provide identification when placing an order through Adam & Eve online, however, you must enter your birthdate to certify that you are age 18 or older during checkout.

If you’re making a purchase using a credit card at one of Adam & Eve’s brick-and-mortar locations, you may need to present your ID at the register to verify your identity as the cardholder.

If you’re ready to purchase from Adam & Eve right now, we negotiated an extra *25% discount using the code WHI25 after reviewing and vetting their packaging and billing practices to ensure they were discreet.

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What Payment Methods Does Adam & Eve Accept?

Adam & Eve accepts several methods of payment for online orders made through its website, including debit and credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover), as well as online payment options like PayPal and Amazon Pay.

Adam & Eve does not offer an in-store credit card, nor does it sell gift cards.

Here’s a breakdown of other forms of payment Adam & Eve takes.

  • Does Adam & Eve Accept PayPal?

Yes — you can use PayPal to make online purchases at Adam & Eve. PayPal does not permit the use of an alias, however, so the vendor on the purchase receipt will be listed as “Adameve” or “”

  • Does Adam & Eve Accept Amazon Pay?

Yes — online purchases can be made at Adam & Eve using Amazon Pay. Just like PayPal, Amazon Pay does not permit the use of an alias, so a purchase from Adam & Eve will show up as “Adameve” or “”

  • Does Adam & Eve Accept Generic Or Visa Gift Cards?

Yes — purchases can be made with Visa Gift cards or other generic gift cards that are designed to be used as a regular credit card.

As we mentioned earlier, however, Adam & Eve does not offer in-store branded gift cards.

  • Does Adam & Eve Take Apple Pay?

Apple Pay cannot be used to make an online purchase at Adam & Eve, however, some brick-and-mortar stores may accept Apple Pay at the register.

  • Does Adam & Eve Accept Google Pay?

Online purchases at Adam & Eve cannot be made using Google Pay. That said, some brick-and-mortar locations may accept it at the register.

Does Adam & Eve Have Payment Plans?

While not directly, Adam & Eve offers a four-payment plan through PayPal’s “Pay in 4” program for online purchases totaling between $30 and $1,500.

The Pay in 4 plan is not available to residents in all states and approval may require a soft credit check, however, it will not affect your credit score in the process.

When using Pay in 4 through PayPal, the down payment (one-quarter of the cost) is due at the time of purchase and the remaining interest-free payments are due every 2 weeks until the balance is paid in full.

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If you’re ready to purchase from Adam & Eve right now, we negotiated an extra *25% discount using the code WHI25 after reviewing and vetting their packaging and billing practices to ensure they were discreet.

Ordering From Adam & Eve Anonymously

Photo Of One Large White Bubble Mailer With A Smaller Matching Mailer On Top, Depicting Discreet And Unidentifiable Packaging

If you’re really worried about anonymity when making a purchase from Adam & Eve, there is a way to add an extra layer of protection between your sex toy preferences and your personal identity.

Prepaid debit and credit cards can be used online and at retail stores.

When a person buys this type of card, it has no connection to their identity, especially if the card is purchased with cash.

You can buy a non-specific prepaid gift card through American Express, Visa, or another credit card company.

Many convenience stores and supermarkets also sell this type of prepaid credit card, as well, but there may be usage fees attached.

Will My Purchases Or Packaging From Adam & Eve Arrive Discreetly?

When ordering from Adam & Eve, a company that advocates for personal privacy, items are packed in nondescript boxes and envelopes. The company name will not be visible anywhere on the package.

Adam & Eve uses brown boxes for large sex toys and multiple orders. Bubble mailers are reserved for smaller purchases, such as lubes, lingerie, and adult movies.

Depending on the options you chose during check-out, any free gifts from Adam & Eve will be included in the same packaging.

If it is required by postal regulations, Adam & Eve will include a mailing address and phone number in the ‘from’ field on the package; otherwise, that field will be left blank.

The mailing address does not include a company name.

If you’re at all concerned over the privacy of Adam & Eve’s packaging, we tested out the process ourselves and documented our findings here — with photographs of their discreet packaging included.

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Does Adam & Eve Send Promotions?

Depending on how you place your order with Adam & Eve, you may receive text or email notifications — but you don’t have to.

Additionally, you won’t have to worry about receiving catalogs from Adam & Eve; as of 2022, they no longer distribute their catalogs.

We discovered that during the checkout process, you’re given the option to create an account.

Creating an account is optional, however, it enables you to manage your email and text preferences if you’d like to receive any.

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Does Adam & Eve Send Mail To Your Billing Address?

As we mentioned earlier, Adam & Eve no longer distributes a catalog as of 2022, so no — you won’t receive mail to your billing address, aside from products you order from the company.

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How To Stop Adam & Eve Mail From Being Delivered

If you would like to stop receiving promotional emails of any kind from Adam & Eve, simply log into your account and visit the Email Preferences section to toggle those settings.

Once the checkmark is removed from a setting, you are opted out of it.

You will still receive email correspondence regarding orders even after opting out of emails, however, you will not receive promotional emails.

If you cannot access your account — or if you do not have one — you can email an opt-out request to [email protected] or mail a written request to:

Customer Service
P.O. Box 8200
Hillsborough, NC 27278
Attention: Privacy

Note that if you send your request through the mail, processing may take up to 2 weeks’ time.

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How To Stop Adam & Eve Emails

Similarly, the default email preference in your account is set to send you daily emails from Adam & Eve until you change that setting yourself, although their emails do contain a lot of discounts and promotions you might not want to miss out on.

Screenshot Displaying Email Preference Options For An Adam & Eve Account

Additionally, their emails arrive in your inbox with a little red apple icon in the subject line.

Screenshot Displaying An Email Subject Line From Adam & Eve With Red Apple Icon

So if you share a computer or email account with someone, or are in an enclosed space where others can see your emails or computer screen, be aware of these settings.

If you don’t want to create an account at Adam & Eve, you can check out as a guest.

Checking out as a guest enables you to toggle preferences for “Send me exclusive free product offers and discounts” and an option to join Adam & Eve Alerts to receive text messages.

If you’re not interested in receiving promotional materials in email, we recommend creating an account at Adam & Eve so you can have complete control over those preferences.

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How To Receive Adam & Eve Text Alerts

During the online checkout process, you’ll have the option to sign up to receive text alerts from Adam & Eve:

Screenshot Of Dialogue When Signing Up For Text Alerts From Adam & Eve

By default, text alerts are not checked to “yes” so you won’t automatically sign yourself up to receive them when making a purchase.

In Conclusion

Shopping at Adam & Eve is a discreet experience overall — with a couple of minor caveats.

We took one for the team so that you can take your sex life to the next level with confidence and without fear of anyone finding out what you’re up to in the bedroom — unless you want them to.

If you’re searching for more than sexy toys and accessories, the company also provides adult videos through Adam & Eve Plus — which bills discreetly, as well!

If you’re ready to purchase from Adam & Eve right now, we negotiated an extra *25% discount using the code WHI25 after reviewing and vetting their packaging and billing practices to ensure they were discreet.