Best Vibrators For Beginners: 18 First Vibes To Try (By Type)

The best first vibrator depends on the stimulation types you enjoy most, and there are user-friendly options we recommend for each.
collage image of three beginner vibrators at angles, one right next to the other, against a complementary color panel: bloomi mini play bullet vibrator, hitachi magic wand massager, and satisfyer pro 2 clit sucker
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If you’ve never bought or used a vibrator before, the choices can be intimidating.

How do you know whether you want a bullet, rabbit, wand, or something else entirely?

(Well, by taking our quiz, for starters!)

Fun Facts:

  • According to our research, 52.6% of American women who purchased a vibrator said they bought their first before the age of 23 — and 14.3% did so before the age of 18.
  • Not only that, but 81% of American women who own a vibrator say they wish they would have gotten one sooner.
  • 20.1% of American women reported using a vibrator alone for masturbation during the past month.
  • Finally, 44.8% of men report using a vibrator at least once during their lifetime — and 24.2% have done so in the past year.

Learn more interesting statistics on vibrator use.

If you’re a complete beginner who’s uninitiated in the ways of the vibe, we’re happy to acquaint you.

We’ve assembled a list of the very best vibrating sex toys for beginners based on our team’s testing and research.

Our Research, Testing & Review Methodology

  • Best Vibrator For Beginners Requirements: 100% body-safe materials, trustworthy brand, quality construction, user-friendly design, versatility, and vibration options to suit varied needs — all with a low (or no) learning curve.
  • Beginner Vibrators Considered: 250+
  • Products Approved: 18
  • Research & Testing By: Wednesday Lee Friday, Kayla Lords, Alison Huff, Zoë Tanner
  • Total Research Time: 200+ hours over 3+ years (as of 12/18/2023)

    Clit Vibrators For Beginners

    Clitoral sex toys are often the first vibrator type that women explore because they’re (generally) easy to use — and many women need clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm.

    Best Beginner Bullet Vibrator: Bloomi Play Mini

    Best Beginner Bullet
    Bloomi Play Mini Vibrator
    • Flexible For Best Fit Against Body
    • Deeper Vibrations Than Typical Bullets
    • Beginner-Friendly & Easy To Use
    • Small, Discreet, Single Button Interface
    • Waterproof, Rechargeable
    • 3 Settings May Not Be Enough
    • Cannot Be Used Internally
    • Can Only Use Water-Based Lube
    Decibel Level: 51.9 (low); 56.5 (med); 59.5 (high) [Note: 40-50 dB is considered quiet; 60 dB is a normal conversation or air conditioner]
    Bottom Line: The Play Mini by Bloomi was a pleasant surprise. The material's flexibility made it easier to hit the right spot from almost any angle and the small size and (fairly) low volume make this a discreet option. The Play Mini is made of soft, silky silicone that feels great in your hand and against your most sensitive spots. Take it in the shower or use it in bed — alone or with a partner — for maximum pleasure in a minimal package!
    $31.50 @ Bloomi –> CODE: WHI10

    The Bloomi Play Mini is an ideal beginner vibrator thanks to its silky-soft silicone exterior and simple one-button operation, which cycles through three vibration settings.

    Bullet vibes tend to be buzzy, but the Bloomi offers a deeper rumble that our entire testing team enjoyed — including the folks who don’t generally love this style of vibrator.

    Small, discreet, waterproof, and rechargeable, this little bullet vibrator can be used from multiple angles so you can experiment alone or with a partner.

    Best Beginner Clit Sucking Vibrator: Satisfyer Pro 2

    Best Beginner Clit Sucker
    Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation
    • Large Clitoral Mouth Fits Most Anatomies
    • 11 Intensity Settings
    • Simple Design Is Perfect For Beginners
    • 100% Waterproof, Slip-Free Finish
    • Secure Magnetic Cable For Charging
    • Silicone Head Requires Occasional Replacement
    • Not Sexy-Looking
    • Can Get Loud On Highest Settings
    • Short Battery Life (35-60 Minutes)
    • 90 Minute Charge Time
    Decibel Level: 44.2 (low); 60.3 (med); 69.5 (high) [Note: 40-50 dB is considered quiet; 60 dB is a normal conversation or air conditioner]
    Bottom Line: The Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation is a budget-friendly clit sucker that also happens to be our team’s consensus top pick because of its versatility, ease of use, and its adaptability to satisfy a wide range of body types and position preferences. Although the design of this clit sucker isn’t the sexiest thing imaginable, it is an invaluable (and affordable!) tool if your goal is an earth-shattering orgasm — which it delivers on demand.
    $53.99 @ Adam & Eve -> CODE: WHI25 $68.99 @ HotCherry

    The Satisfyer Pro 2 becomes a go-to sex toy for so many users who try it, including members of our team who swear that if you have a vulva and a clit, this one is a must-own.

    The Satisfyer Pro 2 uses pulses of air pressure that feel a whole lot like cunnilingus and with 11 settings that range from feather-light touch to suck-your-clit-off intensity, everyone can find a sensation that works for them.

    With a single button that turns it on and off and an arrowed up-or-down button to cycle through its settings, you don’t even need to look at the instructions to figure out how to use it, making it perfect for beginners.

    • Cheaper Alternative: Satisfyer One Night Stand
    Cheaper Beginner Clit Sucker
    Satisfyer One Night Stand Clitoral Stimulator Satisfyer One Night Stand Clitoral Stimulator
    • Patented Air Pressure Wave Technology
    • Clit Sucking Stimulation, 4 Speeds
    • Soft Silicone Opening, Comfortable Fit
    • 35 Minutes Of Playtime, Disposable
    • Perfect Low Investment Intro To Clit Suckers

    Although the Satisfyer Pro 2 is a relatively inexpensive clit sucker, especially when compared to others in its class (such as the LELO SILA Cruise), it’s still a bit of an investment.

    If you’re a true beginner to clit sucking vibrators and aren’t sure if you’ll even enjoy using one, the Satisfyer One Night Stand is a disposable option that gives you 35 minutes of playtime (and exploration) for under $15.

    Best Beginner Finger Vibrator: Adam & Eve Rechargeable Finger Vibe

    Best Beginner Finger Vibrator
    Adam & Eve Rechargeable Finger Vibe
    • Tons Of Settings To Tickle Every Fancy
    • Versatile Pointed Tip With Texture
    • Extra Strong Vibrations In A Small Package
    • Perfect Beginner Finger Vibe
    • 100% Waterproof
    • 3-Hour Charging Time Vs. 1-Hour Playtime
    • Vibrations May Be Too Strong For Some
    • Not Everyone Enjoys Nubby Texture
    Bottom Line: The Adam & Eve Rechargeable Finger Vibrator is your classic finger vibe and its simple design is easy to use — especially if you're a complete beginner. With a pointed tip for more focused vibes and multiple speeds and vibration patterns, you can’t go wrong!
    $22.46 @ Adam & Eve -> CODE: WHI25

    Finger vibrators are great for beginners because they’re small, easy to use, and (usually) inexpensive, and the Rechargeable Finger Vibe from Adam & Eve is one of our favorites.

    With an angled tip that’s textured on one side and 10 vibration settings to choose from, this handy little beginner vibrator is waterproof and the bullet is detachable — so it’s like getting two sex toys for the price of one!

    • Cheaper Alternative: Lovehoney BASICS Finger Vibrator
    Cheaper Beginner Finger Vibe
    Lovehoney BASICS Vibrating Finger Bullet Lovehoney BASICS Vibrating Finger Bullet
    • Powerful Buzz, Removable Bullet
    • Textured Sleeve, Stretchy Ring
    • Single Vibration Speed
    • One-Button Operation, Easy To Use

    If you’re curious to try a finger vibe but shopping on a tight budget, this vibrator from Lovehoney is a great option because it’s simple, easy to use, and costs less than $10.

    Featuring one-button operation, a single vibration setting, and a stretchy ring, the BASICS Finger Vibrator is exactly that — and it’s perfect for beginners.

    Best Wand Vibrator For Beginners: Hitachi Magic Wand

    Best Beginner Wand Vibrator
    Hitachi Magic Wand
    • Extremely Intense Vibrations, 2 Settings
    • Simple Design Is Ideal For Beginners
    • Perfect For Full-Body Massage
    • A Popular First-Time Vibrator Choice
    • Loud As Hell
    • Not Waterproof
    Power Rating: A Teeth-Rattling 10/10
    Bottom Line: The Hitachi Magic Wand is something no masturbation enthusiast should be without. It’s a tried and true favorite, even if it lacks the bells and whistles of modern tech.
    $75.96 @ Adam & Eve –> CODE: WHI25 $89.99 @ Lovehoney

    Considered the OG of wand vibrators, which have been crowd (and clit) pleasing favorites for generations, the Hitachi Magic Wand might seem a little old school.

    (Don’t ask her — but your grandmother probably had one.)

    Since the olden days, wand vibes have become more compact, powerful, and versatile, but the Hitachi Magic Wand is perfect for beginners because of its simplicity.

    Offering a simple one-button operation and two settings (low and high), it’s easy to use and a great introduction to clit vibes — even if it’s your very first vibrator.

    • Cheaper Alternative: Eve’s Petite Private Pleasure Wand
    Cheaper Beginner Wand
    Eve's Petite Private Pleasure Wand Eve's Petite Private Pleasure Wand
    • 10 Vibration Settings To Choose From
    • Small, Beginner-Friendly Design Is Easy To Use
    • Clit-Hugging Divot For Targeted Stimulation
    • Smooth Silicone Surface With Textured Head
    • May Be Too Small For Body Massage
    Bottom Line: Small but mighty, this amazing little wand packs a punch you won’t be expecting! Offering 10 functions for vibration, escalation, and pulsation, it features a “clit-hugging” dip that delivers pinpoint sensations straight to your hottest spot!

    At about half the price of the Hitachi Magic Wand, this little silicone-covered wonder offers 10 vibration settings — plus it’s rechargeable and completely waterproof.

    Eve’s Petite Private Pleasure Wand lives up to its name in every way, with a small size that’s easy to tuck away and a clit-hugging dip that delivers targeted vibration exactly where you need it most.

    Best Discreet Vibrator For Beginners: Womanizer Wave

    Best Discreet Beginner Vibrator
    Womanizer Wave
    • Touchless, Hands-Free Stimulation
    • Easy To Adjust Settings, Intensity
    • Super Discreet & Very Beginner-Friendly Intro To Vibes
    • Ergonomic Design
    • Simple To Install, 5-Year Warranty
    • Will Not Get Everyone Off
    • Does Not Include Hose
    • May Not Work With Low Water Pressure
    • Handle Is Slippery When Wet
    Bottom Line: As the first shower head designed with clitoral stimulation in mind, the Womanizer Wave is probably the most discreet sex toy you’ll ever own because its unassuming appearance gives no indication of the power (or pleasure) it holds. Available in a solid black, white, or chrome finish, it offers three settings and an easy-slide button to adjust the water’s intensity to your liking whether you’re getting clean — or just getting down.
    $119.00 @ Womanizer $119.00 @ Lovehoney

    Concerned about sex-toy-related discretion?

    Skip the traditional vibe scene altogether and avail yourself of a Wave shower head — an innovative product our team reviewed and raved about.

    It doesn’t look like a sex toy in the slightest, but it’s designed specifically for clitoral stimulation with three water jet settings to choose from.

    The Wave also uses smart technology that allows it to use less water than common shower heads — even if you take an extra-long soak.

    Best G-Spot Vibrators For Beginners

    If your G-spot is your happy button — or you’re curious to find out whether it is — there are beginner-friendly options to explore.

    Best Beginner G-Spot Vibrator: Cute Little Fuckers Shimmer

    Best Beginner G-Spot Vibrator
    CLF Shimmer
    • Unique Design Offers More Ways To Play
    • 10 Settings + Removable Bullet
    • Cute Face Won't Intimidate Beginners
    • Rumbly Vibrations Instead Of Buzzy Ones
    • Safe For Internal Use
    • Design Could Attract Attention
    • Crevices Take More Cleaning Effort
    • Can Only Use Water-Based Lube
    Decibel Level: 44.5 (low); 50.8 (med); 55.1 (high) [Note: 40-50 dB is considered quiet; 60 dB is a normal conversation or air conditioner]
    Bottom Line: A name like “Cute Little Fucker” is perfect because Shimmer is adorable! It’s also extremely versatile because the bullet is removable. The larger, rounder surface area covers more of your clit compared to other bullets and that cute little head at the end means you can use it safely during G-spot and P-spot play. With 10 settings, you have a better chance of finding what works for you, and the rumbly vibrations are perfect for those of us who hate buzzy sensations.
    $67.00 @ SheVibe $74.00 @ She Bop

    This amazing little guy is far more versatile than he looks.

    The Shimmer is a bullet vibrator encased by an adorable G-spot-loving sleeve in the shape of a…well, it’s a snail.

    (We think?)

    But it’s still very cute.

    Although it’s ideal for G-spot exploration, it’s also suitable and effective for vaginal, clitoral, prostate, or anal use.

    Suitable for all genders and body types, this is a powerful and whimsical sex toy.

    • Cheaper Alternative: G-Gasm Delight
    Cheaper Beginner G-Spot Vibe
    Adam & Eve G-Gasm Delight Adam & Eve G-Gasm Delight
    • Designed To Make Finding G-Spot Easy
    • Dial For Variable Speed & Vibration
    • Angled Shaft With Enlarged Tip
    • Perfect For G-Spot & Prostate (P-Spot)
    • Waterproof, Battery-Operated (2 AA)

    Although this doesn’t have an adorable face, the G-Gasm Delight from Adam & Eve is a waterproof G-spot vibe that’s about a third of the price compared to Shimmer.

    Designed to make finding your G-spot easier, thanks to its angled shaft, the speed and vibrations are variable through a dial located at the end of the handle.

    Best Beginner Vibrators For Dual Stimulation (Clit And G-Spot)

    Dual stimulation vibrators deliver the coveted “blended orgasm,” thanks to a design that’s meant to tease your clitoris and G-spot simultaneously.

    There might be a lot going on with this type of vibrator, but that doesn’t necessarily make them complicated — and our top recommendations for beginners are below.

    Best Beginner Rabbit Vibrator: We-Vibe Nova 2

    Best Beginner Rabbit Vibrator
    We-Vibe Nova 2
    • Deep, Rumbly Vibrations
    • Flexibility Makes It Easy For Beginners To Adjust
    • Very Quiet Despite Size, Waterproof
    • Can Be Used With App (Optional)
    • Up To 120 Minutes Of Playtime
    • Not Great For Hands-Free Play
    • Not Public Play Friendly
    • 90 Minutes To Charge
    • May Be Unaffordable For Some
    Decibel Level: 46.3 to 56.4 dB [Note: 40-50 dB is considered quiet; 40 is the sound of a refrigerator hum; 60 is a normal conversation]
    Bottom Line: If you need both G-spot and clitoral stimulation but often find other rabbit vibrators lacking, you need to try the Nova 2! The stimulators are flexible to fit comfortably against your body, the mobile app allows for infinite vibration options and long-distance play, and the vibrations and design are deep and rumbly — perfect for anyone who hates buzzy sensations.
    $126.65 @ We-Vibe –> CODE: WH-15 $149.00 @ Lovehoney

    Why are we recommending a beginner rabbit vibe that costs over $100?

    Three simple words: Constant Clitoral Contact.

    That’s right, the Nova 2 is a silicone vibe that stimulates the G-spot and clitoris like a pro.

    You can also get thrusty with it because the flexible, curved arm allows this vibe to maintain continuous contact with your clit during use.

    That’s something a lot of rabbits just can’t do.

    The Nova 2’s two separate motors can be controlled with an app (by you or your partner, as you like) or with buttons on the unit.

    I personally cannot rave about it enough.

    • Cheaper Alternative: Bunny Kiss
    Cheaper Beginner Rabbit
    Adam & Eve Bunny Kiss Adam & Eve Bunny Kiss
    • Ergonomic Design For Optimal G-Spot Reach
    • Bunny Ears Flicker For Intense Clit Stimulation
    • 3 Vibration Speeds to Choose From
    • Waterproof, Battery Operated (2 AAA)

    If you’re new to the idea of dual stimulation (and aren’t sure it’s your jam) or if you just can’t invest a lot of cash right now, the Bunny Kiss from Adam & Eve costs less than $20 and it’s very beginner-friendly.

    Featuring three vibration speeds and bunny ears that flicker around your clitoris, this little waterproof rabbit vibe delivers a hopping-good time at a fraction of the Nova 2’s price.

    Best Beginner Anal And Prostate Vibrators

    If you’re new to anal play (or merely curious about it) there are anal and prostate vibrators that will let you test the waters — comfortably.

    Best Beginner Anal Vibrator: Booty Bliss Vibrating Beads

    Best Beginner Anal Vibrator
    Adam & Eve Booty Bliss Vibrating Beads Adam & Eve Booty Bliss Vibrating Beads
    • 7 Vibration Modes (Speeds & Patterns)
    • Graduated Beads Start Small & Get Larger
    • Finger Loop For Better Control, Silicone Surface
    • Removable Bullet Vibrator
    • Waterproof, Battery Operated (3 LR44)

    Anal play can be intimidating and our best advice to beginners is to always start small — which is why we recommend the Booty Bliss Vibrating Beads from Adam & Eve.

    Featuring a tapered design that starts tiny, the beads along the shaft get larger in increments, becoming more intense the further it’s inserted.

    With seven vibration modes to choose from, this beginner anal vibrator lets you go at your own pace — and the bullet is removable so you can enjoy it in a variety of ways, separately.

    The icing on the cake is the beginner-friendly price: under twenty bucks!

    Best Beginner Prostate Vibrator: We-Vibe Vector+

    Best Beginner Prostate Vibrator
    We-Vibe Vector+
    • Adjustable Design Bends As You Need It To
    • Small Size Is Not Intimidating To Beginners
    • Offers Remote Control Operation (App Optional)
    • Secure Fit, Stays In Place, Waterproof
    • Up To 120 Minutes Of Playtime
    • Design Is Somewhat Stiff
    • Higher Settings Can Get Loud
    • 90 Minutes To Charge
    • May Be Unaffordable For Some
    Decibel Level: 44 to 71 dB [Note: 40-50 dB is considered quiet; 40 is the sound of a refrigerator hum; 60 is a normal conversation]
    Remote Range: 20’ to 30’
    Bottom Line: With reliable remote and app connectivity, this anal and prostate vibrator maximizes pleasure because the last thing you want to do is reach around to fiddle with buttons and settings while using it. With a soft silicone exterior and a design that bends to fit your body, the Vector+ offers comfortable wear and operates quietly enough that it won’t attract too much attention if you take it out on the town.
    $118.15 @ We-Vibe –> CODE: WH-15 $139.00 @ Lovehoney

    The Vector+ from We-Vibe is our top recommendation because of its flexible design, which can accommodate different anatomies more easily than other prostate vibrators our team has tried.

    The best part — and why it’s so beginner-friendly?

    The Vector+ offers remote and app control so once you have it inserted comfortably, it can be controlled easily without ever fiddling with buttons on the toy.

    The only downside is the cost associated with this one — it’s best for folks who already know they enjoy anal and prostate play.

    • Cheaper Alternative: Satisfyer Back Door Lover
    Cheaper Beginner Prostate Vibe
    Satisfyer Backdoor Lover Plug Vibrator Satisfyer Backdoor Lover Plug Vibrator
    • Narrow Neck With Wide Base For Optimal Comfort
    • 12 Vibration Settings
    • Flexible Design Is Beginner-Friendly For Fit Adjustment
    • Single Button Operation
    • IPX7 Waterproof, Smooth Silicone
    • The Wider Tip May Be A Bit Much For Newbies
    Bottom Line: This vibrating anal plug doubles as a prostate massager, offering 12 vibration settings to choose from, which are all conveniently controlled through a single, One Touch button. The Backdoor Lover is highly flexible and bendable to accommodate various anatomies, but the round, bulbous end may be a little intimidating for those who are brand new to anal play.

    Although it doesn’t offer remote operation, the Back Door Lover from Satisfyer is less than half the cost of the Vector+ and features 12 vibration settings to play with.

    The wide, bulbous end may be a little overwhelming to complete anal newbies (in which case, we recommend trying the Booty Bliss Anal Beads we mentioned above, first).

    Best Remote Control Panty And Wearable Vibrators For Beginners

    Wearable sex toys like panty vibrators and vibrating cock rings bring the party to your pants — literally and figuratively — and they’re easy to use.

    Best Beginner Panty Vibrator: We-Vibe Moxie+

    Best Beginner Panty Vibrator
    We-Vibe Moxie+
    • Strong, Discreet Vibrations
    • Easy To Attach With Magnetic Discs
    • Beginner-Friendly Design With Remote
    • Optional App Offers Additional Customization
    • 45 to 85 Minutes Of Playtime
    • Potential Connectivity Issues
    • Small, May Not Fit Everyone
    • No Panties Included
    • 90 – 120 Minutes To Charge
    • May Be Unaffordable For Some
    Decibel Level: 44.9 to 52.4 dB [Note: 40-50 dB is considered quiet; 40 is the sound of a refrigerator hum; 60 is a normal conversation]
    Remote Range: 20' to 30'
    Bottom Line: If you want to party in public while those around you are totally oblivious to your sexy shenanigans, this panty vibe is discreet, secure, and hella easy to use. While connectivity may take a minute, good things “come” to those who wait for the naughty thrills this best-in-class vibrator offers — anywhere you go!
    $118.15 @ We-Vibe –> CODE: WH-15 $139.00 @ Lovehoney

    Held in place with two magnetic disks, the Moxie+ securely attaches to any pair of underwear you own for exquisite clitoral stimulation.

    animated gif outlining the basic steps for attaching a magnetic panty vibrator to underwear

    Although it offers app control with a ton of features and customization our testing team loved, it can also be used through its simple (and included) remote control.

    The Moxie+ is waterproof and rechargeable but we’re not gonna lie — it is on the expensive side, although worth every penny.

    • Cheaper Alternative: Satisfyer Little Secret Panty
    Cheaper Beginner Panty Vibe
    Satisfyer Little Secret Panty
    • Softer Vibrations Compared To Moxie
    • Easy Placement And Operation
    • Beginner-Friendly Design Offers Comfortable Wear
    • Syncs To Music Or Erotica
    • Up To 1 Hour Of Playtime
    • Magnetic Charger Connects Loosely
    • Charging Takes 3+ Hours
    • Music Syncing Is Spotty
    • No Panties Included
    Decibel Level: 43.2 to 47.0 dB [Note: 40-50 dB is considered quiet; 40 is the sound of a refrigerator hum; 60 is a normal conversation]
    Remote Range: 30' to 50'
    Bottom Line: This naughty little “secret” will start a party in your panties whenever you want to groove with your favorite sexy tunes or erotica, offering pleasure and excitement that’s far beyond typical for toys in its class. This budget-friendly panty vibrator is whisper-quiet for private playtime just about anywhere in public and the app makes long-distance loving so much sweeter!
    $71.96 @ Adam & Eve -> CODE: WHI25 $83.99 @ HotCherry

    At a fraction of the cost, the Little Secret Panty offers both remote and app control and attaches to any pair of underwear with its magnetic clip.

    It also syncs to music or audio erotica — which is something the Moxie+ doesn’t do — but the biggest drawback is that it takes about 3 hours to charge.

    Best Beginner Vibrating Cock Ring: Big O Multi-Stage Vibrating Penis Ring

    Best Beginner Vibrating Cock Ring
    Big O Multi-Stage Vibrating Penis Ring Big O Multi-Stage Vibrating Penis Ring
    • Simple One-Button Design
    • Beginner-Friendly & Easy To Use
    • Strong Vibration In Small Package
    • Stretchy Ring Accommodates Most
    • Only Offers Single Speed Vibration
    • Material Is Porous, Cannot Be Sanitized
    Bottom Line: A single touch of a button on this snug-fitting (yet stretchy!) cock ring will send waves of stimulating vibration while soft pleasure-nubs will tease the wearer’s partner. Its small bullet vibrator is encased in a rubber O-ring so this little piece of functional jewelry can be worn in the bath, shower, or hot tub for extra-steamy lovin’!

    A good vibrating cock ring can set you back $80 or more but that’s only worth it if you know it’s what you want.

    If you’re experimenting with cock rings as a beginner or haven’t used a vibrating one before, this one may be exactly what you need.

    The single-button, single-speed design is easy to use and the ring itself stretches to fit snugly yet comfortably.

    This cock ring is made from phthalate-free jelly rubber, a porous material that can be difficult to clean thoroughly and cannot be sanitized.

    Closing Thoughts

    The best first vibrator ultimately depends on the type(s) of stimulation you enjoy the most, but there are plenty of user-friendly options to choose from.

    Not sure what you’re looking for? Start with our quiz!

    And if you need more information, here are some of our best tips on using (and choosing) a vibrator.

    Editor’s Note: This article is part of our Complete Guide To Vibrators and Everything Vibrators hub, in-depth and evolving resources that comprehensively explore all aspects of vibrators from the different types and how to use them, to materials and safety — created to help you achieve the sexual pleasure you deserve.