How To Make A Fleshlight Pocket Pussy Using A Condom

A fun step-by-step video and instructions show you how to make a DIY homemade Fleshlight pocket pussy using a condom.
creative photo collage showing wednesday lee friday making a fleshlight using a blown up condom
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Updated:September 2023

Is it really possible to make a homemade Fleshlight with just a condom and nothing else?

According to the internet, hard yes!

By my estimation, however, it’s not always as easy as it looks — but it can be done:

How To Make A Condom Fleshlight

You can make a homemade pocket pussy with a condom but be warned — it’s not as easy as it looks.

Perhaps this was a project I lacked the necessary manly finger strength for.

That’s why I (later) put my womanly ingenuity to work to make an even cooler condom Fleshlight incorporating a 20 oz pop bottle.

Unfortunately, that didn’t quite pan out, either.

To Make A Condom Fleshlight (Basic)

Supplies Needed:

  • A condom
  • Working lungs
  • Hands (with fingers)

Steps For Making A Fleshlight From Condoms:

  1. Open the condom
  2. Blow the condom up like a balloon
  3. Take note of how ridiculous you feel
  4. Put a knot in the condom
  5. Pull the knot through the condom
  6. Tie the knotted end again (optional)
  7. Use your DIY condom Fleshlight and throw it away when done

Special Notes: As the video above depicts, we really couldn’t make this condom Fleshlight work. The concept makes sense and results in something more akin to an anus than a vagina. We had more luck employing a soda bottle and some tape (see below).

Step 1: Open Condom

Open and unspool the condom completely.

Step 2: Blow Up The Condom

Blow up your condom like a balloon.

As an aside, you might just be surprised by how large they can actually get when fully blown up.

Step 3: Feel Silly

Take note of how ridiculous you feel because let’s face it, no one looks cool while blowing up a condom.

Step 4: Put A Knot In The Condom

Knot the open end of the condom to hold the air inside.

Step 5: Pull The Knot Through The Condom

photograph of wednesday pushing the knot through the blown up condom while making her diy fleshlight

With the tip end of the condom balloon held in your dominant hand, use your other hand to pass the knotted end through the center of the balloon.

Carefully grab the knot with your dominant hand and pull it all the way through.

This is harder than it looks but should create a tight cavern where a penis can enter.

Step 6: Tie Knotted End (Optional)

Tie the knotted end again to secure it to the tip of the condom balloon.

In my experience, this was next to impossible — it seemed easier to just hold it in place by hand.

But if your hands are strong enough to do this (or you’ve not blown it up so far that it’s really hard to do), you can knot the tip-end of the condom balloon to hold it all in place.

Step 7: Use Your DIY Condom Fleshlight

photograph of wednesday demonstrating how the blown up condom fleshlight works by inserting her fingers into the orifice

Apply your lube of choice and have at it, throwing the condom away when you’re finished.

How To Make A (Somewhat) Better Condom Fleshlight

There are a lot of things you can do to improve your condom pocket pussy experience and while experimenting with this craft, I found that a better hack involves using a 20 oz soda bottle.

It was still not without its flaws, but it has potential.

To Make A Condom Fleshlight With A Soda Bottle

Supplies Needed:

  • Condom of choice
  • 20 oz. plastic soda bottle
  • Tape or rubber bands
  • Water
  • Items for texture (if desired)
  • Knife and lighter to cut bottle

Steps For Making A Fleshlight From Condoms And A Soda Bottle:

  1. Cut the bottom from the soda bottle
  2. Remove the lid from the bottle and insert a condom
  3. Screw the lid back on, leaving the tip of the condom outside
  4. Add water or other textured materials (like aqua beads) to the bottle
  5. Stretch the condom around the outside of the cut end of the bottle
  6. Secure with rubber bands or tape
  7. Use your DIY soda bottle and condom Fleshlight
  8. Throw it all away when finished

Special Notes: Unlubricated condoms, if you can find them, are easier to work with. Tape is best for unlubricated condoms, and rubber bands will work with lubricated condoms. You can use water or anything to fill the inside of the bottle — I tried aqua beads.

Step 1: Remove The Bottom Of The Soda Bottle

photograph of wednesday cutting the bottom off of the bottle being used to make her diy fleshlight

Start by carefully cutting the bottom from a 20 oz plastic soda bottle.

I did this by heating the knife and piercing it, cutting slowly.

Leave the outside of the bottle intact, so the bottom (which will later be the top of the Fleshlight entrance) has a rounded edge.

We didn’t do this and ours broke the condom once as a result.

Step 2: Remove The Lid, Insert A Condom

photograph of wednesday pulling a condom through the plastic bottle during her diy fleshlight craft

Take the lid off of the bottle and insert a condom that’s been rolled out.

The open end of the condom should face the cut-open end of the bottle, with the tip of the condom being where the lid gets placed.

Step 3: Put The Lid Back On

photograph of wednesday putting the lid back on the bottle of her diy condom fleshlight

Holding the tip of the condom beyond the edge of the bottle mouth, screw the cap back on over it to hold the condom firmly in place.

Step 4: Fill The Bottle With Something

photograph of wednesday pouring aqua beads into her bottle for her diy fleshlight

To add texture to your DIY condom pocket pussy, you’ll want to fill it with something — and this is where you can get creative.

Add liquid, aqua beads, gelatin chunks, sponge pieces, or whatever you like to the bottle, placing them around the condom (sleeve).

Step 5: Stretch The Condom Outside The Bottle

photograph of wednesday pulling the opening of the condom over the edges of the bottle she's using for her diy fleshlight

Once the bottle is as full as you like, take the condom’s open end and stretch it around the outside of the bottle.

If the edges of your bottle are jagged from being cut, you can “soften” them by covering them with tape first.

Step 6: Secure The Bottle

Secure the condom’s opening with rubber bands or tape — although tape may not work if your condoms are lubricated.

Step 7: Use Your DIY Soda Bottle And Condom Fleshlight

Add some condom-compatible lube and enjoy!

We found this pop bottle Fleshlight upgrade to be a fun project and a cool way to test different materials, even though our aqua beads got away from us.

What’s The Best Way To Use A DIY Condom Fleshlight?

wednesday pointing to the orifice of the blown up condom fleshlight she made

The best way to use your condom Fleshlight really depends on what you used to make it.

If you’re using the balloon-condom version, the amount of pressure you can put on it before it pops will depend on several factors:

  • Thickness of the condom
  • Condom brand
  • Condom material
  • Temperature (materials can become brittle in cold temperatures)
  • How much weight and pressure you put on it
  • How much air is inside it

The soda bottle version is a little more sturdy, so if you’d prefer to not run the risk of having your condom Fleshlight pop during use, this is the better option.

With that in mind, exercise caution when using this or any of the homemade Fleshlights in our series.

As always, don’t forget to use personal lubricant with whichever DIY Fleshlight condom project you undertake.

From there, using your DIY condom Fleshlight is simple — insert your penis and thrust at will.

What To Know About Making A Condom Fleshlight

photograph of wednesday laughing after her blown up condom fleshlight failed unexpected

There are a few things to understand about DIY condom Fleshlights, the first being that thin condoms are going to be the most likely to break when filled with air or stretched around a plastic bottle.

For this reason, it might be best to try your luck with a thicker condom — ribbed is an option here — and fill it with air only as much as you need.

Blowing it up to max capacity, if using the balloon method, can make tying it off much more difficult.

As we mentioned earlier, if you’re trying the soda bottle hack, make sure the edges are as smooth as they can be when cutting — if they’re jagged, it’s a good idea to cover those edges with tape.

Make sure to use a condom-compatible lubricant, as well: water-based lube is always best.

Is A DIY Condom Fleshlight Better Than A Real One?

If you’ve used a real Fleshlight before, you’re likely going to discover (quickly) that no — your homemade condom pocket pussy is not going to feel better.

Will it work in a pinch?


Is going to replace your favorite Fleshlight?

Oh hell no.

Best Fleshlights To Try

If you’re looking for a new Fleshlight — whether buying one for the first time or replacing a beloved favorite — our top recommendations below are the perfect place to start.

  • Classic Pink Lady Heavenly

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  • Fleshlight Girls: Riley Reid Utopia

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Closing Thoughts

A DIY condom Fleshlight is an interesting thing to try when your favorite pocket pussy isn’t in reach — or you’re simply curious to try something new.

This was not one of our more successful Fleshlight crafts, but it’s still worth checking out, even if only for the sheer novelty of it.

After all, variety is the spice of life.

Editor’s Note: This article is part of our Complete Guide To DIY Fleshlights and Everything Fleshlight hub, in-depth and evolving resources that comprehensively explore ways to make your own pocket pussy or stroker at home, along with everything to know about Fleshlights, including the company’s discreet billing and shipping, the types of products they carry, how to use them, materials, and safety.