Cheap Vibrators Under $30: The Best Affordable Vibes For Pleasure On A Budget

You can’t put a price on pleasure — unless you’re shopping on a budget. We found the best cheap and affordable vibrators that deliver orgasms AND quality.
three panel image featuring three vibrators under $30; the first panel has "under $10" text with the lovebuzz bullet, the second panel has "under $20" with the bunny kiss rabbit, and the third panel has "under $30" text with the romp switch
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Updated:January 2024

Here at Women’s Health Interactive, we talk a lot about how a good sex toy is an investment in your sexual health — because it is.

But the truth is that no matter how much we may want, need, or deserve it — not everyone can afford to drop $100 or more on a sex toy.

Fun Facts:

Budget limitations aside, if you’re brand new to vibrators, you certainly don’t want to invest a lot in something you’re not even sure you’re going to like.

That’s why we took the time to research and test out some of the best vibrators available for under $30.

Our selections are body-safe — and we’d never recommend anything we wouldn’t use (or haven’t used) ourselves.

Our Research, Testing & Review Methodology

  • Cheap Vibrator Requirements: 100% body-safe materials, trustworthy brand, quality construction, user-friendly design, versatility, and vibration options to suit varied needs — at a base price below $30.
  • Affordable Vibrators Considered: 86
  • Products Approved: 13
  • Research & Testing By: Wednesday Lee Friday
  • Total Research Time: 100+ hours over 3+ years (as of 12/14/2023)

    Affordable & Cheap Vibrators Under $10

    Although you can’t necessarily put a price on pleasure, you don’t have to forgo it completely just because you’ve got bills to pay and a low cash flow.

    There are quality vibrators you can buy for less than a combo meal at McDonald’s.

    Screaming O LoveBuzz Power Angle Bullet

    Powerful, Petite & Pretty
    Screaming O LoveBuzz Power Angle Bullet Screaming O LoveBuzz Power Angle Bullet
    • 10 Vibration Functions
    • Angled Tip, Powerful Rumbly Buzz
    • Rechargeable, Up To 1 Hour Playtime
    • Waterproof, ABS Plastic

    Not only is this bullet vibrator adorable with illustrated hearts that were inspired by James Goldcrown’s Love Wall mural, but it’s rechargeable, waterproof, and offers 5 patterns and 5 speeds for customizable pleasure.

    All for under ten bucks.

    (Say what?!)

    Crafted from ABS plastic, this super-powered bullet will give you a buzz you’ll love.

    Lovehoney BASICS Vibrating Finger Bullet

    Tantalizing Texture
    Lovehoney BASICS Vibrating Finger Bullet Lovehoney BASICS Vibrating Finger Bullet
    • Powerful Buzz, Removable Bullet
    • Textured Sleeve, Stretchy Ring
    • Single Vibration Speed
    • One-Button Operation, Easy To Use

    Crafted from soft plastic, this little single-speed finger vibrator is perfect for beginners looking to get a buzz without a lot of fuss — or funds!

    The stretchy ring fits fingers of all sizes and the sleeve surrounding the small-but-mighty bullet vibrator is textured for your pleasure.

    Although it’s battery-operated and not waterproof, it’s a handy little sex toy that costs less than a 10-spot.

    Adam & Eve Vibrating Silver Bullet

    Remote Controlled
    Adam & Eve Silver Bullet Vibrator Adam & Eve Silver Bullet Vibrator
    • Dial Adjusts Vibration Speed & Intensity
    • Remote Control Operation (30" Cord)
    • Plastic Construction, Easy To Clean
    • Battery Operation (2 AA)

    If you’re into remote-controlled vibrators but working with a tight budget, the Vibrating Silver Bullet from Adam & Eve lets you enjoy hands-free play, thanks to its 30” cord.

    Crafted from ABS plastic and powered by two AA batteries, this compact and affordable vibrator has a variable speed dial accessible on either side of the controller to easily adjust the sensations whether you’re right or left-handed.

    Affordable & Cheap Vibrators Under $20

    If you’ve got a little more money to spend and seek more variety, our vibrator picks under twenty bucks will hit the (G) spot — among other things.

    Satisfyer One Night Stand Clitoral Stimulator

    Throwaway Thrills
    Satisfyer One Night Stand Clitoral Stimulator Satisfyer One Night Stand Clitoral Stimulator
    • Patented Air Pressure Wave Technology
    • Clit Sucking Stimulation, 4 Speeds
    • Soft Silicone Opening, Comfortable Fit
    • 35 Minutes Of Playtime, Disposable
    • Perfect Low Investment Intro To Clit Suckers

    Living up to its name, the One Night Stand from Satisfyer is literally only good for one night — its battery lasts for about 35 minutes (and it isn’t rechargeable or replaceable).

    So why are we even recommending this one at all?

    Clit sucking vibrators are generally more expensive — and if you’re not sure whether you’ll even like the sensations they provide, the investment can be a bit of a risk.

    The One Night Stand lets you try a clit sucker on for size before splurging on something more permanent (and more expensive) later on — and it’s also a great travel companion if you don’t want to risk taking your favorite one away from home.

    Adam & Eve Bunny Kiss Vibrator

    Enlarged G-Spot Tip
    Adam & Eve Bunny Kiss Adam & Eve Bunny Kiss
    • Ergonomic Design For Optimal G-Spot Reach
    • Bunny Ears Flicker For Intense Clit Stimulation
    • 3 Vibration Speeds to Choose From
    • Waterproof, Battery Operated (2 AAA)

    Rabbit vibes have long been popular with fans of G-spot and clitoral stimulation alike.

    The Bunny Kiss is an affordable rabbit vibrator when you’re shopping on a budget — or have never used one before and aren’t sure you’ll enjoy it.

    Although it isn’t rechargeable, everyone should have at least one battery-powered sex toy in their collection for power outages, or those times when you simply forget to charge things.

    For this low price, you might want to get an extra one for your travel bag.

    Adam & Eve Booty Bliss Vibrating Beads

    Perfect For Beginner Anal Play
    Adam & Eve Booty Bliss Vibrating Beads Adam & Eve Booty Bliss Vibrating Beads
    • 7 Vibration Modes (Speeds & Patterns)
    • Graduated Beads Start Small & Get Larger
    • Finger Loop For Better Control, Silicone Surface
    • Removable Bullet Vibrator
    • Waterproof, Battery Operated (3 LR44)

    Featuring 7 vibration modes and a soft silicone surface, the Booty Bliss Vibrating Beads from Adam & Eve are perfect for anal beginners and seasoned pros alike.

    The beads on this vibrator start small, graduating to larger sizes the deeper you insert them so you can enjoy them comfortably.

    Plus, the battery-operated bullet vibrator is removable so you can use it by itself or with other toys.

    Affordable & Cheap Vibrators Under $30

    Look at you, big spender!

    Vibrators in the $20 to $30 range are plentiful and satisfy a broad range of stimulation types — not to mention they tend to offer more features and overall versatility.

    Original Venus Butterfly Vibrator

    Wearable With Adjustable Harness
    Original Venus Butterfly Original Venus Butterfly
    • Soft Butterfly Vibe Stimulates Clit & Vulva
    • Adjustable Harness For Perfect Fit
    • Corded Remote Control, Hands-Free Play
    • Battery Operated (2 AA)

    Wearable vibes aren’t for everyone but this is a classic because it’s affordable, easy to use, works with any outfit, and is as pretty as a butterfly.

    While they aren’t very adjustable and may not work for every body type, I found the Venus Butterfly awesome for long makeout sessions and taking the drudgery out of cleaning the apartment.

    This is a tried and true favorite for a reason.

    → Discover all of the best butterfly vibrators.

    Lovehoney G-Tickler Clitoral And G-Spot Vibrator

    Lovehoney G-Tickler Clitoral And G-Spot Vibrator Lovehoney G-Tickler Clitoral And G-Spot Vibrator
    • 3 Speeds & 4 Patterns
    • Beginner-Friendly Slimline Size
    • Soft Flexible Plastic Construction
    • Waterproof, Battery Operated (2 AAA)
    • Allergen Warning: Contains Latex

    That’s right — clitoral and G-spot stimulation in one affordable toy.

    Not for anyone with a latex allergy, this soft-plastic dual-use sex toy uses 2 AAA batteries and is safe to submerge in water.

    A solid choice for beginners and G-spot pros alike, this bulbous beauty has a 3” insertable length and silicone fronds that deliver a clitoral sensation that’s anywhere from tickly to firm.

    It’s flexible, versatile, and quieter than you’d think.

    Best of all, fans rave about the dual stimulus and the intensity of their orgasm during use — and you can’t put a price on that.

    Adam & Eve G-Gasm Delight

    Contoured For Targeted Stimulation
    Adam & Eve G-Gasm Delight Adam & Eve G-Gasm Delight
    • Designed To Make Finding G-Spot Easy
    • Dial For Variable Speed & Vibration
    • Angled Shaft With Enlarged Tip
    • Perfect For G-Spot & Prostate (P-Spot)
    • Waterproof, Battery-Operated (2 AA)

    This contoured G-spot vibe is great for solo play, and even better for enhancing partnered intercourse.

    Thin enough to fit between two bodies, its bulbous angled head can be used clitorally in any number of positions.

    This is a popular couples vibrator because of its simplicity, versatility, and affordability.

    The G-Gasm Delight is also waterproof, is easy to adjust, and uses two AA batteries so you never have to charge.

    Lovehoney Humdinger 10-Function Clitoral Vibrator

    Hooded Tip For Targeted Massage
    Lovehoney Humdinger 10-Function Clitoral Vibrator Lovehoney Humdinger 10-Function Clitoral Vibrator
    • Hooded Tip Surrounds Your Clit
    • 3 Speeds & 7 Patterns
    • Easy Push-Button Control On Base
    • Waterproof, Rechargeable (Up To 50 Minutes Playtime)

    Designed to be used in multiple ways, this unexpectedly powerful clitoral vibe can be used completely over the clit (use a drop of lube for suction), or flipped over for more pinpoint stimulation where you want it.

    It’s also insertable to over six inches and is waterproof for bath, shower, or your local lake.

    Lovehoney Ripple 10-Function Silicone Wavy Vibrator

    Lovehoney Ripple 10-Function Wavy Vibrator Lovehoney Ripple 10-Function Wavy Vibrator
    • 3 Speeds & 7 Vibration Patterns
    • Ripple Texture Surface, Silky-Smooth Silicone
    • Beginner-Friendly, Single Button Control
    • Waterproof, Battery Operated (1 AA)

    This is a small, simple silicone vibrator with a wonderfully ribbed exterior.

    It’s rigid, offers 4” of insertable length, and has three speeds and seven vibration patterns to choose from.

    The Ripple uses a single AA battery and is completely submersible.

    Great for beginners, but also a fine addition to the collection of any sex toy enthusiast.

    Sterling Bullet Vibrator Pack

    Sleek & Classy Design
    Sterling Bullet Vibrator Pack Sterling Bullet Vibrator Pack
    • 2 Speed, Corded Remote Control
    • Use With (Or Without) Textured Pleasure Sleeve
    • Sleek High-Class Silver Design (ABS Plastic)
    • Battery Operated (2 AA)

    When getting the most bang for your buck is important, versatility matters.

    This bullet vibrator kit includes a remote-control vibe and a “pleasure sleeve.”

    Bullet sleeves can turn an inexpensive vibrator into a menagerie of pleasure that includes dildos, nipple clamps, cock rings, g-spotters, and more.

    Once you own a simple bullet like this one, the possibilities are endless.

    ROMP Switch Clitoral Vibrator

    Cheaper Alternative To Womanizer
    ROMP Switch Clitoral Vibrator ROMP Switch Clitoral Vibrator
    • Pleasure Air Technology, Clitoral Suction
    • 6 Intensity Levels, Removable Silicone Head
    • 5 Hours Of Play, Rechargeable
    • Whisper Quiet Operation
    • Splashproof (Not Waterproof)

    This is a more affordable version of other clit-sucking sex toys.

    Like some expensive models, including the Womanizer Premium, this one has a silicone head and is mostly plastic.

    The ROMP Switch is waterproof for bathtub use (and offers entirely different sensations when used underwater) and has six levels of intensity.

    This is simple, battery-operated, and is an excellent introduction to clit-sucking sex toys.

    For the price, it’s unbeatable.

    Closing Thoughts

    There are plenty of well-made, effective, affordable sex toys out there, and we hope this list has provided you with some great options for dropping a small amount of cash on a new sex toy — with confidence.

    And if your budget allows later on, there are plenty of other options to explore:

    Editor’s Note: This article is part of our Complete Guide To Vibrators and Everything Vibrators hub, in-depth and evolving resources that comprehensively explore all aspects of vibrators from the different types and how to use them, to materials and safety — created to help you achieve the sexual pleasure you deserve.