How To Make A Fleshlight Pocket Pussy Using A Toilet Paper Roll

A fun step-by-step video and instructions show you how to make a DIY homemade Fleshlight pocket pussy using a toilet paper roll.
creative collage featuring wednesday lee friday laughing while trying out the toilet paper roll fleshlight she made with her hand
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Updated:September 2023

Thanks to modern technology, it is possible to transform a simple roll of toilet paper into a homemade Fleshlight.

(And by “modern technology,” we mean disposable gloves and rubber bands.)

How To Make A Toilet Paper Roll Fleshlight

A toilet paper roll Fleshlight is an easy craft to do and in our experience, it’s among the simplest types of DIY masturbators you can make.

Granted, it won’t exactly look like a pocket pussy, but what matters most is how it feels.

To Make A Toilet Paper Roll Fleshlight

Supplies Needed:

  • One roll of toilet paper (a paper towel roll can also work)
  • One large condom or disposable, unpowdered glove as a liner (sleeve); latex, rubber, or non-latex gloves work equally well
  • Rubber bands or something similar

Steps For Making A Fleshlight From Toilet Paper Rolls:

  1. Remove cardboard from the toilet paper roll
  2. Insert the liner/sleeve (condom or glove) through the center
  3. Fold the open end of the liner around the outside of the toilet paper roll
  4. Secure with rubber bands
  5. Form the roll into your preferred shape
  6. Use your toiler paper roll Fleshlight as you will
  7. Throw the used liner/sleeve away when finished

Special Notes: Use your fingers or a dull knife to help remove the cardboard roll if it doesn’t slip out easily. If using a paper towel roll or a large toilet paper roll, you may find it easier to remove some of the outer layers of paper before securing the sleeve.

Step 1: Remove Cardboard Tube

photograph of wednesday removing the center roll from the toilet paper while making her diy fleshlight

With your fingers or a dull knife, loosen the glue holding the cardboard roll to the toilet paper and remove it without unspooling any of the paper.

If the toilet paper comes out with the roll, you have failed.

Just kidding — tuck it back in before going to the next step.

Step 2: Insert The Sleeve

photograph of hands pulling a disposable glove through the center of a toilet paper roll to make a diy fleshlight

Insert the closed end of the liner or sleeve — which can be either a condom or a powderless glove (latex, rubber, non-latex) — into the center of the roll and pull it through to the other side.

If you want, you can secure the closed end of the liner with a rubber band or other tie.

Step 3: Fold The Sleeve Around The Outside Edge

photograph of hands positioning the open end of the glove over the toilet paper roll to create a diy fleshlight sleeve

Fold the edge of the open side of the sleeve — your glove or condom — around the outside of the toilet paper roll.

If using a condom, you may find it easier to remove some of the outer layers of paper to prevent the condom from stretching too much and breaking.

Step 4: Secure The Sleeve

At this point, you’ll secure the end of the sleeve with rubber bands to hold it firmly in place around the toilet paper roll.

Step 5: Shape The Toilet Paper Roll

Squish the roll until it’s the shape you want — it should mold to your preferences easily.

Step 6: Use Your Toilet Paper Roll Fleshlight

Apply lube and go to town — squeezing the toilet paper with your hand for more tightness if desired.

When you’re done, remove the sleeve and toss it in the trash, using the toilet paper as you will.

What’s The Best Way To Use A Toilet Roll Fleshlight?

photograph of wednesday laughing while demonstrating how a toilet paper fleshlight works by inserting her fingers into the orifice

The best way to use a toilet paper roll Fleshlight really depends on your preferences.

If you’re into hand-held strokers or pocket pussies, you can totally use it that way.

A toilet roll or paper towel Fleshlight can be arranged on a chair, sofa, or among pillows to create a configuration you find pleasing.

The best way to use a toilet roll pocket pussy is whatever safe way you want.

Always use an appropriate personal lubricant during masturbation and water-based lube is safe for any type of glove or condom you use as a sleeve.

If you haven’t bought any lube in a while, you’ve probably got a suitable lube alternative in your kitchen or bathroom right now, just make sure not to use oils with latex gloves or condoms as they’ll degrade the material.

What To Know About Making A Paper Roll Fleshlight

photograph of wednesday holding the diy fleshlight she made using toilet paper

First of all, the type of paper you use matters.

The soft, quilted types of toilet paper provide a pillowy space while paper towels may feel rougher on the skin and necessitate a thicker liner.

If using gloves, make sure they aren’t powdered on the inside.

Also, when it comes to sleeve material, the stretchier the better.

Even with extra-large latex gloves, we had to unspool a lot of paper from the outside of the roll in order to stretch the sleeve all the way around.

We also had some rips along the way so don’t be surprised if that happens to you.

Finally, you can (and should) apply your lube after construction but before use.

Is a DIY Toilet Paper Fleshlight Better Than A Real One?

If you already own a commercially made Fleshlight, chances are you won’t be wishing you could fuck a roll of the quicker-picker-upper instead.

Still, it can be fun to try out new materials, sensations, temperatures, and configurations.

Trying out any DIY Fleshlight can help you decide what you want or don’t want when you do decide to invest in a professionally made Fleshlight of your very own.

Best Fleshlights To Try

If you’re looking for a new Fleshlight — whether buying one for the first time or replacing a beloved favorite — our top recommendations below are the perfect place to start.

  • Classic Pink Lady Heavenly

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  • Fleshlight Quickshot

The textured Quickshot is the smallest Fleshlight available — and is also the best handjob hybrid to start with.

It comes in vaginal, anal, oral, porn star, and non-anatomy styles so there’s something for everyone.

With a variable grip, the Quickshot is open-ended and comes in both realistic and see-through sleeves, making it the best portable, travel-friendly, discreet model to explore.

  • Fleshlight Girls: Riley Reid Utopia

The Riley Reid Fleshlight, designed after its namesake porn star, is one of the most popular Fleshlight Girls.

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Closing Thoughts

A DIY toilet paper Fleshlight is pretty simple to make and you probably have everything you need on hand.

This particular project can also be a paper towel Fleshlight if you’re so inclined although enthusiasts recommend a nice quilted toilet paper for best results.

But you’re the master of your own destiny — so use what you like!

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